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Webinars are some of the best ways to get in touch with speakers around the world from the comfort of your own home or office. Don’t you sometimes wish though, that you could go back to a particular webinar that particularly inspired you? We all do. This is where the Jumpshare screen recorder comes in.

Jumpshare’s screen recorder allows users to create high-quality recordings of webinars along with a wide range of recording tools. With click-tracking, audio, and advanced sharing features and analytics, Jumpshare makes recording webinars quick and easy.

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Record high-quality webinar

Jumpshare’s screen recorder allows users to record webinars in 4K/Ultra HD quality, along with a customizable recording window that you can use to crop out any unwanted parts of your screen. You can also go fullscreen with the click of a button. Jumpshare integrates with your system’s shortcuts, allowing you to start recording even faster.

Record webinar with audio

Users get a choice between audio sources in Jumpshare’s screen recorder. You can record a webinar with excellent and noiseless audio, and play it back at varying speeds. You can listen to the webinar recording in crisp and clear audio exactly like the first time you heard it.

Drawing and click-tracking

Jumpshare gives users the ability to enable/disable the click-tracking feature as they prefer. Enabling click-tracking ensures that your mouse is always within sight and noticeable. Users can also draw on their webinar recording in order to call attention to a particular area of the screen or to highlight a specific part for better clarity.

Add CTA on webinar

Professionals can create specific recording clips of webinars that feature them and add a CTA (Call-to-Action) button to the videos in order to direct viewers to their websites or blogs, and create brand awareness. Jumpshare offers users a fully customizable CTA button in order to add emphasis.

Share webinar via link or email

Once you hit Finish on your webinar recording, it gets uploaded automatically to your Jumpshare library. A link to the video is copied to your clipboard immediately, ready to be shared. Users can also limit views or downloads on their recording if they choose to, or share the link via email along with a personalized note for their recipients.

Embed webinar on website

Jumpshare users can use the Share box to get a responsive embed code to their recording and embed their webinar recording virtually anywhere - on online documents, presentations, their websites or their blogs.

Comment on webinar videos

Jumpshare makes feedback a lot easier with video-timed comments. Users can share their webinar recordings and receive pin-point feedback through time-stamped comments and mentions. Guests can also leave comments on shared files without signing up with Jumpshare, and all parties will be notified both in-app and via email.

View video analytics

You have complete autonomy and control over your shared webinar recordings with one of Jumpshare’s coolest features: Advanced Analytics. With the advanced analytics feature, users will always know who has accessed their webinar recordings and from when and where.

Advanced Controls

Rename, edit and delete your webinar recordings as you see fit. Jumpshare gives users the ability to set a timed self-destruct on recordings and limit access on shared files. You can set limits on recordings based on number of views or downloads and also lock recordings with a password.

How to record a webinar

Jumpshare was designed for seamless communication. Recording a webinar with Jumpshare is pretty simple - it just takes three small steps:

1.Launch Jumpshare

Download Jumpshare for free on your Windows or Mac desktop and launch it. The app will pop open from the system tray in Windows or the menu bar in macOS.

2.Record webinar

Click on the Record Screen in Video button and adjust your recording window. Then hit Record.

3.Upload and share

The file will get uploaded instantly to the cloud, within seconds of you hitting the Finish button on your recording. It can then be shared via link or email.

Start Recording - It’s Free!

Benefits of recording a webinar

The biggest advantage of being able to record webinars is probably that you get to go back to impromptu moments in time that have taught you something important, or have inspired you, and play them again.

File Sharing

Online Educators

Inspire your students. Online educators can record webinars they are part of in order to immortalise important conversational points and play them back for students.

Corporate Speakers

Make your point. Corporate speakers attending webinars can record them for promotional content and in order to create more interest in their brand.

Remote Workshops

Sometimes you need to see it again. Record webinars to play them back in other related workshops, or go through the content again whenever you feel like it.

More than a webinar recording app

Jumpshare lets you do a lot more than record and share webinars. It is a holistic platform for all virtual and visual communications, perfect for the remote professional life. With Jumpshare you can also:

Capture screenshots

Capture high-quality screenshots along with a wide array of drawing and annotation tools.

Record podcasts

Record podcasts clearly with a great sound output with Jumpshare’s Audio and Voice recorder, along with a choice between audio sources.

Share big files

Share over 200 different media and file formats with Jumpshare in a matter of seconds via cloud sharing.

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