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Screen Record on Mac and Windows

The ability to record your screen allows you to speak more than writing a thousand words. A tool to record your computer screen comes in handy especially when you are trying to maneuver your way through the world of today, where connections and collaborations are digital rather than physical in nature. Video content is not only easier to comprehend but is also proven to boost engagement as compared to other mediums.

Jumpshare provides you with the opportunity to create 4K recordings of your computer screen and share them with your audience, helping you interact with them via video. This multi-tiered platform not only enables high-quality video creation but is also equipped with other essentials to make the process seamless.

File Sharing

Record screen

Recording your computer screen has never been easier. You can record all or a portion of your screen with no hassle. After you are finished recording, your 4K Ultra HD video recording is automatically uploaded to your library and a shareable link is copied onto your clipboard for easy sharing.

Add webcam recording

You can add a high-resolution webcam recording within your screen recording. This allows you to incorporate your own train of thought into the recording. You can customize the size and shape of the webcam window, ranging from partial to full screen dependent on your specific needs.

Record with audio

You can record video and audio simultaneously, without any syncing issues. Instead of having to go through the hassle of recording a voice-over separately, you can just record both the video and audio in one go, effectively avoiding any mismatched lip-synching mishaps. You can choose from multiple audio sources to suit your preferences.

Add CTA button

Adding a call-to-action (CTA) button in your recordings helps you to redirect your viewers to your website or blog. You can add the CTA button directly onto your recording, enabling you to captivate your audience for longer, which results in higher conversion rates. You can change the shape, color, and text for the CTA button based on the theme of your recording.

Embed screen recording

Your computer screen recording can be embedded anywhere across the internet. You can embed the recording to your blog, to your website, to online documents or presentations and so much more. Having the ability to embed your screen recordings makes them more multi-purpose as you can keep reusing them wherever they apply. For instance, a tutorial or a how-to video can be embedded in multiple platforms to ensure that your viewers have access to all the pertinent information they require.

Click-tracking and drawing

The click-tracking and drawing features boost interaction with your audience. Enabling click-tracking within your recordings allows your audience to follow your train of thought, making your content easier to comprehend and remember. The drawing tool allows you to annotate your recordings. You can blur portions of the screen, add text, draw on the screen and so much more. The click-tracking feature combined with the annotation tool makes your recordings more engaging and memorable for your audience.

Seamless sharing

Your screen recording is available for sharing right after you finish recording. As soon as you hit the finish button, the screen recording is uploaded to your Jumpshare library and a shareable link is automatically copied to your clipboard to make sharing an easy and seamless experience. Jumpshare also gives you the option to share via email where you can add a personalized message for your recipients to go along with your screen recording.

Timed comments

Time-stamped comments create room for a two-way conversation between you and your audience. Whenever someone comments on your recording, you instantly receive a notification, giving you the opportunity to respond to them promptly. Additionally, timestamped comments allow you to revisit the point that the comment is referring to, making it easier for you to comprehend people's perspectives and reply accordingly.

Security controls

Have complete control over your recordings with highly personalized security settings. Jumpshare allows you to password protect your files, disable downloads and set up a self-destruct timer. You can also keep track of who has accessed your recordings, and the date and time of access, for complete knowledge about your audience.

How to Record Your Computer Screen

You can record your computer screen with Jumpshare by following a few simple steps.

1.Run Jumpshare

Download Jumpshare for free and launch it on your Mac or Windows system.

2.Record Screen

Click on the Record Video button, choose a customizable area of the screen and start recording.

3.Finish Recording

Hit Finish to wind up your recording. The recording is automatically uploaded to your Jumpshare library and a shareable link is automatically copied onto your clipboard.

Start Recording - It’s Free!

Benefits of Recording your Computer Screen

Visual communication has the unique quality of taking complex ideas and portraying them in a way that is palatable to the general public. Looking at a video makes it easier for people to understand concepts, regardless of language or location. This makes video a potent tool that can be wielded by a wide variety of users, ranging from marketers, educators, or businesses.

File Sharing

Record Gameplay

Recording your computer screen enables you to record your gameplay in 4K, making it easier for you to share your experience with your audience. You can incorporate a webcam video in your gameplay recording, making the experience seem more personal and unique.

User Manual

You can use the screen recording tool to create a digital user manual, helping your consumers understand how to interact with your product. The playback feature enables your users to slow down or speed up your videos, allowing them to view and follow the instructions at their own pace.

Team Collaboration

Jumpshare's screen recording tool can come in handy in boosting productivity by allowing communication to flow freely amongst team members. You can share progress videos and seek input from your team, making the end product more refined and well-rounded.

More than a Screen Recording Software

Jumpshare is not just a screen recording software. It is a comprehensive communication platform that allows you to record, share and manage your files in a way that aids collaboration with not only your team members but also your clients.

Take Screenshots

Jumpshare allows you to capture your screen with just a click of a button. You can capture all or part of your screen and edit your screenshots before sharing them.

Record Audio

Record clear and crisp audio with Jumpshare. You can also choose from multiple audio sources and your recordings can be reviewed with multiple playback speeds, ranging from 0.5x to 2x.

Share Large Files

With Jumpshare you can share large files quickly and without any hassle. Moreover, the Jumpshare file viewer allows you to view files in up to 200 formats without having to switch to a different viewer.

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