Record a Portion of Your Screen

Capture just a portion of your screen, in any aspect ratio or size, to either a video or animated GIF.

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The Best App For Cropped Screen Recording

Jumpshare’s apps for Mac and Windows let you record the entirety of your computer screen or just a part of it in a size or aspect ratio of your choice. Capture videos of your screen in up to 4K resolution along with your webcam, microphone, and system audio, or choose to create an animated GIF out of the recording instead.

Your recordings are uploaded to your own personal online library as soon as they are done, which allows you to share them anywhere and with anyone in an instant.

File Sharing

Crop Screen Recordings

Crop your screen recordings from the get-go instead of having to do it in post. Simply click and drag over your screen to select the part of the screen you want to record, hiding everything else from view. Set your recording frame to adhere to an aspect ratio of choice as you adjust its size.

Record with Webcam and Voice

Overlay your recordings with your webcam and add a voiceover using your microphone. Easily switch between your video and audio input devices before you start recording. You can even choose to record both your microphone and system audio.

Enable Click Tracking

Looking to record a video presentation or guide? Enable click tracking before you start recording. The feature highlights each click with a tiny circular blip under the mouse cursor, making it easier for your viewers to follow along.


Draw over your recording in real-time. In situations where click tracking just doesn’t cut it, switch to the Draw tool and annotate over portions of the screen you wish to highlight. Exit out of the tool to instantly wipe the screen of all annotations.

Share Anywhere Instantly

Once you’re done recording, Jumpshare uploads the resulting video or animated GIF to your very own online library and copies its link to your clipboard, which you can then use to share the recording anywhere. You can even embed your video recordings on a webpage.

Control Sharing Privacy

Share your recordings publicly or privately. Protect your shared files with a strong password, disable downloads, or share with a list of select recipients. You may even share using a temporary link, which expires at or after a specified time.

Trim Recordings

Edit your video recordings after they have been uploaded. Trim the fat from your videos using Jumpshare’s online video editor. The editor also lets you select which portions to keep, then stitches them all together into one concise video.

Leave Timed Comments

Leave timed comments under your videos and tag other users by name for more precise feedback. Comments appear over the video at the appropriate time. Clicking an overlaid comment highlights within the comment thread.

Add CTA, Animated Thumbnails

Add a custom Call to Action button to your screen recordings and switch out the default thumbnail for a static image or animation of choice. You can choose a frame or sequence from within the video itself or upload an entirely different image or animated GIF to serve as the thumbnail.

How to Record a Part of Your Screen

Record a portion of your screen to a video or animated GIF in just a few easy steps.

1.Launch Jumpshare

Download the Jumpshare desktop app on your Mac or Windows PC and launch it by clicking the kangaroo icon in the menu bar or system tray.

2.Select Recording Area

Hit the Record Video or Record GIF button, then click and drag anywhere on the screen to select your recording area.

3.Start Recording

Click the Record button to start recording. Hit Finish to complete the recording and upload it to your Jumpshare library.

Start Recording - It’s Free!

Benefits of Cropped Screen Recording

Screen recording requires a bit of prep time unless you tend to keep your workspace free of clutter. You could always crop a screen recording after the fact, but why spend that extra time and effort when you could restrict the recording to a specific portion of the screen from the get-go?

File Sharing

Save Time Setting Up

Avoid spending time clearing your screen of clutter. Keep the recording focused on just the relevant portion of your workspace.

Hide Sensitive Info

Crop out personal or sensitive information. Hide confidential or personally identifiable information from view so you don’t have to edit it out later.

Eliminate Post Processing

Make your screen recording workflow more efficient. Eliminate editing from the process by hiding clutter and sensitive info from the get-go.

More Than a Screen Recording App

Jumpshare isn’t just a file-sharing app with multiple layers of security. It is a powerful visual communication platform with a myriad of productivity, collaboration, and management features.

Capture Screenshots

Take and share screenshots in an instant. Annotate screenshots with a versatile repertoire of tools before you send them along.

Record Audio

Create voice memos or messages and share them publicly or privately. Switch between audio input devices on the fly.

Take Notes

Quickly jot down text, lines of code, or markdown and share, all in a couple of clicks or keystrokes. Easily organize your notes into folders.

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