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Easiest Way to Share Video Files

In this digital era, video has risen to be the undisputed king of communication and collaboration. While videos are comprehensive and engaging, the slow upload and sharing speed is the price you often have to pay in exchange for an engaged audience. Jumpshare offers a holistic solution for all your video-sharing problems. With Jumpshare, you can upload and share large video files of up to 1TB in just a few clicks.

File Sharing

Send Large Videos via Email

Share large video files with clients and colleagues via email in just a few clicks. Jumpshare gives you the option to share your video files via email where you can add a personalized message for your recipients to go along with your video recording.

Maintain Security

Jumpshare offers complete control over the security of your video. You can choose to password-protect your files, allow access to a select few people, disable downloads or even share links that expire automatically after a specified period of time.

Add Custom Thumbnails

Add a static or animated thumbnail to offer viewers an insight into the contents of your video. You can upload a static or animated thumbnail of your choice or choose to pick a frame or sequence from within your video.

Trim Your Video

You can use Jumpshare to trim your videos before sending them forward. The Trim tool allows you to keep your video concise, without compromising the essence of your message. In case you accidentally cut out an integral part of your video, you can use version history to revert the change.

Organize Videos

Sort out your videos in an orderly manner to make it easier for you to know where everything is. You can rename your videos and organize them into folders, making it easier for you to keep track of your recordings and share them with different groups of people.

Access Video Analytics

Keep an eye on how your video is performing with in-depth video analytics. Jumpshare allows you to track the who, when, and where of how your shared files are being viewed or downloaded. You can view individual stats for every video or decipher viewer trends through a graph that illustrates behavior across all videos.

Allow Commenting

You can choose to enable or disable comments on your videos before sharing them. Jumpshare allows you to get direct feedback on your shared video files via timed comments. To make things easier for the recipients, guests can also leave comments without having to sign up for Jumpshare.

Add CTA to Video

Using Jumpshare’s Call to Action feature, you can direct traffic from your video to your website, portfolio, blog, or shop. You can completely customize the size, shape, and color of the CTA button to make sure it blends in with your video.

Send Videos of Any Format

Jumpshare’s powerful file viewer supports more than 200 file formats, which includes the most popular video formats. This means that your recipients can just view the shared videos in the online file viewer, without having to go through the hassle of downloading the large video file.

How to Send a Video Through Email

You can use email to send videos by following these three basic steps:

1.Run Jumpshare

Download and install Jumpshare for free on your Mac or Windows computer.

2.Upload Video

Drag and drop your video onto the kangaroo icon in the menu bar or system tray to start uploading it to your Jumpshare library.

3.Send Video

Hover over your newly uploaded video and click the Share button to send it via email, along with a custom message for your recipients.

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Benefits of Sending a Video Through Email

Video is one of the most diverse mediums of communication. From communicating within teams to reporting to clients, sending a video can make the collaboration process more interactive and efficient.

File Sharing

Review Raw Footage

Offer them a first glimpse! Share raw video footage with your clients and collaborate with them in real-time to achieve the perfect end result.

Backup Your Videos

Keep a record of all your videos by sending them via Jumpshare. All your videos will be saved to the cloud where they are available for you to view whenever.

Share Video Tutorials

Show them how it’s done! Record and share comprehensive video tutorials so that your viewers have a visual reference that they can revisit as needed.

More than an App to Send Videos

Jumpshare is more than just an app to send videos. Jumpshare is a multi-tiered visual communication platform that equips people with vital tools for seamless collaboration.

Take Screenshots

Take crisp screenshots with Jumpshare’s screenshot tool. You can capture all or part of your screen and annotate it before sharing.

Record Your Screen

Record high-quality videos of your screen with Jumpshare. You can enable your webcam as well as your microphone and even draw on your screen while recording.

Compose Notes

Jumpshare’s Compose Note feature allows you to put your ideas into words by writing them down in a wide variety of formats, ranging from text to markdown.

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