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It is a fact that people consume visual information way faster than text. This is why video intros are all the rage nowadays. Video intros let you share information quickly and more effectively - with a little personal touch. Record clever and dynamic video intros for anything you need with the Jumpshare Screen Recorder.

Jumpshare lets you record your screen and your webcam in excellent quality, with a lot of other thoughtful tools. Enable click-tracking and draw on-screen while recording videos. Jumpshare integrates with your system's shortcuts, allowing you to call up the recording window within seconds and start recording immediately. Share with viewing and download permissions via email or link.

File Sharing

Record video intros

Jumpshare lets you record video in up to 4K Ultra High Definition with clear and noiseless audio quality. You can choose between available microphones and customize the size of your recording window. Enable/disable other available options, such as webcam, audio, and click-tracking. Jumpshare also lets you change the quality of your video as you prefer. When everything is in order, hit Record.

Record video with webcam

Jumpshare allows users to record their screen and their webcam in tandem in excellent quality. Users can choose between four available webcam overlay modes - from a small circular window to your webcam in full screen. The webcam overlay can be moved around your screen wherever it feels best placed and can be disabled entirely as well.

Drawing and click-tracking

Enable drawing and click-tracking while you're recording your video intro via Jumpshare to make sure your viewers hang on to every single click. Add emphasis to what's recording on your screen through drawing and let click-tracking ensure that your viewers follow your pointer across the screen.

Add CTA to intro video

Jumpshare's editing software allows users to add a fully customizable Call to Action, or CTA, button to their intro videos to drive traffic to their websites. The Jumpshare CTA button can be visually tailored to the user's need, allowing the button's shape, color, and text to be changed as required. Users can alter the form of the CTA button to direct viewers to their website, or blog, or social media pages.

Trim intro video

Jumpshare's video editing toolbox features a simple but essential Trim tool that allows users to trim their videos for clarity. Trimming an intro video helps keep the content more concise and more targeted so that it can hold your viewer's attention. Jumpshare lets you trim videos of virtually any format in excellent quality with a precise and effective Trim tool.

Share video intro

Once you've uploaded your intro video to your Jumpshare library, you can copy a shareable link to it with the click of a button and paste it anywhere. Additionally, you can share your video intros via email along with a little personalized note for your recipients. Jumpshare's powerful file-viewer is capable of supporting virtually any popular video format, ensuring that the recipients of your video will be able to view it in excellent quality no matter where they are.

Embed video intro

The Share box in the Jumpshare web app contains the Embed tab. Copy the embed link conveniently with the mere click of a button and paste it virtually anywhere on the internet. Embed your intro video on your website, your blog, online presentations, or your social media pages via Jumpshare. The video will play in excellent quality via the Jumpshare file-viewer.

Comment on video intros

The recipients of your video intros can leave time-stamped comments on your shared videos, along with mentions via name or email address. This is a feature you can disable if you'd prefer not to receive any feedback. In any case, Jumpshare allows guests to leave comments on shared video intros without needing to sign up, making the process more convenient and inclusive. All parties involved are notified of comments via email and in the app.

Advanced analytics

Always stay on top of who's been watching or downloading your video intros with Jumpshare's smart and intuitive video analytics. Jumpshare's Advanced Analytics feature ensures that you always have an aerial view of who's been accessing your video intros and from where and when. It allows users to analyze where their videos have been watched most and at what time.

How to Make Intro Videos

Making video intros with Jumpshare is pretty simple. You just need to follow three primary steps:

1.Launch Jumpshare

Download Jumpshare for free for either Mac or Windows. Launch the app, which will open from a kangaroo icon from the Windows taskbar or the Mac menu bar.

2.Record Video

Click on the Record Screen in Video button and customize your recording window and other settings. Press Record to Start.

3.Edit and Share

Hit Finish to end your intro video and use Jumpshare's Video Editing tools to refine it. Share it via link or email.

Start Recording - It’s Free!

Benefits of Video Intro Maker

Video intros let you cut to the chase quickly and with effect. Good video intros help you connect with your target audience better without spending a lot of time or effort beating around the bush about what you're trying to do. It's a personal way to get viewers.

File Sharing

Sales Pitches

Hook, line, and sinker. Create effective video intros that serve as clever sales pitches. Get people hooked onto every word and use the CTA button to direct them to your website or online store.

Marketing Ads

A small, effective story. Marketing companies can use video intros to create effective narratives that serve as cleverly concealed ads. Direct viewers to your website or create product awareness.

Influencer Intros

Introducing me. Influencers that use platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube can use video intros to tell people about who they are and what they like in order to help viewers relate to them as people.

More than a Video Intro Maker

Jumpshare isn't just a video-maker app - it's an entire visual communication platform that was designed to help ease the productive flow of work.

Capture Screenshots

Capture screenshots in excellent quality with Jumpshare's Screenshot tool. Annotate screenshots and local images in the annotation window.

Record Podcasts

Record podcasts with clear and noiseless audio with the Jumpshare Voice Recorder. You can choose between audio sources before recording and playback your recording at different speeds.

Compose Notes

Leave yourself reminders and make to-do lists with Jumpshare's Compose Note feature. The feature also allows you to create and share markdown and coding snippets.

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