Snipping Tool for Mac

Jumpshare is an effective alternative for the Snipping Tool for macOS users.

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Snipping Tool on Mac

Long-time Windows users often have a hard time shifting to macOS because of the differences in tools that they’ve grown accustomed to. One such feature is the Snipping Tool, which Mac users have no built-in alternative for. Luckily, Jumpshare offers a simple yet powerful alternative to the Snipping Tool on Mac.

With Jumpshare Screenshot Capture and Annotation tool you can quickly capture pixel-perfect screenshots on your screen and then mark them up and edit them before sharing. You can share them via a link or simply save them to the desktop. You can capture a part of your screen or fullscreen, similar to the Snipping Tool in Windows that you’re used to.

Benefits of the Snipping Tool for Mac

Quick Access

Open the Jumpshare app from the menu bar and click the Screenshot Capture tool from the top of the window to start capturing screenshots. You can also use Command+Shift+6 shortcut key to bring up the screenshot capture tool. This shortcut is customizable.

Full Screen Capture

Once you open the screenshot capture tool, you can customize the area of your screenshot so that you can crop out unwanted details. You can also capture your whole screen or external displays seamlessly.

Drawing & Editing

With a wide set of diverse editing and drawing tools, you can draw lines, arrows, ellipses and rectangles, and highlight things on your screenshot to make them clearer to viewers. You also have the ability to blur out details, create focus areas, and add numbers and text to make your image more detailed and understandable.

Copy to Clipboard

Once you’ve captured the screenshot, you’re given options in the Annotation window to upload to Jumpshare and copy a shareable link to clipboard, save to desktop and copy image to clipboard, or simply copy image to clipboard. What you choose depends on your use case. It is a fast and effective alternative to the Windows Print Screen button.

Version History

You can go back to the previous version of your screenshot after editing it to compare, or undo and redo some edits. If you’re confused as to what’s new in an edited version, you can simply compare it with the preceding version and figure out the changes.

Snip, Sketch & Share

Snip the area of your screen that you want to capture, sketch and draw on it to give reviews or highlight things, and then share instantly via email or the auto-generated link of the screenshot.

Comment on Screenshots

Reduce confusion and create legibility in online communication by leaving comments on shared screenshots. You can tag individual collaborators and reply to threads in order to have a concise discussion and receive pin-point feedback. Jumpshare also allows comments from guest users without requiring them to have an account.

Organize Snippets

All your screenshots are saved to your online library from where you can browse them visually and organize them effortlessly. You can also re-share your screenshots, edit, rename, search, and sort them in different folders.

Advanced Controls

Jumpshare allows Mac users a wide array of advanced controls for shared screen captures. Users have complete control of who views their screenshots - and how many times - and can choose to lock their screenshots or have them self-destruct after a customizable time period.

How to use Snipping Tool in Mac

In a few simple steps, you can use the Jumpshare Capture Screenshot feature as a multi-functional Snipping Tool in macOS.

1.Start up the Jumpshare desktop app

Download Jumpshare for free on your Mac desktop and load it up. The app will pop open from the menu bar at the top right side of your screen.

2.Click on the Capture Screenshot button

Located at the top of your Jumpshare window, the Capture Screenshot icon is hard to miss - placed right in the middle of your feature tray.

3.Select Capture Area and Edit

Choose what part of your screen you want to have in the capture frame. The screenshot editing window will open up the second you select your capture area.

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Benefits of the Snipping Tool for Mac Users

You can use screenshot capture and annotation for so many varying purposes in order to make your communications a lot more streamlined and efficient. Adding the Jumpshare snipping tool in Mac can help users in a number of ways.

File Sharing

Progress Updates

The work speaks for itself. Screenshots are the easiest way to visually communicate progress to clients or team members.

Coding Snippets

The secret code to efficiency. Share coding snippets with your team quickly and without any errors by capturing them as an image on screen.

Review & Feedback

Mark out what needs to change. You can give feedback through screenshots with highlighted changes and review images, documents or demo videos with proficiency.

More than a Snipping Tool for Mac

Jumpshare is so much more than just a Snipping Tool. It is a holistic and ever-evolving visual communication platform for the modern work era.

Record Screen

Record your screen with audio and webcam in the highest quality and with many additional sharing features. You can record both video and GIF.

Share Big Files

With Jumpshare you can share all types of large files of any format without any hassle or lengthy waiting times.

Record Audio

Jumpshare lets you record audio from multiple audio sources in high quality and share it instantly via an auto-generated link or through email.

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