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Record Screen On Mac

A video is a dynamic tool that encourages communication and enhances collaboration. Instead of going back and forth on ideas, recording your screen allows you to actually show people what your vision truly entails. Moreover, video content is not only easy to understand, but it is also more eye-catching and engaging, which ensures that your message is more likely to be understood and absorbed via video than any other medium. Jumpshare is a well-rounded communication platform that stimulates collaboration and helps in maximizing your content creation and sharing potential. Jumpshare allows you to record your screen and share it with anyone, with nothing but a click of a button.

File Sharing

Record Screen in Video or GIF

Recording your screen has never been easier. Jumpshare allows you to record all or a selected portion of the screen at the mere click of a button. Your 4K/Ultra HD screen recording is automatically uploaded to the library and a shareable link is copied onto your clipboard for quick and easy sharing.

Record Screen with Sound

With Jumpshare, you can not only record video, but you can also add audio to your screen recordings. You can switch between multiple audio sources, which allow you to record external or system audio to make your video more engaging and easier to understand.

Record Screen with Webcam

With Jumpshare, you can incorporate a webcam recording of yourself within the video for an added personal touch. Recording yourself does not only help in communicating your point, but it also adds a more human element to your presentation, making it more engaging.

Add CTA to your Videos

Jumpshare allows you to add a call-to-action button right on top of the video, in an area of maximum visibility. That allows you to redirect your viewers to your website, portfolio, or any other resources seamlessly. The CTA button allows users to communicate to you directly and easily, leading to higher lead generation.

Embed Videos Anywhere

Your screen recordings are not limited to being viewed on Jumpshare. You can embed your screen recordings to your blog, website, presentation and so much more. This saves you from the hassle of recording the same thing again and again and allows your video to shine across a wide variety of platforms with ease.

Record Screen with Click Tracking

Jumpshare has the click tracking feature enabled for Mac users. Enabling click tracking in your screen recording allows your viewers to follow where the pointer is going, making it easier to understand and absorb the content in the recording. This feature is especially useful if you are incorporating instructions within your recording, as click tracking would make them easier to comprehend and apply.

Annotate Screen Recordings

Jumpshare allows you to annotate your screen recordings with the help of the drawing tool. You can draw on the screen in a variety of different colors, incorporate text, blur out portions of the screen and so much more. The option to annotate your screen recordings makes your content more direct and engaging, which makes it more educational and enjoyable for your audience.

Share via Link or Email

Jumpshare offers several quick and easy methods for sharing your screen recordings. A shareable link is generated as soon as you finish recording which can be sent to anyone you want to share your video with. Moreover, your screen recording can also be shared via email with just a click of a button. The sharing tool also has other amazing features like the option to password protect your screen recording, the freedom to disable downloads and so much more.

Add Time-Stamped Comments

Jumpshare's timestamped comment feature gives you the opportunity to entertain real-time feedback from your audience and engage with them directly. Every time someone comments on your recording, you receive a notification on your dashboard and via email. Moreover, timestamped comments allow you to revisit the point that your audience was referring to, making it easier to visualize their point of view and resolve queries more effectively.

How to Screen Record on Mac

Jumpshare allows you to screen record on your Mac by following a few easy steps.

1.Launch Jumpshare

Download Jumpshare for free and launch it on your Mac.

2.Record Video

Click on the Record Video option on top of the Jumpshare window to capture your full or partial screen.

3.Hit Finish

Finish recording and your video is automatically uploaded to your library and a link is copied onto your clipboard for easy sharing.

Start Recording - It’s Free!

Benefits of Screen Recording on Mac

Visual communication is an indispensable asset to a vast variety of people, ranging from educators to artists. Screen recording helps your content get easily absorbed and understood, making it a more effective mode of communication for your team members, customers, and clients.

File Sharing

Record Lectures

Video is a far more engaging tool than just audio, making it a better platform for learning. With Jumpshare, you can create engaging lecture videos, immortalizing your lesson plan forever. You can not only record your lessons, but you can also annotate different parts of it for added clarity. Furthermore, the CTA button can be linked to further learning materials to reinforce the lecture and ensure that the students are getting all the help they need.

Create Tutorials

Visual guidelines are always more informative than just written instructions. With Jumpshare can create tutorials using the screen record tool. You can choose to record only your screen or also include input from your webcam for a more in-depth tutorial. Moreover, the annotation tool makes it easy to highlight the steps, making the tutorial easier to follow, hence more effective.

Feedback on Work

Instead of going back and forth on issues, Jumpshare allows you to show your employees their target areas for improvement. With the annotation tool, you can easily point out areas that need improvement. Moreover, the timestamped comments allow the employees to refer back to any point in the video that needs further elaboration, making the feedback process easier and less time-consuming.

More than a Screen Recorder

Jumpshare can be used for so much more, beyond being a screen recorder for Mac. Jumpshare is a holistic collaborative platform that facilitates communication, making your life easier and more efficient.

Capture Screenshots

With Jumpshare, you can capture all or a customisable part of your screen with the click of a button.

Share Large Files

Jumpshare allows you ti share large files with minimal hassle. You can share files quickly and view them in 200+ formats in the Jumpshare file viewer.

Take Notes

The Compose Note option within Jumpshare allows you to make notes in a wide range of formats, including code and markdown.

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