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PDFs have become a widely-used standard format for documents shared all over the world because of their multi-dimensional nature. They have become the bread and butter of online collaboration and are being used in all professional fields. Jumpshare offers a fast and adaptive online PDF Viewer with the highest quality preview.

With Jumpshare you can do more than view PDF files. You can upload and share large PDF documents within seconds via cloud sharing, with the assurance that their quality will remain perfect. Jumpshare also allows you to customize access controls and viewing permissions.

File Sharing

Upload PDF Free

Jumpshare offers a free online library to upload your PDF files - big or small. Once you’ve signed up for an account, you will be taken to your online dashboard where you can click the Upload button from the left side to upload PDF documents. You can also drag & drop PDF files to the window to upload.

View PDF Online

Click on the uploaded PDF files to open them in Jumpshare’s powerful file viewer that can preview over 200 file formats online. You can navigate through the document with your keyboard’s arrow keys. The floating page tools at the bottom allow you to jump to a particular page, print the PDF file, and zoom in or out for better viewing.

Share PDF Online

Once you’ve uploaded the PDF to the Jumpshare library, you can view it and just as easily share it. With the Share button placed in the tray towards the top right hand side, you can share the PDF instantly via email. You can also use the Copy Link button to copy a link to the file to your clipboard, ready to be shared with anyone.

Organize PDF Files

Organize uploaded PDF files visually in your Jumpshare library. Jumpshare lets you eliminate confusion and share PDFs swiftly with your team with the autonomy to rename, sort, and create folders for collaborative ease.

Comment on PDF

Leave comments on shared and uploaded PDF files in order to share feedback or compare notes with your team or collaborators. You can also mention a particular individual for direct discussion, and guests can comment on files shared with them without creating a Jumpshare account.

Advanced Controls

Jumpshare gives you complete autonomy of your uploaded PDFs by allowing you the ability to lock your files, restrict the number of downloads or views, share files securely, and set a self-destruct on uploaded files. You can use the View Stats feature to make yourself aware of who has been viewing your PDF, from where and when.

How to View PDF online

You can upload, view and share PDF files via Jumpshare in just a few straight-forward steps.

1.Log into Jumpshare

Head over to the Jumpshare website and log in to your account. If you don’t have an account, sign up for free. You will be taken to your personal web dashboard.

2.Click Upload button

The blue Upload button is aligned towards the left of your browser window. Click on it and browse through your system and select the PDF you want to upload.

3.Click PDF file

Once the file is uploaded, you just need to click on it. It will open up in the Jumpshare PDF viewer on your browser. Navigate with your arrow keys to read.

Upload PDF - It’s Free!

Benefits of Sharing PDFs

You can combine all kinds of digital content - text, images, animations, interactive objects, hyperlinks and more - in a single PDF file. PDFs are some of the most shared documents online and could be used for various purposes.

File Sharing

Design Portfolios

Express yourself the way you want. The graphical integrity of PDFs ensure that your layouts, fonts and graphics will remain exactly the way you created them.

Academic Reports

A repository of research. PDFs are read-only, secure documents that allow you to share academic texts with footnotes and citations without any concerns.

Work Presentations

A presentable format for meetings. Integrate images, hyperlinks and more to your PDF file to aid you with your delivery of your work presentation.

More than a PDF Reader

Jumpshare is a lot more than an online PDF reader. It is an adaptive, multi-layered platform for visual online communication and collaboration.

Record Video

With Jumpshare you can record videos of your screen with or without webcam in great quality and share them instantly via a link or email.

Record Audio

You can communicate better with Jumpshare using high-quality audio and voice clips and choose between multiple audio sources.

Capture Screenshots

Share pixel-perfect screen captures through Jumpshare with a large variety of annotation and editing tools.

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