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Jumpshare is a platform to help you host videos online for your business in excellent quality.

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Online video hosting app

While most people prefer to use YouTube to host their videos since it's super famous, it can actually pay a lot better to use a third-party video hosting app. This is because video hosting platform like Jumpshare allows for a wider spectrum of privacy controls, marketing trends, and agency of content, and most importantly is ad-free.

Jumpshare is an excellent video hosting app because it does so much more than just host your videos in excellent quality. You can set viewing permission on videos, schedule sharing, edit videos online, and view video-based analytics - all on a single platform.

Online Video Hosting for Free

Host video online

Jumpshare can host videos of any quality required, all the way up to 4K Ultra HD. Upload your video to Jumpshare using the Upload button or simply drag your video and drop it into your Jumpshare library. The video will upload within seconds thanks to cloud sharing. Once it's up, you can click on it to open it in the file viewer.

Host all video formats

With Jumpshare's powerful file viewer, you can play virtually any video format online. It doesn't matter what the quality and format of the video are, you can rest assured the Jumpshare file viewer will be able to play it with a clear output and excellent sound quality. This means that even if you have an obscure video file you can't seem to play on your system, Jumpshare will be able to host it on the cloud and play it with ease.

Share videos via link

Sharing is an inherent Jumpshare specialty. With Jumpshare you can share videos directly via a shareable link or through email along with a custom message for your recipients. Users have complete autonomy of their shared videos, with the ability to limit views or download on particular videos. Links can be set to expire after a certain number of days or views, and videos can be locked with a secure password.

Add GIF thumbnail

Users can add a static or GIF thumbnail to their videos of their choosing when hosting videos on Jumpshare. A GIF thumbnail acts like a little sneak peek into how your video is going to go. It acts like a mini trailer and adds intrigue to your video. On the other hand, using a static thumbnail with a designed image helps with creating a brand identity for your videos.

Add CTA to videos

You can add a fully customizable Call-to-Action (CTA button) to your videos before sharing them forward. Adding a CTA button to your video ensures that you direct viewers to your website, your blog, or specific web pages. You can change the shape, color, and text of your CTA button so that it goes visually with the rest of your video.

Trim Videos

Sometimes a video needs a little trim to look a bit more presentable. Once you click on an uploaded video, it opens in Jumpshare's file-viewer. You'll find the Trim Video feature in the video editing toolbox in the sidebar. Use the Jumpshare Trim feature to seamlessly cut out unrequired frames or scenes from your video before sharing it forward.

Embed Videos

The Jumpshare Share box contains the Embed tab, which lets you copy the embed link to your video with the click of a button. Once that's done, you can simply paste it anywhere on the internet and embed your video there. Whether it's your website, blog, or social media post, you can use Jumpshare to embed your video anywhere online with exceptional ease.

Comment on Videos

Jumpshare allows users to leave video-timed comments on shared videos and mention people through their name or email address. For better inclusion in public videos, Jumpshare allows guests to leave comments without needing to sign up, making the feedback process much faster. Everyone involved in the shared video is notified of mentions and comments in-app and via email. Users can also disable comments if they prefer.

Video Analytics

The Advanced Analytics feature is designed to help you see and understand who has accessed your videos and from where and when. Having this data at hand can help you post to social media at times that get more traffic and create better content. Team managers can set team schedules using Jumpshare's video analytics data and create better collaboration channels.

How to Host Videos Online

Jumpshare makes video hosting a simple but efficient affair. Host your videos via Jumpshare in three steps:

1.Launch Jumpshare

Sign up to Jumpshare for free. Download it for either Mac or Windows 10, and launch the app.

2.Upload Video

Upload a video using the Upload button. You can also drag and drop the video into your Jumpshare library.

3.Share Video

Click on the video to view it and share it via link or email along with a personalized note. The Jumpshare file-viewer will play your video online for your recipients.

Upload Videos - It’s Free!

Benefits of Video Hosting

Video is one of the most dynamic and effective ways to get your brand or your content out to the general public. With a good video hosting app, you can use video to your advantage to get more viewer traffic and reach a wider audience.

File Sharing

Branding & Marketing

Play smart, be memorable. Videos stay in people's minds, so create content that gets your brand into their heads with clever marketing strategies.

Sales Videos

Selling it with style. Use video to grab people's attention and demonstrate visually why they need your product or service. Once you have their attention, use a CTA to take them to your website.

Lecture videos

Take a class with class. Take it from us - your students will thank you forever if you recorded your lecture presentations and put them online for them to go through whenever they want.

More than a Video Hosting App

Jumpshare isn't just your basic video hosting app - it is so much more. It is a holistic multi-faceted visual communication platform that was designed to help ease remote collaboration between teams.

Record Video

Record high-quality audio with Jumpshare Screen Recorder, along with a variety of features. Record video with a choice between audio sources, drawing, and click-tracking.

Record Audio

Jumpshare lets users record clear audio with a high-quality Voice recorder tool. Users can choose between available microphones and playback audio at varying speeds.

Capture Screenshots

Take pixel-perfect screenshots with Jumpshare and annotate them via the annotation window. Users can capture a part of their screen or their full screen with ease.

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