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Powerful Project Management Tools

Regardless of the industry or scope, the success of a project is measured by productivity and team efficiency. In today’s fast-paced world, where everyone has relatively lower attention spans, project management software is essential for keeping teams on track. Managers are always on the hunt for tools that can simultaneously engage their employees while also invoking their collaborative spirit. That’s where Jumpshare fits in. Jumpshare is a comprehensive business tool that allows you to keep your team engaged and motivated to meet their goals. From deploying essential resources to communicating visually, Jumpshare is the ideal partner to help you manage projects online.

File Sharing

Record Your Screen

Use screen recordings to keep an eye on progress, without disrupting your team. You can record all or a select portion of your screen, choose between multiple video and audio sources, and even add your webcam footage in just a few clicks.

Capture Screenshots

Skip the hassle of going back and forth with feedback by allowing your team to see through your eyes via high-quality screenshots. With Jumpshare, a crisp screenshot is just a few clicks away. You can capture all or a part of your screen and edit your screenshot before sending it on its way.

Annotate Screenshots

Add clarity and context to your feedback by marking up your screen. The annotation tool in Jumpshare allows you to draw on your screen with an assortment of nifty tools. You can add text, blur out unwanted parts of your screen, scribble on your screen in different colors, and do so much more to make your screen recording more personalized.

Leave Timed Comments

Facilitate feedback from your team by making use of timed comments. Whenever someone comments on your files, you instantly receive a notification so that you can respond to their queries in a timely manner. Recipients can leave comments under your shared files without having to sign up for Jumpshare.

Organize Your Workspace

Facilitate internal communication by making use of shared libraries and multiple workspaces in Jumpshare. You can create a separate workspace for a project, adding only pertinent members to the new workspace. Switch seamlessly between multiple workspaces in just a click and manage multiple projects without any overlaps.

Facilitate Secure Sharing

Protect private information with Jumpshare’s customizable security settings. You can add a unique password, disable downloads, share temporary links, or even set up a self-destruct timer to make sure that your information stays protected. For an extra kick of control, you can also monitor your audience and keep an eye on who has accessed your files as well as the time and location of access.

How to Manage Projects Online

You can manage your projects online by following these three basic steps:

1.Install Jumpshare

Download and install Jumpshare for free on your Mac or Windows system. Launch the app by clicking on the kangaroo icon.

2.Create or Upload

Click your profile icon to switch between Workspaces, then use the tools at the top of the pop-up to create screen recordings, take screenshots, upload files, and more.

3.Start Managing

Move your recordings, screenshots, or other uploads from your Personal library to the Shared or Team library in your Workspace to start collaborating!

Start Managing - It’s Free!

Benefits of Project Management Software

Manage your teams and help team members stay on the same page by planning tasks and monitoring deliverables. A good project management software like Jumpshare allows you to share videos, receive feedback, and collaborate across different teams with ease.

Quick Collaboration

Maximize Professional Growth

Facilitate knowledge sharing. You can share valuable lessons and document experiences to ensure that every project proves to be an opportunity for professional growth.

Amplify Announcements

Share announcements across multiple teams seamlessly. Use videos to highlight changes, celebrate achievements, and update progress with the right people, at the right time.

Expedite Remote Collaboration

Make remote collaboration more efficient by condensing information with screen recordings. Establish context beforehand and skip right to discussing critical information rather than wasting time on setting the stage.

More Than an Online Project Management App

Jumpshare is more than just an online project management app. Jumpshare is a multi-faceted visual communication platform that works to improve team productivity and facilitate remote collaboration.

Take Notes

With Jumpshare’s Compose Note feature, you can jot down reminders, maintain a to-do list, compose meeting minutes, or share code snippets.

Record Audio

Make feedback more effective by recording high-quality audio notes with Jumpshare. Your audience can review your notes at several different playback speeds, ranging from 0.5x to 2.0x.

View 200+ Formats

The Jumpshare file viewer supports more than 200 file formats so you can view all your files online without having to go through the hassle of installing separate file viewers.

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