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With Jumpshare, you can easily receive large files from clients without them needing to sign up.

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Easiest Way to Receive Large Files Online

Your company’s preferred collaboration platform must have a feature that allows files to be easily received from third parties. This is because it can be both time-consuming and a tad vexing to ask clients and project-based contractors to sign up to a platform to share files.

With the Jumpshare Inbox feature, your clients can send large files or videos to you without needing to create a Jumpshare account. We’re talking up to 20GB, or even 1TB, based on your requirement. Once the file is in your library, you can allow your clients can leave comments under it as guests. The best part is that you remain in complete control of who gets to send you files via your Inbox.

File Sharing

Share Inbox via Link or Email

Start receiving large files instantly by sharing your Jumpshare Inbox with your clients and other associates via link or email. Once you receive a file and it appears in your designated Jumpshare library, you can share it with others in no more than a few seconds.

Embed Inbox on Your Website

You can embed your Jumpshare Inbox on your website so that clients or customers can send you files or feedback directly. The link to the Inbox makes users enter their first and last names, along with their email address so that you may collaborate further and answer queries with ease.

Receive Files Securely

Any files sent to your Inbox are only visible to you until you choose to share them. When you do choose to share, you may make use of the many powerful security and link privacy features afforded by Jumpshare, including password protection, temporary links, and self-destruct.

Create Multiple Inboxes

Jumpshare lets you create multiple Inboxes so you may separate files received from different clients or through different channels. Give each Inbox a unique name and decide where your submissions are stored - which library and what folder within that library.

Close or Re-open Inboxes

Once you are done collaborating across a certain Inbox or are done with a project that you created an Inbox for specifically, you can close it so that those with a link to it can’t send you any more files through it. This allows for better file management and more project organization. You can always re-open a closed inbox at any point or choose to delete it permanently.

View Files of Any Format

Jumpshare’s powerful file viewer can display over 200 file formats online, including a vast variety of video, audio, document, and code formats. This ensures that you will almost always be able to view the files you’re sent without needing to download software dedicated to viewing a particular format.

Leave Comments

Comment on files once they appear in your designated Jumpshare library, mentioning collaborators via name or email address. If the shared file is a video or audio, you can even add timed comments. Guests with whom the file has been shared can leave comments under it as well, that too without needing to sign up.

View Analytics for Files

Once a file shared with you via Inbox appears in your Jumpshare library, you can share it forward while keeping tabs on how it is being viewed. Jumpshare’s Analytics feature allows you to view who has viewed or downloaded the shared file as well as from where and when.

How to Receive Large Files

Receiving large files via Jumpshare is super simple, you just need to follow a few easy steps:

1.Open Inbox tab

Sign in to the Jumpshare web app and switch to the Inbox tab from the left sidebar.

2.Create an Inbox

Click on the Create New Inbox button to name your new Inbox, and choose which library will receive the submissions.

3.Share or embed your Inbox

Click on the Share button next to the Inbox. You now have the option to copy an embed link for your website or share the inbox via link or email.

Start Receiving Files

Benefits of Receiving Large Files via Inbox

Having an Inbox feature that allows clients to send in large files takes away the hassle of them having to sign up to Jumpshare to share important or urgent documents with you. It promotes more efficient communication with third-party collaborators.

File Sharing

Secure Collaboration

Keep their files safe. Get large files securely from clients, contractors, and customers on a single platform without having to wrestle with email size restrictions.

Direct Feedback

Know what they all think. Embedding an Inbox on your website lets you get direct feedback from any visitor, which may help you improve your service in the future.

Data & Project Management

Always stay current. Stay on the same page as your clients and customers for the entire duration of your project, and always have your data and shared files organized.

More than an App to Receive Large Files

Jumpshare allows you to do a lot more than just receive large files online - it is an all-in-one visual communication platform that boosts team productivity and remote collaboration.

Record Your Screen

Record your computer screen along with your webcam in excellent quality with the Jumpshare Screen Recorder. Enable click-tracking, draw on your screen, and switch between audio sources.

Capture Screenshots

Jumpshare lets you capture screenshots in an instant and annotate them with a large variety of drawing and editing tools before sharing them.

Compose Notes

With Jumpshare’s Compose Note feature, you can take quick meeting minutes, note down quick reminders, and share markdown or coding snippets with ease.

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