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Best Streaming Video Capture Software

These days it's all about communicating visually, and video plays a big role in that. Video allows us to capture real-time movement and video capture lets us play them back at a later time. Jumpshare is one of the best apps to capture a video you're streaming so that you can play it back or use it for work as you prefer.

Jumpshare has a powerful Screen Recorder that allows users to record high-quality videos along with click-tracking, drawing, advanced analytics, and a customizable CTA button to enrich the entire process for the user. Furthermore, Jumpshare offers users more than just video-related features, such as sharing controls and library organization.

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Capture streaming video online

Capture any video you're streaming online in 4K Ultra HD quality with the Jumpshare Screen recorder. Not only does Jumpshare record videos in excellent quality, but it also allows synchronous and clear audio capture with a choice between multiple microphones and audio sources. Customize your recording window to crop out any unwanted areas, or record your full screen with a button.

Draw on video during capture

With Jumpshare you can draw on videos during your recording to emphasize certain parts of your screen or highlight specific parts. Jumpshare lets you draw on videos while you're recording in multiple colors and make your videos more dynamic to your viewers.

Click-tracking video capture

Jumpshare allows users to enable the click-tracking feature so that they can create succinct and clear videos. With the click-tracking feature, users can ensure that their viewers are aware of every click and movement of their mouse. This allows them to follow your thought process throughout the duration of your recording.

Capture webcam video

Capture videos with or without your webcam via the Jumpshare Screen Recorder. You can choose between different webcam settings, with a choice to mirror your webcam if needed. Users also get to choose between varying sizes of their webcam screen - going from a small circular screen to a full screen if intended. Move the screen around or remove it entirely, as you prefer.

Share video via a link or email

With Jumpshare you can share videos with immense ease and in exceptional quality, regardless of size. The second you hit Finish on your recording, it will immediately be uploaded to your Jumpshare library. A link to the file is automatically copied to your clipboard, ready to be shared either directly or via email along with a personalized note.

Add CTA to video

Jumpshare offers its users a really cool Call-to-Action feature that is fully customizable. You can change the shape, color, and text of the CTA button to tailor it to your particular brand or make it work better with the aesthetic of your video. With Jumpshare's CTA button, you can direct your users to your website and increase viewer traffic.

Embed video

Embed your video virtually anywhere with the Embed function that's part and parcel of the Jumpshare Share box. Just copy the embed code and paste it anywhere - on your website, your blog, or an online document and add your video there. Use the Embed feature to add a video to your online space and attract viewers' attention.

Comment on video

Jumpshare has a really inclusive video comment feature, allowing guests to comment on shared videos without needing to sign up. This makes collaborating easier and effective. Furthermore, users can leave video-timed comments in order to leave pinpoint feedback and mention other users via name or email. All parties will be notified of the comments both in-app and through email.

View video analytics

The Jumpshare Video Analytics feature allows users to always be aware of who has accessed their shared videos and from where and when. Jumpshare gives you complete control of your shared videos, allowing you to limits views and downloads and password-protect your videos.

How to Capture Streaming Video Online

Capturing a video you're streaming is really easy if you're a Jumpshare user. You just need to follow three little steps:

1.Launch Jumpshare

Download Jumpshare for Windows or Mac and launch the app. The app will pop open from the system tray in Windows or the menu bar in macOS.

2.Hit Record

Make sure the video you're streaming is on screen and then use Jumpshare's Record Screen in Video feature to customize your recording window.

3.Finish Recording

You can play and pause your recording and click Finish to end it. The video will upload to your Jumpshare library immediately and a shareable link will be copied to your clipboard.

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Benefits of Capturing Streaming Videos

It's no secret that video plays a big role in the way we visually communicate in today's world. It is a dynamic medium that can help you explain yourself and your point of view with more ease and convenience.

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Reaction Videos

Show them exactly how that made you feel. Reaction videos have been all the rage for years now, allowing people to share reactions and reviews of media and gaming experiences for viewers.

Lecture Notes

Sometimes it's not possible to just remember it all. If you're having a lecture over Zoom or Meet, you can just make notes of important points through video capture and go back to them later.

Film Analysis

Film critics and media students that need to analyze videos can use the Jumpshare Screen recorder to capture video and draw on video to highlight visual elements and design details.

More than a Streaming Video Capture Software

Jumpshare isn't just a screen recording and video capture software - it is a complete multi-layered visual platform that allows professionals and teams to collaborate remotely effectively and with ease.

Record Podcasts

Record podcasts in excellent audio quality with a choice between audio sources. Playback your recorded podcast at varying speeds and figure out what works best for you.

Capture Screenshots

Take screenshots in pixel-perfect quality by customizing your capture window and editing your screenshot. Annotate screenshots with Jumpshare's extensive annotation toolbar.

Compose Notes

Create notes to serve as reminders and save them online, or share coding and markdown snippets with team members with Jumpshare's Compose Note feature.

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