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Sending large files always comes with its challenges. From using a format that works for everybody to finding a platform that does not take an eternity to upload your files, everything works together to deter people from the idea of sending large files. Jumpshare overcomes this dilemma by enabling users to upload and share large files of up to 1TB in just a few clicks. Jumpshare’s dynamic file viewer supports over 200+ formats, allowing users to view files in nearly every format, without having to download external applications.

File Sharing

Send Large Files via Link or Email

Send large files to clients and colleagues seamlessly via link or email. As soon as you upload a file, a shareable link is automatically copied onto your clipboard, which you can paste anywhere to share files instantly. You can also share your files via email, along with a customized note for the recipient.

Schedule File Sharing via Email

Improve the pace of collaboration by automating file sharing via scheduled emails. The Schedule feature, available within the Jumpshare Share dialogue box, allows you to schedule emails based on timezone, date, and time.

Comment on Shared Files

Encourage communication and feedback by having comments enabled on your files. Your audience can leave timed comments on shared video and audio files, allowing you to pinpoint the issue without wasting time going back and forth. Guests can leave their feedback without having to sign up for an account.

View File Analytics

Monitor your audience and identify trends by keeping an eye on your viewer analytics. Jumpshare enables you to track who has viewed and downloaded your files as well as the location and time of their access. You can choose to view these stats for a select file or compile stats for all files in one place to study overall viewer behavior.

Set Advanced Privacy Controls

Jumpshare offers you complete control over your shared files. Choose who gains access to your files by password-protecting them or disabling downloads. You can also share them via a temporary link or set the files themselves to self-destruct after a certain number of hours, days, views, or downloads.

Share Large Files of Any Format

With Jumpshare’s incredible file-viewer, you can view 200+ file formats online, including a myriad of video, audio, file, and code formats. Regardless of the format of your shared file, your recipient can view it within the Jumphare file-viewer without having to download an external application.

How to Send Large Files

You can send large files via Jumpshare by following these three simple steps:

1.Run Jumpshare

Download Jumpshare for free on your Mac or Windows computer. Launch the app by clicking on the kangaroo icon in the menu bar or system tray and sign in.

2.Upload File

Drag and drop your file onto the kangaroo icon to being uploading it to your Jumpshare library. A link to the file will be copied to your clipboard when the upload completes.

3.Share File

Paste the copied link anywhere to share the file or from the file’s sharing options, choose to send it via email, complete with a personalized message.

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Benefits of Sending Large Files

Sending large files back and forth can be a drain on both your time and resources. With Jumpshare, you can send a large file at the speed of lightning and with very little effort, making the collaboration process nearly seamless.

File Sharing

Share Classroom Notes

Use Jumpshare as a mode to document lectures and fortify learning. You can record videos and use the CTA button to redirect your students towards useful resources that can help them get a better grasp on the subject.

Collaborate on Projects

Get quick feedback whenever you need it so you can incorporate changes seamlessly. Share and comment on files in an instant, making collaboration a smooth and efficient process.

Create Guides

Create a detailed guide to complement your products or workflows. Comprehensive documentation can help you onboard new employees seamlessly and allow them to revisit the step-by-step guide whenever they require revision.

More than a File Sharing App

Jumpshare is capable of doing a lot more than just sharing files. Jumpshare is a powerful visual communication platform that equips teams with tools that can make collaboration a more efficient and enjoyable experience.

Record Your Screen

Create high-quality recordings of both your webcam and screen with Jumpshare. You can customize the size of your recording window, enable click tracking, and annotate.

Record Audio

Give quick feedback by recording audio notes with Jumpshare. Your audience can review your notes at multiple different playback speeds, ranging from 0.5x to 2.0x.

Take Screenshots

Take precise screenshots with Jumpshare’s screenshot tool. You can capture all or a select part of your screen and annotate the image before sharing it.

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