Screen Recording with Annotation

The Jumpshare Screen Recorder lets you annotate your screen for visual clarity.

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Draw on Screen As You Record

Most people often find virtual communication vexing due to how removed it can feel. The screen may feel like a barrier, making it difficult for you to express yourself with ease. While some gestures may be lost in the ether, drawing on your screen can help your viewers understand you better.

Jumpshare allows users to create expressive screen recordings using its built-in drawing tool, offering you the chance to help your viewers better grasp your thought process. Point out things on-screen to call attention to them, or add emphasis to what you’re saying, as you say it.

File Sharing

Screen Annotation

Jumpshare allows you to record all or a part of your screen and draw inside the recording window. Pick a color from the palette, choose between three different thicknesses, and start drawing anywhere on the screen. You can undo a stroke if you make a mistake, and all the drawings disappear once you close the tool.

Instant Sharing

Screen recordings get uploaded to your library within seconds of you hitting Finish on your recording. A link to your file is copied to your clipboard automatically, ready to be shared. You can share the file through the link or via email, along with a customized note for your recipients.

Lock Your Videos

Jumpshare offers users a large variety of advanced sharing and link privacy options, including allowing you to password-protect your videos. You can limit views and downloads on your shared video recordings, setting links to expire after a time or a number of views. You can choose between making your link completely private, or viewable by the entire workspace or specific teammates.

Trim Screen Recording

With Jumpshare, you can edit your videos and make them appear more presentable before you share them forward. The Trim feature was designed to be a quick tool with which you could give your annotated videos a more polished and professional final look, omitting mistakes without needing to redo the entire recording.

Add CTA to Videos

Adding a Call-to-Action button to your annotated screen recordings helps you direct viewer traffic to anywhere you want on the internet - your website, social media pages, or online documents. Jumpshare’s CTA button is completely customizable. Edit its shape, color, and text before you share your video with collaborators or reviewers.

Leave Comments

Jumpshare offers users time-stamped comments that appear on the video as it progresses, allowing for pinpoint feedback. You can mention collaborators via name or email address and get notified through both in-app notifications and email. Jumpshare allows guests to leave comments on shared videos without needing to sign up, ensuring faster, hassle-free collaboration.

Monitor Video Analytics

With Jumpshare’s video analytics, you can always see who has accessed your shared video recordings, along with their location and the time. You can also view these stats in the form of visual graphs showing you the number of views and downloads of your shared videos over a period of time.

View Version History

All edits of your videos are saved in your library as versions. You can access these versions at any time as well as restore previous versions or go back to the original video file. The Jumpshare Version History feature was created to save time and offer a more accessible way to review video recordings when feedback is required from collaborators.

How to Draw on Screen While Recording

With Jumpshare, you can annotate your screen recordings in three simple steps:

1.Launch Jumpshare

Download, install, and launch the Jumpshare desktop app for Mac or Windows. Sign up or sign in to your Jumpshare account.

2.Record Your Screen

Click on the video icon on the top-left and select your recording window. Hit Record when you’re ready.

3.Draw on Video

Select the Draw tool from the toolbar below the recording window to open the palette. Select a tool, thickness, and color, then start drawing.

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Benefits of Annotation for Screen Recording

Drawing on your screen as you record it helps you easily point out areas of interest and better relay ideas to your teammates and collaborators, ensuring that you hold their attention.

Benefits of Hosting Videos Online

Work Presentations

Be more expressive. Use your screen as a whiteboard to make your presentations more dynamic and emphasize important points with panache.

Online Lectures

Point it out to them. Using drawings in virtual classrooms and online lectures helps students remember crucial points with ease and allows you to command their attention.

Feedback & Review

Let no bugs remain. Troubleshoot bugs and share feedback visually so that you can explain issues with more clarity and resolve them faster.

More than an App to Annotate Screen Recordings

Jumpshare is more than an app to draw on your screen recordings - it is an all-in-one visual communication platform that allows teams to collaborate more efficiently.

Capture Screenshots

Take a shot of your whole screen or a part of it with Jumpshare’s Screenshot tool. Annotate screenshots and local images before uploading them.

Record Audio

Record clear audio with the Jumpshare Voice Recorder. You can choose from a list of available microphones and playback recorded audio at varying speeds.

Compose Notes

With the Jumpshare Compose Note feature, you can create quick reminders, jot down to-do lists, take meeting minutes, or share coding and markdown snippets with your team.

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