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Trim Video on Mac and Windows

Every recorded video has scenes that just don't need to make the final cut. It's near impossible to record a video you feel is 'perfect' in a single go. Not to mention, sometimes people just don't have the kind of time it takes to get it all completely right. This is why trimming your video a little bit at either end can make it clearer to viewers. Jumpshare offers you the perfect tool for quick video edits.

The Jumpshare Video Trimmer is a simple solution to help you get that perfect cut without having to spend a lot of time on the creation end. Not only can you trim videos with ease, but you can also share them via link or email, and add a CTA button to them if you want.

Video Trim

Trim high-quality video

Jumpshare lets you trim your video with high clarity and precision with their Video Editing toolbox. Record a video through Jumpshare or upload a video from your desktop. Jumpshare lets you trim videos of any quality - all the way up to 4K/Ultra HD. Use the Jumpshare Trimmer to edit out specific parts of your videos before sharing them.

Trim video in any format

It doesn't matter whether your video is in the standard MP4 format or not - Jumpshare is capable of viewing and editing files of almost any video format. Upload your video regardless of what format it is in with full confidence that you'd be able to view it in excellent quality and trim it without any compatibility issues.

Share trimmed video

Jumpshare lets you copy the video link and share it directly with whomever you want to. You can also share your trimmed video via email along with a message for your recipients. Lock your videos, limit views or downloads, and set links to expire after a set period of time.

Embed trimmed video

Jumpshare offers users a clever video embed feature, allowing them to embed their trimmed videos virtually anywhere on the World Wide Web. Just head to the Embed tab in the Share box and copy the link with the click of a button. Paste the link on your website, or your blog, or your social media page - and voila!

Add CTA to video

Users are given a really cool feature when you consider the marketing aspect of sharing trimmed videos online - a customizable Call-to-Action button. A clever CTA button can help you get more viewers and help you direct traffic to your website, or social media page, or personal blog. Jumpshare lets you edit the shape, color, and text of your CTA button to align with your brand identity.

Comment on the trimmed video

You can enable or disable comments on your shared videos, based on your preference. If enabled, users can leave time-stamped comments on shared videos along with specified mentions. Jumpshare allows guests to leave comments without signing up, allowing for more convenient feedback channels. Once a comment is made, the parties involved are notified both in-app and via email address.

How to Trim Video

Trimming your video with Jumpshare takes just three steps:

1.Launch Jumpshare

Download Jumpshare for free for Mac or Windows. Launch the app.

2.Record or Upload Video

Record a video or upload your video to the Jumpshare library. You can use the Upload option or simply drag and drop the file into your library.

3.Trim Video

Click on the file to open it in the file viewer and find the Edit Video box in the sidebar. Click on the Trim feature and start editing your video.

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Benefits of Trimming Video

Trimming your videos gives you more control of the content that you're trying to portray to your viewers, allowing you to make your videos more professional or interesting. Trimming lets you cut out unnecessary parts of your video to make it better.

File Sharing

Tutorial snippets

Little guides that help. Create tutorial snippets to explain specific features of some software or apps that are easy to watch on repeat if required. Small videos are also more digestible.

YouTube videos

Get yourself out there. Create all kinds of YouTube videos in the best way by removing any unnecessary bits and sharing them with a custom thumbnail to create curiosity.

Easier transitions

The best cut is all that's needed. Trim out the little pauses that just get a little too long on your video so that the transitions seem seamless and the video gets more digestible.

More than a Video Trimmer

Jumpshare does so much more than trim videos for you. It is an excellent visual communication platform designed with the intent to ease remote work collaboration. With Jumpshare you can:

Record Video

Record video in 4K Ultra HD quality with the Jumpshare Screen Recorder. Record your screen with webcam, audio, drawing, and click-tracking along with clever sharing tools.

Capture Screenshots

Capture screenshots in pixel-perfect quality. You can edit local images and screen captures with a variety of annotation tools including text, image crop, and other features.

Record Audio

You can record clear and noiseless audio with a choice between all available audio sources. Customize your microphone setting and playback audio at various speeds.

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