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Best Collaboration Tools For Remote Teams

It is no secret that the corporate world is evolving. While offices are still the norm, the world is quickly adapting to accommodate the possibility of remote work. Owing to this change, teams are on the hunt for collaboration software that makes communication seamless regardless of the distance. Jumpshare is a one-stop solution for all your remote collaboration needs. From recording video messages to sharing large files in an instant, Jumpshare equips you with all the tools that are needed to streamline remote work.

File Sharing

Record Your Screen

Create a screen recording to help everyone get on the same page. Draw on your screen as you record and enable click tracking to help your audience follow your train of thought. Once you are finished recording, your video is automatically uploaded to your library and a shareable link is copied to your clipboard for easy sharing.

Take Screenshots

Instead of getting your message lost in translation, help people see things from your perspective via a screenshot. Jumpshare helps you capture screenshots in just a few clicks. You can capture all or a selected portion of your screen and annotate your screenshot before sending it.

Turn on Commenting

Encourage feedback from your recipients by turning on commenting for your shared files. Jumpshare sends you a notification every time someone leaves a comment under your file or mentions you by name in a thread. Moreover, time-stamped comments enable users to pinpoint feedback within video and audio files.

Adjust Privacy Controls

Jumpshare enables you to protect sensitive information with personalized security settings. You can password protect your files, disable downloads, share temporary links, and set up a self-destruct timer to ensure the safety of your files. For an added layer of scrutiny, you can also keep an eye on who has accessed your files as well as the date, time, and location of access.

Organize your Files

Organize your files to make it easier for everyone to find exactly what they are looking for. You can divide files into folders and rename them to make them easier to find. Jumpshare also allows you to seamlessly navigate between your personal, shared, and team libraries, enabling you to share files with only your intended team members.

Create Workspaces

Manage access to your shared files by making use of multiple workspaces. You can devote a separate workspace to every project, each with a unique list of members. Switch between multiple workspaces with a click and work with multiple teams seamlessly.

How to Collaborate Remotely Using Screen Recording

You can streamline remote collaboration by following these three basic steps:

1.Run Jumpshare

Download Jumpshare for free on your Mac or Windows computer. Launch the app by clicking on the kangaroo icon in the menu bar or system tray.

2.Start Recording

Choose an audio source, enable your webcam, select an area of the screen, and start recording. Click finish to upload the recording to Jumpshare.

3.Start Collaborating

Move the screen recording to a shared or team library of your choice to start collaborating. Open the file to add timed comments, mentioning other team members by name.

Start Collaborating - It’s Free!

Benefits of Streamlining Online Collaboration

In the corporate world, time is your most valuable resource. By making remote collaboration easier, you can not only save your time and energy but also redirect your focus into being your most productive self. A good collaboration platform like Jumpshare allows you to share annotated videos and images, receive feedback, and communicate across teams without having to be physically present.

Video Sharing

Record Training Sessions

Visual cues are always more comprehensive and memorable than written guidelines. Record detailed training sessions for your employees that are available to view whenever and wherever.

Skip Long Meetings

Avoid the hassle of long, boring meetings and communicate your progress via video presentations. Get your team up to speed on events without wasting time or precious resources.

Give Constructive Feedback

Skip the vague words of appreciation and offer meaningful feedback to your colleagues. You can record and showcase problem areas to ensure targeted effort.

More than a Remote Collaboration App

Jumpshare is more than just a remote collaboration app. It is a multi-use visual communication platform that enables people to level up their productivity and make working a more enjoyable experience.

Record Audio

Record crisp audio notes with Jumpshare. You can choose between multiple audio sources and replay your recordings with multiple playback speeds ranging from 0.5x to 2x.

Take Notes

From making to-do lists to sharing markdown snippets, Jumpshare’s Compose Note feature allows you to create notes in a wide array of formats.

View Anywhere

The powerful Jumpshare file viewer supports 200+ file formats so you can view all your files without having to download different software for different files.

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