Advanced Analytics: Gain Powerful Insights Into Your Audience

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Jumpshare Analytics banner

At Jumpshare we strive to provide the best file sharing experience, and we know that fast and easy sharing is only half of it. The other half is knowing how well your files are performing and gaining insights into your audience. Today, we’re excited to launch Analytics for Jumpshare Plus. Analytics help you analyze how your files are performing and gives you a comprehensive overview of your audience detailing who’s viewed and downloaded your files. An actionable dashboard of top files, top referrers, total views and downloads always keeps you in the loop. Use Analytics to gain valuable insight into your audience to grow your business. Know which countries your visitors come from, which web browsers and operating systems they use, and what screen resolutions the files are being viewed on.

You will see a new tab on your left sidebar called Analytics. By default, it shows you data from the past 30 days, but you customize the date range from the selector on top right corner of the graph. You can filter data by referrers and files, and the dashboard will automatically update to reflect the change. This is what the Analytics dashboard looks like:


If you’re looking to quickly view data for a recently shared folder or file, just right-click it and select “View Stats” to open a pop-up box where you can take a quick glance of how’s it performing.


Since Analytics is a new feature, file stats from before will not be available however starting today, all visits to your files will be tracked. Over the next few days, your Analytics page will start populating with data, depending on how many visitors view your files.

We’re happy to be the first file sharing service to bring Advanced Analytics to individuals and small businesses at a simple, affordable price with Jumpshare Plus (at just $9.99/month). It’s simple, fast and easy to use!

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P.S. Analytics is only available on the web app. The next update will bring Analytics to the desktop apps. The upcoming iPhone app will also have the Analytics tab built-in. We can’t wait to release them. Happy sharing!