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Jumpshare is a highly resourceful VideoAsk alternative with many more recording and sharing features.

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If you’re looking to shift from VideoAsk to Jumpshare, you’re probably on the hunt for a sharing app that is adaptable to your brand and has more sharing and recording tools. If you’re trying to find a list of their comparisons, we’re pleased to tell you that this is the page for you. Further down, we’ve compiled a list of Jumpshare features against VideoAsk features to help you distinguish between them.

Features Jumpshare
Capture Screenshot
Annotate screenshots
Annotate local images
Upload history
Record videos
Record GIFs
Record audio
Record with click-tracking
Add call-to-action button on video
Embed video
Upload files
Upload folder
200+ file type previews
Drag & drop upload
Compose notes
Advanced shareable links
Advanced link expiration
Schedule sharing
Bookmark websites
Version history
Advanced analytics
Receive files from others

Jumpshare gives you more video features

VideoAsk gives users a basic variety of video interaction tools, allowing users call-to-action features, allowing you to embed interactive videos to your websites and blogs that can be replied to in text, video or audio format. Essentially, they offer a one-on-one sort of casual video interaction, where you can ask questions in a multiple-choice format, or add text and closed captions to videos.

File Sharing

Jumpshare, on the other hand, offers a complete video sharing experience - allowing you to share screen recordings, upload and share videos, record with and without your webcam with a choice of webcam recording modes. It also comes with more than the option of adding text to videos, by giving users the option to draw on their screen while recording and highlight and annotate videos. Jumpshare also offers users click-tracking while video recording in order to create legibility for viewers.

With Jumpshare, you can not only embed videos to your blogs, websites, or online documents, but also add a fully customizable call-to-action (CTA) button in order to direct viewer traffic. With the ability to leave time-stamped comments on videos, you can provide and receive better feedback on shared video files, as opposed to just casual interaction.

Jumpshare records better, faster

Jumpshare records in 4K/UltraHD quality and captures clear and completely legible videos. It offers users an iPhone app, but it also has its own desktop app for both Windows and Mac users, and is therefore infinitely more accessible. You can use customizable hotkeys to capture both video and screenshots faster. Jumpshare also allows users to customize the size of their recording screen and crop out any unnecessary details.You can choose between multiple audio sources and webcam modes and also choose between recording a GIF or a video, something that VideoAsk does not offer.

File Sharing

Although VideoAsk has a native iPhone app, it is majorly a web-based application, and requires a browser to access and use. This may lead to interface problems on browsers that are not Chrome or Safari, and also requires more time to open the app and start recording. With Jumpshare’s desktop apps for Windows and macOS, you can start recording immediately and share them within seconds through cloud-sharing via link or email. Furthermore, this shareable link is copied to your clipboard automatically upon the upload of a video or recording, making it so much easier and faster to share.

Effective collaboration through Jumpshare

Jumpshare was created for making remote working and online collaboration a dream, and removing the frustrations that often makes online communication so tiresome. Much of this is done through Jumpshare’s intricate user interface, which allows teams to be on the same page seamlessly, securely, and with complete transparency. VideoAsk is primarily for video sharing and lead generation, as opposed to effective team collaboration.

Jumpshare also has a seamless user interface, giving users a clean and straightforward sharing experience and providing them complete control over their shared files. You can share files back-to-back without any confusion due to its internal organization. You can rename, move, and delete files with ease and be notified if any changes have been made by team members. You can switch between your personal and team librarys with the click of a button and remove the time taken in online organization. In fact, according to our calculations, a team member saves upto 50 minutes every day, simply by using Jumpshare for work communication - that’s a whopping 16.6 hours saved every month.

Business Dashboard

Furthermore, unlike VideoAsk, Jumpshare allows users to secure their files through password protection, and allows users to limit views or downloads.

Jumpshare has varied communication tools

VideoAsk is essentially a video-sharing app. Fundamentally, it is for lead generation and marketing purposes and offers you some basic tools for sharing and interaction. Their media and sharing is however limited to videos only, as the first interaction. You may reply through text or audio, but the first mode of communication is mainly through video.

Jumpshare file viewer

Jumpshare lets users do a lot more than video sharing. It is a holistic platform for sharing and providing feedback on almost all kinds of files. You can share and embed videos, audio files, coding snippets, make notes, capture and annotate pixel-perfect screenshots. It is a platform that was designed to create ease in online sharing and visual communication, especially in the workspace. With Jumpshare, you can not just record videos, but also capture and edit screenshots in excellent quality. You can share large files with ease through cloud-sharing, within seconds of upload. You can set a self-destruct on files, and use advanced analytics to know when, where and by whom your files have been accessed.

File Sharing

Jumpshare is multi-faceted and affordable

VideoAsk provides users with three main plans: Start, Grow and Brand. Their free plan - Start - gives users the basic video sharing and CTA features, while their paid plans - Grow and Brand - offer some other branding and promoting features. Billed annually the paid plans cost around $24/month and $40/month respectively. The Brand plan allows for 200 mins of video or audio processing per month, and brands can buy extra minutes if they choose to.

Annotation in action

Jumpshare’s free plan, Basic, comes with screenshot capture, 30 seconds of video recording, audio recording, secure sharing and 2GB of storage space. They have two additional paid plans called Plus and Business, billed annually at $9.99/month and $12.50/month/user respectively. Plus is designed for professionals, with all the tools necessary for remote communication, and Business is targeted at teams to ensure effective collaboration with a lot more sharing features and storage for team efficiency.

In a nutshell:

Although VideoAsk offers some interesting call-to-action features, their software feels mostly casual and basic, designed to fulfill first-tier communication, which is mostly based around video.

Instant Sharing

Jumpshare on the other hand, offers you a wide range of communication tools with better quality on a single, accessible, and a great deal more affordable app. It is designed for both professionals and teams, allowing them to effectively collaborate online and share files securely and with ease, making it perfect for remote working conditions.

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