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Best way to record lectures

Sometimes going from class to class, online or otherwise, can be a little draining. Getting a lot of information altogether can overload your brain's capacity to think and remember all the little details. Don't you often wish you could just record a lecture and go back to it with a fresher mind? If you're a student or a teacher facing these dilemmas, Jumpshare offers you the best way to record your lectures.

The Jumpshare screen recorder works in tandem with the rest of the app's features to help you record lectures with clarity and precision. With video-timed comments, annotations and a smart CTA button, Jumpshare comes with a lot of tools to help you record, save and share your lectures better.

File Sharing

Record lectures in high quality

The Jumpshare Screen Recorder allows you to record your screen in 4K/UltraHD quality with many accompanying features. You can customize your recording window or record your full screen with the click of a button. Jumpshare integrates with your system's shortcuts in order to make recording lectures even faster.

Record lectures with audio

Record lectures with excellent audio quality with Jumpshare. The app allows users to record both video and audio seamlessly without noise and with a choice between audio sources. If you have a mic you'd prefer to use, just click on the drop down arrow next to the microphone settings in the recording window and take your pick.

Record with webcam

Jumpshare lets you record your webcam along with your screen in order to give users a chance to add a more personal touch to recordings. You can record your webcam in a variety of screen to webcam ratio as you prefer in pixel-perfect quality.

Draw on recording

Draw on your screen while you're recording your lecture in order to add emphasis to certain parts and to create more engagement with your viewers. Jumpshare's on-recording drawing tool allows users to annotate their recordings while the lecture proceeds in different colors.

Click-tracking in recordings

Make sure your viewers hang on to every click of your mouse pointer by enabling the click-tracking feature on your recording. The click-tracking feature ensures that your viewers always follow you clearly on-screen without any confusion or problems.

Share video via link or email

Once you hit the Finish button, the recording gets uploaded within seconds to your Jumpshare library, and a link to it is copied to your clipboard automatically - ready to be shared. Once the recording is uploaded you can share it via link or email along with a personalized note for the recipients.

Add Call-to-Action on lecture

Jumpshare allows users to add a fully customizable CTA (Call-to-Action) button on their videos in order to direct viewers to specific webpages. An educator might make use of this feature after sharing a lecture with their students and following it up with a reference article in the link, for example. The CTA button's shape, color and text can be customized as preferred.

Embed lecture recording

Embed your lecture anywhere with Jumpshare - add it on to online documents or presentation, a particular website, or a school blog. Universities can also use snippets of popular guest lectures on their own websites in order to showcase their portfolio of educators.

Password-protect lectures

Jumpshare allows users to lock their lecture recordings, and define access controls in various ways. You can protect your recording with a password, or set it to self-destruct after a specified time period. Users can also limit the number of times that a recording can be viewed or downloaded by recipients.

Comment on lectures online

Jumpshare makes giving and receiving feedback on lectures a lot easier with time-stamped comments and user mentions. Your viewers can ask for clarifications of direct points without causing any confusion as to what is being referred to. Guests can leave comments on shared recordings without needing to sign up, making your lectures more accessible.

View video analytics

With Jumpshare's advanced analytics feature, users are always aware of their recordings being accessed, allowing them to better manage their lectures. With advanced video analytics, you will always know who has accessed your lecture, and from where and and what time, so that you can organize your lectures better.

Organize lectures online

The Jumpshare library collects all of your uploaded documents and lecture recordings in a seamless and clear format so that you can you can access them whenever you want to. You can rename, delete and organize your lectures as you prefer and upload multiple recordings simultaneously without confusion.

How to record lectures

Recording class lectures with the Jumpshare Screen Recorder is a really simple task. All you have to do is follow these three easy steps:

1.Launch Jumpshare

Download Jumpshare for free for Mac and Windows 10, and launch it. The app will pop open from the menu bar in macOS and the system tray in Windows.

2.Click on Record

Customize your recording window and start recording by hitting the Record button.

3.Hit Finish

Once you are done with your recording, click on the Finish button. The recording will be uploaded immediately to your Jumpshare library, ready to be shared.

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Benefits of recording lectures

Recording lectures allows you to document your lectures for future clarifications and explanations. It is something both teachers, students, and academic management can benefit from.

File Sharing

Teachers and Students

Some notes are always important. Teachers can record lectures for their students remotely or to ensure that a student can go back to the lecture for note-taking without missing anything.

University Inventory

A record of everything learned. Most universities have a library of course materials and lectures that students can return to in order to complete assignments and term papers.

Guest Lectures & Webinars

To keep the finer details safe. Recording guest lectures helps to immortalize the important parts of a good discourse reliably, so that the content can be returned to in the future.

More than an App to Record Lectures

Jumpshare offers users so much more than a screen recorder to record lectures - it is a complete sharing platform with a multitude of features designed for better remote working.

Capture screenshots

Capture pixel-perfect screenshots of your screen with a large array of annotation tools. Capture, edit and share screenshots immediately with Jumpshare.

Record audio

Jumpshare allows you to capture audio in pristine and noiseless quality, with a choice between all the audio sources available.

Share large files

Share and view more than 200 different file formats with Jumpshare, regardless of size. Jumpshare is capable of sharing large files within seconds via cloud-sharing.

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