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Online Video Hosting for Free

Jumpshare is the best platform to host all your video content online. Whether it’s entertainment, lectures, tutorials, or podcasts, everything can be hosted for free. Share videos as soon as you upload them and let your viewers watch without them having to create an account. Easily organize all your uploads into specific folders and provide easy access to your viewers. You can add time-stamped comments for reference, add call-to-action (CTA) buttons, embed them anywhere.

Online Video Hosting for Free

Unlimited Playback

Never worry about users wanting to play a specific video a bunch of times. Jumpshare supports most video types and offers unlimited video playback allowing your viewers to enjoy content for as long as they wish.

Embed videos

Freely share your content anywhere on the web where embedding is supported. Reach a large audience by being able to post the videos on your personal website, blogs, forums, etc.

HD Video Playback

All content recorded in HD format is played back in the original quality, allowing users to experience it in the way it was intended.

Multiple Sharing Options

You can email the video links with a personal message, embed the videos anywhere, or simply provide your users with a direct link to the file. Reach an increasing audience with all these sharing options.

Lock Videos

You have the option to protect your videos with a password. This lets you make sure that your premium content is not accessible to everyone and only to those whom you’ve authorized.

Video Analytics

A strong analytics dashboard lets you observe which videos are getting the most views and downloads. It also shows from which locations and devices you’re getting the most traffic. These statistics let you improve your content by having a clear picture of what works and which market to target.

How to Upload Videos Online

1.Log in to Jumpshare

Log in to your Jumpshare account and click on Upload in the top-left corner to upload files. To upload a folder, click on + to the right of Upload and select Upload folder.

2.Select videos

From the file explorer, select the videos you want to upload. Select multiple videos to upload them together. To upload a folder, simply select the folder.

3.Organize videos

Once you’ve uploaded your videos, you can organize them into folders and sub-folders. They’re easily searchable and shareable right from your very own personal online library. Never worry about losing your videos.

Upload Videos - It’s Free!

Benefits of Hosting Videos Online

Benefits of Hosting Videos Online

Content Management

Have all your content in one place and free up storage on your hard drive. When you upload videos to an online storage, it becomes much easier to organize and access them so that you can easily use them whenever you want.

Custom Branding

Add your custom logo to personalize the page before sharing the videos. This allows you to build your brand with your audience. You can also add a CTA button to take viewers to your website.

Better Community

When you upload videos to Jumpshare, you get to control who sees your content. Target specific communities and prevent your content to be viewed by groups who you want to avoid. This lets you build a like-minded community and grow easily.

Use Cases of Online Video Hosting

Video Podcasts

Podcasts are increasing in popularity and have established themselves as a useful means of communication with a like-minded audience. Upload your video podcasts and embed them on your website or share them with your viewers using a link.

Share Lectures

Record and upload lectures for your classroom. Allow your students to review previous lectures whenever they need to. You can make sure only students registered in your classroom can have access to the recordings.

Publish Video Content

If you consistently upload videos, having a space to yourself will be very beneficial. Use an ad-free place to connect with your audience and provide them with entertainment.

Training Videos

Keep corporate training videos online safely for regular use. This will let you control access and keep it restricted to selected people only. Not only will this protect your content, it will be viewable for reference by anyone in the company.

Demo videos

Record demo videos of your product for your customers and clients. Keep a private library of all demos in one place and share them as many times as you want for greater outreach and leads.

Customer Support

Having customer support videos available online is good for resolving common problems your customers might have with your product. Simply record the solutions to common problems and upload them to a shared library of your team for faster customer support troubleshooting.

Do more than Host Video Online

Screen Recording

Use the screen recording tool to make videos on the fly of anything happening on your screen. Record your screen in high quality with audio and webcam.

Receive Files via Inbox

Jumpshare allows you to receive files from anyone, even if they don’t have an account. Receive alerts whenever a file is received both in-app and via email.

Screenshot Capture & Editing

Take high quality screenshots with Jumpshare and annotate them using a built-in image editor before sharing them via a link.

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Upload Videos - It’s Free!