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Screen Recorder on Mac Free

It’s so much easier to virtually walk people through your thought process using something dynamic such as a video of your recorded screen. Jumpshare provides Mac users with an excellent screen recording feature to capture and share high-quality screen recordings.

With a simple interface tailor-made to Mac standards, macOS users can record their screens with or without their webcams, and with clear sound quality. One of the best parts about the Jumpshare screen recorder is that videos can be uploaded and shared instantly via link or through email.

File Sharing

Mac Screen Recorder Video

Record pixel-perfect videos of your screen with Jumpshare’s Mac screen recorder app. Immortalize your screen in video or make gifs to virtually explain your process or mark out vital points. You can customize the frame of your recording screen and collaborate through effortless visual communication and explain yourself better.

Webcam Recording

Jumpshare allows Mac users the ability to record themselves on screen through their webcams if they want to add some personal flair to their screen recordings. You can record yourself on-screen as you deliver a presentation or verbally explain the idea you’re trying to visually communicate through your video.

Screen Recording with Audio

Not only can you record yourself on-screen, you can do it with pitch-perfect audio recording and be clear in your online collaborations. With Jumpshare you can shift between multiple audio and sound sources and use them to make your screen recordings more appealing and understandable.

Annotate Screen Recordings

You can customize the size of the screen you want recorded and crop out any unwanted areas. Additionally, you can highlight, mark and draw on your screen during recording in order to create legibility in the point you’re trying to make and make your video more concise and understandable.

Click Tracking in Mac

Jumpshare provides Mac users with the click tracking feature. With click tracking you can make sure the viewers of your screen recording can follow your pointer with ease as you move it across the screen. The feature allows you to visually communicate more coherently in order to get your point across.

Call-to-action (CTA) in Videos

You can add a call-to-action (CTA) button on your videos before you share them in order to take recipients to your webpage, checkout page or to schedule an appointment. The CTA button allows you to be direct with your viewers, leading them forward from the video. The CTA button is also fully customizable: you can change the shape, color and text inside it to suit your requirements.

Share via Link or Email

When you hit Finish on your recording, you can share it within seconds via cloud sharing, through email or the shareable link that automatically gets copied to your clipboard. You can communicate simply through dynamic visual means and be more efficient with your online collaborations.

Embed Videos

With Jumpshare you can embed your screen recordings with sound to your website, your blogs, your online documents and your presentations. Add flourish and appeal to your work by communicating across multiple platforms through your screen recorded videos, and be understood well.

Comment on Videos

With the ability to leave time-stamped comments, you can provide and receive pin-point feedback and make online collaboration a lot more streamlined and easily decipherable. Jumpshare allows you to tag team members and also allows guests to leave comments on shared screen recordings.

Organize Videos

Share screen recordings back-to-back in quick succession and still keep your Jumpshare Upload Library well-organized and clear any kind of confusion within team collaborations. With Jumpshare’s seamless interface, you can rename, delete, move and organize your screen recordings with ease.

Advanced Controls

Jumpshare allows you complete autonomy over who gets to share or view your files, and how many times. You can control who gets to download and share your files. With the View Stats feature, you know exactly who viewed your file and from where and when. You can delete files after a number of views or set a customized self-destruct on shared recordings.

How to use Screen Recorder on Mac

Jumpshare’s Screen Recorder for Mac is made for quick access and is easy to use - just follow these three simple steps:

1.Launch Jumpshare

Download Jumpshare for free on your Mac desktop and load it up. The app will pop open from the kangaroo icon in the macOS menu bar.

2.Open Screen Recorder

Placed right at the top of your Jumpshare window, the Record Screen in Video button appears right in the middle of your feature tray - easy to spot.

3.Select Area and hit Record

Choose whether you want to record a video of a gif, and customize the area of the screen you want to record. Then press “Record” and you’re good to go.

Start Recording - It’s Free!

Benefits of Recording your Mac Screen

Make the most out of visual communication. Create and instantly share videos on your Mac in order to collaborate visually and with ease. You can screen-record on Mac for many different uses.

File Sharing

Directed Learning

Show them how it’s done. Make step-by-step video tutorials for students or team members by recording your screen.

Process Videos

The process is everything. Create process videos to explain your process to clients and collaborators as you see it.

Work Feedback

Tell them what works. Use a screen recording to point out errors and give feedback on work or presentations.

Do more than Screen Record in Mac

Jumpshare is so much more than just a screen recorder for Mac. It is a multi-faceted visual communication and sharing platform for faster and more efficient working.

Capture Screenshots

With Jumpshare you can capture and share customizable screenshots within seconds of upload.

Share Files

Jumpshare allows you to share large files without any trouble and without long uploading and wait times.

Record Audio

Record high-quality audio clips with Jumpshare with the ability to choose between different audio sources and speeds.

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