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Share Large Video Files

It’s always difficult to send large video files online because of size restrictions or simply how long they take to get uploaded, and that can often deter people from the idea altogether. With Jumpshare, users can upload and share large video files - 20GB to 1TB - in just a few clicks via link and email. Recipients needn’t download the files either as the Jumpshare file viewer can play video files of nearly any format.

File Sharing

Send Videos via Link or Email

Share high-quality video files with clients and collaborators via link or email. The second you upload a video, a link to it is automatically copied to your clipboard, which you can then paste anywhere to share. You can also share a video file via email, along with a personalized note for your recipients.

Share Videos Privately

Jumpshare allows a variety of link privacy options, giving you the ability to choose who gets to access your shared video link. You can password protect your video files, allow access to specific people, disable downloads, or share links that expire after a specified time.

Add CTA and Animated Thumbnails

With Jumpshare’s Call to Action feature, you can direct traffic directly from your video to your website or product. The CTA button is completely customizable - you can change the shape of the button as well as the color of both the button and the text.

Add Animated Thumbnails

Add a custom static or animated thumbnail to your video to offer recipients a sneak peek of its contents. You can choose to upload an image or animated GIF to serve as the thumbnail or simply select another frame, or animated sequence, from within the video itself.

Trim Videos

You can trim your videos within Jumpshare’s file viewer before sending them forward. The Trim tool lets you edit out unnecessary parts of your video so that it appears more concise to your viewers. With version history, you can always restore a past version of an edited file if you’ve made an error.

Send Videos in All Formats

Jumpshare’s powerful file viewer has the ability to display more than 200 different file formats online, including a large number of video file formats. This means that you can share large videos with anyone online, without there being any compatibility issues at their end.

Embed Videos

With Jumpshare you can embed your videos anywhere you want - on your website, within online documents, or on social media pages. Find the embed code in the Share box, and copy it with the click of a button. You can choose to hide the title of your video as well as switch between responsive and fixed-size codes.

Comment on Sent Videos

You can enable or disable comments on your video files before you share them. Jumpshare allows you to receive pinpointed feedback on your shared files via timed comments that appear over the video as it progresses. Guests can leave comments without needing to sign up to Jumpshare for quicker collaboration.

View Video Analytics

Monitor how your videos are being viewed. Jumpshare tracks who has viewed or downloaded your shared video files, and from where and when. You can view these stats for each individual video as well as all in one place, complete with a graph illustrating viewer behavior over time.

How to Send Large Video Files

Sharing large video files with Jumpshare is incredibly simple. You just need to do these three things:

1.Launch Jumpshare

Download Jumpshare for Mac or Windows, launch the app, and sign in or simply sign in to the Jumpshare web app.

2.Upload Video

Drag and drop your video file into your Personal Library to upload it. A link to the file will be copied to your clipboard automatically.

3.Send Video

Paste the link to share the video file, or use the Share button to send it via email along with a custom message for your recipients.

Start Sharing - It’s Free!

Benefits of Sending Large Video Files

Video is one of the most dynamic mediums for sharing concepts and feedback, affording you the closest virtual communication can get to real-life collaboration. With a good video sharing app, you can share videos and receive feedback, allowing you more traffic and retention.

File Sharing

Raw Video Footage

Give them their first look. Share raw video footage before processing so that clients can collaborate with you in real-time and share feedback immediately.

Lecture Videos

Keep your notes in order. Record your lectures and share them with your students to help them make more detailed notes and retain more information.

Video Tutorials

A step-by-step guide. Create and share video tutorials for online products or services in order to show other users how to troubleshoot problems quickly.

More Than an App to Send Videos

Jumpshare is a lot more than an app to send videos - it is a powerful visual communication platform that helps teams collaborate more efficiently.

Capture Screenshots

Capture pixel-perfect screenshots with Jumpshare’s screenshot tool. Capture your whole screen or just a portion of it and annotate the resulting image before sharing.

Record Your Screen

Record high-quality videos of your screen with the Jumpshare Screen Recorder. Enable your webcam and microphone, record with click-tracking, and draw on your video.

Compose Notes

With Jumpshare’s Compose Note feature, you can create reminders and small to-do lists for yourself, or share coding and markdown snippets with team members.

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