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Record Google Meet Videos

Jumpshare is the easiest way to record your Google Meet meetings. With the Jumpshare screen recorder, you can record your meetings without any participant or time limits. Even if there are tens of people in the meeting, you will be able to record every word spoken by every person. In addition, whatever you see on your screen will be captured and recorded as it happens in real-time. Lastly, when the recording is finished, it will be uploaded automatically to your online library.

File Sharing

Highlight Video Recordings

You can enable click tracking for screen recording to highlight your on-screen actions. A small blip appears under the mouse cursor every time you click to better guide your viewers.

Password Protect Videos

After uploading the meeting, you can lock it with a password. This allows you to secure your files and restrict access to relevant people only.

Pause & Resume Video Recordings

While recording a meeting, you can pause and resume anytime you want. This allows your recordings to contain only the important parts and filter unnecessary content. You can also stop the recording and start a new one during the meeting, letting you separate topics into different videos.

Record Video in MP4

All your meetings are recorded in MP4 format by default. This allows the recordings to contain high visuals and audio while not compromising on their quality.

Share Meetings with Link

Share your screen recordings anywhere and with anyone in seconds using a link or via email, along with a personalized message for your recipients.

Embed Videos

You can embed video recordings on your website, support page, blog, presentations, or anywhere else, making it easier for them to watch the video without having to visit the Jumpshare’s file viewer. It also helps personalize the videos and saves your viewers time.

Timed Comments

Add timed comments to your meetings for pinpointed feedback. This allows you to explain things as they happen in the video to grab the viewer’s attention. Recipients can also leave timestamped comments to ask questions about a specific point in the video.

Video Analytics

You can check how many views and downloads your video recordings are getting. This allows you to focus your attention on the trending content and identify what isn’t working. It also lets you segment the statistics based on location for further insights.

Annotate Videos

While recording a meeting, you can draw on the screen, selecting from a variety of colors. Simply click the Draw button to start annotating your meetings. This allows you to direct the attention of viewers to where it needs to be.

How to Record Google Meet Meetings

1.Open Screen Recorder

Open the Jumpshare desktop app and click the Record screen option visible on the top row of the Jumpshare window. This will open the screen recorder tool to record your meeting.

2.Select Area to Record

Position the recording window to the area of interest by clicking and moving it. Then adjust the size of the window by dragging the corners.

3.Press Record

When ready, press the Record button to begin recording and once you’re done with the recording, click the Finish button. Your video will automatically upload to your online library and its shareable link will be copied to your clipboard.

Start Recording - It’s Free!

Benefits of Recording Meetings

File Sharing

Improve Engagement

Record important parts of a meeting, like a demo or presentation, so team members may rewatch them later. Catalog these recordings as learning resources and supercharge engagement with annotations and times comments.

Reference Video Meeting

It’s tough to maintain focus throughout a particularly long meeting and you’re bound to miss a thing or two. When your boss follows up on that one detail you might’ve missed, it can be embarrassing. With a recording, you can refer back to any point in a meeting whenever you find it necessary.

Share Meetings with Absentees

Sometimes you or a colleague might miss a meeting. Having a recording of it is an easy way to get up to speed and make sure nothing important is ever missed. If you’re a team lead, you can use the recording to get everyone on the same page and start work quickly.

Use Cases of Google Meet Video Recorder

Record Video Lectures

Teachers can record their lectures, upload them to their library, and organize them by topics so students have easy access. They can also grant access to registered students only to protect their material from piracy.

Demo Videos

Developers and designers may give a demo of their prototype app and discuss the process with others visually.

Create Training Videos

Corporate training meetings can be recorded and shown to new employees, instead of scheduling multiple sessions. Save precious time and money by having them available on-demand.

Code Review Videos

Explaining your code to a co-worker can be challenging, especially when working remotely. Record a visual explanation of your code for those absent from a meeting.

Explain Bugs

Instead of spending long hours explaining how you encountered a bug, simply record your screen and send the video detailing all the steps that led you to produce it.

Explain a Process

Some tasks are very easy to comprehend while others can be tricky. Record your screen explaining how a certain task is done and share it to reduce questions that can be answered better by showing.

Do More Than Just Screen Recording

File Sharing

You can utilize Jumpshare’s secure cloud storage for any of your files. Simply use the web dashboard to upload them and share them whenever you need to.

Screenshot Capture

Capture and share screenshots with ease. Annotate with arrows, lines, shapes, blur, text, and more. You won’t have to edit images elsewhere ever again.

Receive Files via Inbox

Jumpshare’s Inbox feature is a quick way to receive files from others without asking them to sign up for an account. When you receive a file, we will notify you via both instant alerts and email notifications. You can create multiple inboxes for receiving files from different people, neatly organized in your online library.

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