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Make an Employee Onboarding Video

Although some people might agree with us when we say that often the best way for a new employee to learn is if they're given hands-on work right away - it can often be daunting for the novice hire. Jumpshare helps you create small but instructive employee onboarding videos that would help your new employees find their footing with ease.

Jumpshare not only lets you record your screen and your webcam, but it also lets you edit these videos online and share them forward with viewing permissions. With features like click-tracking, trim, CTA button, and video embedding, Jumpshare is your one-stop app for all your employee onboarding video needs.

Screen Recorder with Audio

Record onboarding video

Record employee onboarding videos in the best quality - up to 4K Ultra HD - with the Jumpshare Screen Recorder. The Jumpshare screen recorder lets you customize your recording window or record your full screen with the click of a button. Jumpshare integrates with your system's shortcuts, allowing you to quickly pull up the recording window with a few hotkeys. Select what quality you want to record your video in and hit Record.

Record video with webcam

Jumpshare lets you record your webcam in tandem with your screen, allowing you to create more interest in your video. You can choose what webcam to screen ratio you'd like, all the way up to just recording your webcam. You can choose between multiple available webcams and microphones, and record your screen and webcam together with clear and completely synced audio.

Draw & enable click-tracking

Enable the Jumpshare click-tracking option before you hit "Record" on your video to make sure that your viewers clearly follow your pointer across the screen. Every click you make will be visible to them as you navigate your way through the video. Draw on your video with the available drawing tools to 'draw' attention to some parts of your screen.

Trim video

Trimming your video allows you to give it the air of complete professionalism by editing out long pauses or information that seems unnecessary in hindsight. The trim feature allows you to tailor your videos so that they come across as clearer in conveying the essence of your video to your new employees.

Add CTA to video

A Call-to-Action (CTA) button allows you to direct your viewers to a specific website. While mostly effective for sales and marketing videos, you can use the CTA button in your employee onboarding video to direct the employee watching to a document directly at the end of the video or a page you need to show them as a reference, and a lot more. Jumpshare's CTA button is fully customizable, down to shape, color and text.

Add video thumbnail

Here's a cool and diabolically simple editing feature that makes your video considerably more interesting: a GIF thumbnail. Jumpshare's GIF thumbnails give you a little sneak peek of what the video is going to be about, allowing you to show the best parts of your video to create interest. You can also add a static image of your choosing to the thumbnail if you prefer.

Share onboarding video

Jumpshare offers users quick and secure sharing via link or email along with personalized messages for recipients. Once you hit "Finish" on your recording, it is uploaded within seconds regardless of size, thanks to cloud sharing. A link to the file is copied to your clipboard automatically, ready to be shared. Set link expiration and schedule sharing - it's all up to you.

Comment on videos

With Jumpshare, you can enable or disable public comments on your shared videos. If enabled, those with the link to your video can leave time-stamped comments along with mentions on your videos. You will be notified of a mention or a comment both in-app and via email. Guests can also leave comments without signing up to Jumpshare, promoting faster and more productive communication.

Video analytics

You have complete transparency when it comes to being aware of who has accessed your videos. With video analytics, you will always know who has accessed your video and from where and when. For managers, knowing this allows them to regulate team timings and meeting times.

How to Make an Employee Onboarding Video

Creating an employee onboarding video with Jumpshare is incredibly easy:

1.Launch Jumpshare

Download Jumpshare for free for either Mac or Windows 10. Launch the app from its kangaroo icon.

2.Record Video

Click on the Record Screen button and customize your recording window. Record with webcam, audio, drawing, and click-tracking.

3.Hit Finish

Hit the Finish button to stop recording. The video will get uploaded to your Jumpshare library automatically, ready to be organized and shared.

Make Videos - It’s Free!

Benefits of Making an Employee Onboarding Video

Videos are an excellent way to help new employees understand their roles and responsibilities in the company, as well as explain what the aim and vision of the company are. It's a quick and evergreen method of explaining the expectations of the job at hand.

File Sharing

Easier hand-over

Just show them what's up. Employee onboarding videos are a quick way to help new employees understand their employer's aims and their role in the company.

Explain job descriptions

Your place in the machine. Sometimes it's far more efficient to have pre-recorded video that's part of employee onboarding that covers all their roles and responsibilities in their job description.

Tutorial videos

A permanent step-by-step guide. Sometimes it pays to have tutorial videos showing how to use company-specific software and apps so that new employees can use them as many times as they need to.

More than an Employee Onboarding Video Maker

Jumpshare isn't just the basic video maker that lets you create employee onboarding videos. It is a powerful, multi-functional visual communication platform dedicated to making remote work collaborations less tedious and more effective.

Capture Screenshots

Capture screenshots in pixel-perfect quality with Jumpshare's screenshot tool. Edit, annotate and draw on captured screenshots and local images.

Record Audio

Jumpshare Voice Recorder lets you capture noiseless audio, and allows you to choose between available audio sources and microphone settings.

Compose Notes

Jumpshare's Compose Note feature allows you to note down reminders and create to-do lists, along with coding and markdown snippets.

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