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Jumpshare is a powerful Hippo Video alternative with advanced sharing features.

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In the market for a Hippo Video alternative? If you’re looking at Jumpshare, you’re probably looking for something with a better interface and more reliable sharing features. Jumpshare also offers users a lot more than video tools. To make the decision easier for you, we’ve compiled a comparison list of their features so that you can go through them with ease.

Features Jumpshare
Capture Screenshot
Annotate screenshots
Annotate local images
Upload history
Record videos
Record GIFs
Record audio
Record with click-tracking
Add call-to-action button on video
Embed video
Desktop apps for Windows and Mac
Upload files
Upload folder
200+ file type previews
Drag & drop upload
Compose notes
Advanced shareable links
Advanced link expiration
Schedule sharing
Bookmark websites
Version history
Advanced analytics
Receive files from others

Jumpshare has a built-in recorder

Jumpshare’s undeniable advantage over so many video recording softwares is its desktop app for both Windows and Mac users, and especially its built-in screen recorder. Similarly to Jumpshare, Hippo Video offers customizable video recording and annotation alongwith the click-tracking feature, but it does not have its own desktop app. It does not even have a built-in recorder. All of Hippo Video’s audio and video recording are done through its online extension. Although the extension has customized webcam and quality settings, the added time of opening a browser extension does take away from the spirit of quick communication.

File Sharing

Jumpshare always records in 4K/UltraHD, always giving users an excellent output of their screen and webcam. It also has various webcam modes and lets users choose between audio sources. With the click-tracking feature enabled, viewers will always be able to follow your pointer. Jumpshare’s drawing tools are also succinct and effective. One of the coolest things about the Jumpshare desktop app is that it can merge with your system’s default shortcuts and make recording even faster. Just choose a Hotkey preference and you don’t even need to have the Jumpshare window open to enable the recording feature.

Jumpshare has an intelligent interface

Hippo Video offers all their features on a web app that can get confusing to use for beginners who don’t completely understand the terms and features offered beforehand - such as their sales landing pages. The app also lags at times, and uploading can be buggy and take a while. Hippo Video integrates with the G-Suite and also allows users to add videos to their Gmail. However this option can be a bit buggy as well, reportedly making videos freeze. Their integration with the G-Suite may be designed for easier access, but can often feel intrusive if users don’t require any recording done. On the other hand, there are some user experience discrepancies based on the integration aspect of Gmail with Hippo Video.

Instant Sharing

Jumpshare, on the other hand, has a minimal approach to the aesthetic of their web and desktop apps, where features are laid out and self-explanatory. Jumpshare has an intuitive user interface that was designed systematically for a clear user experience. With Jumpshare you can share many files in quick succession without ever causing any confusion, as the app automatically adds them to a folder to declutter your library. You can Favorite files and search for file names or extensions. Sort through, rename, delete and set files to self-destruct, and locate your inboxes with ease.

Jumpshare also has a large collection of feature-based content online that might help lay out all new features - and where to find them and how to use them - for new users.

Better sharing with Jumpshare

Jumpshare manages to make teams productive by decreasing the number of steps between the creation and sharing of files. Your recording is uploaded to your library within seconds of you hitting “Finish”, and a shareable link is copied to your clipboard before it’s even finished uploading. This link can be shared anywhere on its own, or via email along with a note. The Jumpshare Share box allows you to copy an embed link for the file that you can use to put your recording practically anywhere in the digital realm - on your website or blogs or even documents online - in order to increase engagement.

Hippo Video and Jumpshare both offer the option of adding a CTA (Call-to-Action) button to their uploaded/recorded videos, but with Jumpshare the end output is far more satisfying and visually appealing. The Jumpshare CTA button is fully customizable, from its shape to its color, and appears in the middle of your video screen so as to be more emphatic and effective in directing viewer traffic.

File Sharing

Jumpshare also allows users to password-protect their files and control access to their shared links. Users can specify the number of views and downloads and limit sharing and other access controls as they prefer. With Advanced Analytics, you can see exactly who has accessed your files and from where and when.

Real-time team communication

Unlike Hippo Video, Jumpshare offers teams two dashboards for faster and more legible communications. Team members can switch from their personal dashboard to the team one seamlessly with the click of a button. This keeps their personal files and team files completely separate, while assets shared on the team library can be viewed and accessed by the whole team.

Jumpshare also promotes easier collaboration by letting both users and guests leave time-stamped comments on videos and mention collaborators. This means that you can share videos with clients and non-Jumpshare users and still receive pin-point feedback through the same platform. Users also get notified of comments through their integrated email account. With the Advanced Analytics feature, team managers can set team schedules and assign more informed tasks. With the Version history tool, team members can compare edits on a single image.

Business Dashboard

We weren’t joking when we said that Jumpshare makes teams more productive, we’ve got evidence. We’ve done some serious math on this and calculated that the average Jumpshare user or team member saves up to 50 minutes per day by just using Jumpshare for work communication. That adds up to 16.6 hours per month, which is a huge hurrah for team productivity.

A powerful collaboration platform

Hippo Video is majorly a platform focusing on sales, marketing and support through video-based engagement and traffic. It also allows audio recording and, via G-suite, document viewing. However, Hippo Video’s specialties lie in the realm of digital sales. Jumpshare is about so much more than that. Jumpshare is about promoting faster sharing and better remote communication on a self-sufficient and effective platform. This is why Jumpshare supports a powerful and infinitely versatile file viewer, that is capable of viewing more than 200 different file formats online. You can send a Jumpshare link to virtually anyone, and if they have a browser, they’d be able to view the file in pristine quality.

Jumpshare file viewer

Jumpshare is also much more than a high-quality video and audio recorder. It has a built-in screen capture tool that can take timed and picture-perfect screenshots of your entire desktop or an area of your choosing. You can annotate these screenshots and also edit local images with a wide range of annotation tools. You can compose notes, with markdown passages and coding snippets and upload folders and files to cloud storage.

Jumpshare is economical

Hippo Video has four plans, of which three - Starter, Pro and Growth - are paid. Billed annually, the paid plans cost $15/month, $39/month and $65/user/month respectively. Their Growth plan, advertised as best for teams, comes with custom branding and more space and landing page templates.

Jumpshare’s free plan - Basic - includes the desktop app and mobile iOS app, 2 GB of storage space and a 30-sec limit on video recordings. It has two paid plans. The first is Plus, which is designed especially for professionals and comes with unlimited recording time and advanced sharing controls, along with all major functions and custom branding. Then you have Business, which is perfect for teams and offers more storage and bandwidth. And here’s the moment of truth: when billed annually, the plans cost $9.99/month and $12.50/user/month respectively. That’s a lot more affordable than Hippo Video.

The TL;DR of it all:

Hippo Video is pricier than Jumpshare and helps you a little with sales and marketing. Jumpshare on the other hand not only offers video recording, management, and sharing, but also offers a much better interface along with a wider range of more secure sharing tools, making it the best bet for you and your team at an affordable price.

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