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While shooting a video, not even the most seasoned professionals can capture the perfect shot in one take. Creating the perfect video is just as much about editing, as it is about filming. This is where the ability to cut videos comes in handy. You can keep recording footage and then pick out the perfect shots to create a seamless video that meets all your requirements. However, cutting a video is easier said than done. From choosing and downloading editing tools to understanding how to get them to work, cutting a video is a laborious experience. Thankfully, with its user-friendly interface and easy controls, Jumpshare makes cutting videos a lot easier.

Jumpshare is a user-friendly platform that allows you to cut and edit your videos exactly how you want. Not only can you cut videos, but you can also use annotation tools to mark up your screen, or add a CTA button if you want. Jumpshare is a one-stop solution to all your video editing problems, helping you edit videos to perfection without having to download any other apps.

Video Trim

Cut high-quality video

Cut your video, with up to the second precision, with the Video Editing Toolbox. You can record a video via Jumpshare or upload the video from your desktop. Moreover, Jumpshare lets you edit videos in any format without any compatibility issues. Jumpshare's video editor can process videos of any quality, all the way to 4K, with clear and quick output.

Share video

Once your video is done being processed, it is automatically uploaded to your Jumpshare library and a link is copied onto your clipboard for easy sharing. From there, you can copy the video link and share it with whoever you want to. You can also share your video through email by selecting a recipient and adding a customizable message for your audience.

Add a call-to-action button

Add a call-to-action button right on top of your videos to redirect your audience to other relevant resources. For instance, you can divert your audience towards your website, shop, or blog to increase the chances of audience retention and customer acquisition. The size, shape, and text of the CTA button are fully customizable to make sure that it aligns with your brand identity.

Mark up your screen

You can mark up your screen by using the drawing tools and enabling click-tracking on your recording. The drawing tool enables you to annotate your screen, giving your content a more personal touch. You can draw on the screen, add text, blur out portions and do so much more to make the video resonate with your audience. The click-tracking feature allows your audience to follow your train of thought, making it feel like a two-way conversation instead of just a disconnected video.

Secure your content

Ensures the safety of your content by making use of highly personalized security settings. You can lock your files by password protecting them. You can also disable downloads or set up a self-destruct timer for some extra security. You can also keep track of who has accessed your files, their location, and the date and time of access, for a complete profile on your audience.

Version history

You can gain access to the version history for all your content. You can not only track all the changes that have been made to your video but you can also restore an older version with just a click. This feature is especially handy when editing videos as any unfortunate mistakes can easily be reverted without losing any valuable data.

How to Cut Video

Cut your video with Jumpshare by following these three simple steps.

1.Create an account

Sign up for free for an account with Jumpshare.

2.Upload Video

Upload a video directly to your Jumpshare library and then view it.

3.Edit Video

Make your way to the Video Editing toolbox in the sidebar and edit your video.

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Benefits of Cutting Videos

Cutting your videos allows you to keep the message of your video intact without boring your viewers. You can filter out unnecessary information and keep your content short and sweet, making it not only more gripping but also more memorable for your audience.

File Sharing

Trim videos for Instagram

Video is the leading medium of communication on Instagram. However, long and poorly edited videos tend to bore audiences, often getting skipped and ignored. With Jumpshare video cutter, you can cut out unnecessary bulk from your videos, making sure that you can deliver an impactful message within the limited window of time.

Share focussed feedback

Instead of beating around the bush with drawn-out presentations, you can send out a carefully edited video to share focussed feedback. You can edit out unnecessary portions to keep your feedback short and trim, making it not only more effective but also less time-consuming to view.

Create detailed tutorials

Jumpshare helps you create visual guides for your viewers, helping them understand your offering in detail. A good tutorial focuses on the steps it takes to achieve a certain outcome. With Jumpshare's video cutter, you can edit out portions of your video, highlighting only the steps to make sure your tutorial achieves its purpose.

More than a Video Cutter

Jumpshare is not your average video cutter. Jumpshare is a versatile collaboration platform that takes care of all your visual communication needs to make remote work a more enjoyable experience.

Record 4K Video

Jumpshare enables you to record high-quality videos at the mere click of a button. You can edit your recording, add a webcam video, or even draw on your screen.

Capture Screenshots

Take a screenshot at the click of a button with Jumpshare. You can capture all or a selected portion of your screen and mark up your screenshot before sharing it with your audience.

Compose Audio

Record clear audio notes to ease communication with your team and clients. Your audience can review your notes in a variety of playback speeds ranging between 0.5x to 2.0x.

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