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For Windows 10: Record Screen Free

Sometimes when we’re working on something dynamic, it gets much easier to communicate if your collaborators can just literally go through everything you have been doing on your screen. Immortalize your digital work screen in video and share it instantly with the Jumpshare Screen Recorder for Windows 10.

Jumpshare offers additional features with its Screen Recorder that make collaboration effective and full of ease if you are a Windows 10 user. You can not only record your screen, you can customize the recording window, you can make notes, create a gif, draw on your screen while it is recording, highlight and annotate anywhere on the screen, and share it instantly through cloud sharing.

File Sharing

Record Screen in Video

If you can see it on your Windows 10 Screen, you can record it in a video. The Jumpshare Screen Recorder captures high-quality screen recordings, allowing you to create videos or gifs of these recordings as you’d prefer. With the Windows 10 Screen Recorder, you can create ease through dynamic visual communication and collaborate effectively.

Record Screen with Webcam

Not only can you record your screen, you can also record yourself using a webcam. Additionally, you can personalize your recordings by having a small recording of yourself simultaneously appear on your recording screen so that you can add a personal touch to online presentations.

Record Screen with Audio

You can choose to add high-quality audio to any screen recording. With the ability to choose between various audio sources before recording your screen and change audio speeds during playback, you can ensure clarity while communicating.

Annotate Screen Recordings

Customize your Windows 10 recording screen by editing the size of the recording window. If there are parts of the screen you would not want to be recorded, just crop them. Make annotations by drawing on your screen while it is recording in order to create legibility and clarity in your online communication and get creative with how you present and explain yourself.

Call-to-action (CTA) in Video

Jumpshare allows its users the ability to add a call-to-action (CTA) button onto recorded videos so that they can direct their recipients to their websites or specific online webpages and increase viewership or traffic. Jumpshare users can even customize the color, shape and the text in the CTA button as they see fit.

Click Tracking

With the click tracking feature you can allow recipients to follow your pointer legibly by highlighting it and making it stand out in all the movement. Communicate more clearly and have viewers follow your pointer for legibility and to explain your thought process.

Share via Link or Email

The second you hit Finish on your recording, you can share it within seconds via cloud sharing, through email or the shareable link that automatically gets copied to your clipboard. Explain yourself visually and with exceptional ease the instant you finish recording your screen.

Embed Video

With the Jumpshare Video Embed feature you can now embed your screen recording to your website, your blogs, your online documents and your presentations. Make collaboration easier and explain yourself with immense satisfaction the way you want to on a diverse range of platforms. Use the medium of video communication however you want to and add flourish to your work and your online interactions.

Comment on Videos

With the ability to leave time-stamped comments on screen recordings and videos, Jumpshare allows you and your team to be on the same page and reduce any errors that might appear due to a lack of communication and feedback. With timed comments, you can interpret and clarify specific points, tag team members directly, and receive precise feedback.

Organize Videos

You can share more than a single recording one after the other at great speed and still avoid confusion with Jumpshare’s seamless organization and clear, aesthetic visuals. There will be no more breakdowns over which screen recordings you are referring to. You can send as many as you require, rename and organize them effectively and make collaboration a hundred times easier and understandable.

Advanced Controls

You control who gets to access, view, share or download your screen recordings - and how many times - with additional Jumpshare sharing features. You can lock screen recordings, and set sensitive videos to self-destruct if you would prefer to delete them. You can provide collaborators direct access via link. You control your screen recordings.

How to Record Screen in Windows 10

You can now record your screen with Jumpshare’s Screen Recorder for Windows 10, in a few simple steps.

1.Launch Jumpshare

Download Jumpshare for free on your Windows 10 desktop and load it up. The app will pop open from the system tray kangaroo icon on the bottom right.

2.Open Screen Recorder

Placed right at the top of your Jumpshare window, the Record Screen in Video button appears right in the middle of your feature tray - easy to spot.

3.Select Area and hit Record

See if you would rather record it as a video or a gif, customize your recording screen and crop out any unwanted areas. Then press “Record” and you’re good to go.

Start Recording - It’s Free!

Benefits of Recording your Windows 10 Screen

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a screen recording does much more. Do more with a usual Jumpshare feature. Make screen recordings of anything you wish to explain well, and share them instantly via cloud sharing.

File Sharing

Product Demos

Emphasize and clarify. Personalized screen recordings allow you to explain yourself and make your point exactly the way you want to.

Report Bugs

Show them where the problem is visually. Reduce confusion by recording bugs and faults within any app or system and use it for feedback.

Design Review

The design process is everything. You can now show your team or your client your entire iterative creative process in order to provide or receive feedback.

More than a Windows 10 Screen Recorder

Jumpshare does a lot more than recording your Windows and macOS screen. It is a secure and effective visual communication platform that allows you multifold sharing features.

Record Audio Clips

With Jumpshare you can record high-quality audio clips with varying speeds and via changeable audio sources.

Share Large Files

Emailing large files is a hectic process and many providers have a limit. With Jumpshare you can share big files without any worry and even preview them online.

Capture Screenshots

Send customizable screenshots through Jumpshare. Highlight, annotate and comment with ease and speed.

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