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Upload any file or folder in an instant, then lock it with a password before sharing, restricting access to select, trusted recipients.

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The Most Secure Way to Share Your Files

Jumpshare’s powerful file sharing features are protected by multiple layers of security, seamlessly woven into the experience so you never feel like you have to work too hard to protect your files. In no more than a few clicks and taps, you can choose one or more ways to secure your uploads before you share them.

Whether you’re looking to share sensitive files of a personal or professional nature, you can keep individual files and entire folders under lock and key, restricted to specific recipients, or assigned an expiration time.

File Sharing

Password Protect Files and Folders

Easily lock individual files or folders in your library behind a password. You can do this before or after you share an upload, prompting recipients to enter the assigned password the next time they try to access it through the shared link.

Restrict Access to Specific Recipients

In addition to password protection as a means to share securely, adjust link privacy settings before you share a file or folder to restrict access to specific users, identified by email address. Recipients are shown a Jumpshare login form when they interact with the shared link.

Disable Downloads

Disable downloads for individual files or whole folders before you share, preventing recipients from saving them to their devices. Ensure that shared files are only viewed online, within Jumpshare’s capable file viewer.

Share Temporary Links

Set shared links to expire after a set time. Your intended recipients needn’t have access to shared files or folders indefinitely, even if they are protected with a password. Send them a temporary link that automatically severs access when its time runs out.

Set Files to Self-Destruct

Add an additional layer of security to private files or folders by having them self-destruct after a time of your choosing. Jumpshare’s Self-Destruct feature will automatically delete a file or folder from your library at or after a specified time, ensuring that it is no longer online.

View Stats

Track who is viewing or downloading your files or folders and from where. Jumpshare’s advanced analytics allow you to monitor viewer activity for each individual upload as well as your entire library over a period of your choosing.

How to Password Protect a Folder Online

Lock individual files or whole folders with a password before or after sharing them in just a few easy steps.

1.On desktop

Open up your Jumpshare library within a browser, hover over a file or folder, click the cogwheel icon at its top right, and select the Lock option from the menu that pops up to set a password for it.

2.On mobile

In the Jumpshare mobile app, tap and hold down on any item in your library, drag to the More (...) icon, then select Lock to set a password of choice for it, at least six characters long.

3.Unlock at any point

Once a password has been set for an item in your library, you may remove it at any point from the aforementioned menu by selecting Unlock and choosing any of the other options from the link privacy settings that follow.

Start Sharing Securely

Benefits of Secure File Sharing

Security isn’t an addon when passing files around on the web. It’s a necessity. Jumpshare seamlessly blends security and sharing so you’re effortlessly in control as to who has access to your files and when.

File Sharing

Safely Share Personal Info

Prying eyes begone! Whether you’re looking to share some form of identification or a record of your personal finances, ensure that the correspondence remains between you and your recipient.

Secure Company Projects

Keep it in the company. Secure all files and related correspondences linked to your professional projects and set up virtual barricades to prevent unintentional leaks.

Send Private Media

Send private images, videos, or voice messages. Ensure that only you or your intended recipients may access private media such as family photos or other sensitive media.

More Than a Secure File Sharing App

Jumpshare isn’t just a file-sharing app with multiple layers of security. It is a powerful visual communication platform with a myriad of productivity, collaboration, and management features.

Record Your Screen

Record a video of your computer screen overlaid with your webcam. Create, edit, and share video presentations with ease instead of spending hours in meetings or calls.

Capture Screenshots

Take and share screenshots in a couple of keystrokes. Add annotations with a variety of tools to highlight areas of interest and leave comments within the file viewer to elaborate even further.

Record GIFs

Record the entirety of your screen or just a portion of it to an animated GIF, complete with live annotations to quickly demonstrate a process.

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