Hide Sensitive Info in Screenshots

Use Jumpshare’s image annotation tools to hide sensitive information in screenshots before sharing them.

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Hide Parts of an Image in Different Ways

We’ve all been there. We’ve taken a screenshot for work and realized that it needs some edits, either to make it clearer or to remove information that needn’t be shared in the workspace. If you’re collaborating with clients, you may need to find a way to do this in a way that seems natural or doesn’t take away attention from what your screenshot is trying to convey.

Within the Jumpshare desktop app’s Annotate Image window, you can hide sensitive or personal information in screenshots in a multitude of ways, switching between each with simple keyboard shortcuts.

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Blur and Pixelate

Apply a smooth blur or pixelation to parts of your screenshot in the annotation window using the Blur and Pixelate tools respectively. Click and drag over the area you want to hide, and the tool will blur your selection smoothly. You can also pixelate parts of your screenshot with the Pixelate tool. Select multiple areas to hide and move the selections around freely.

Crop Screenshots

While the Jumpshare screenshot tool already lets you select what part of your screen you want to capture - which allows for you to leave out any undesired areas - you can always crop your screenshot further in the annotation window. Snip away entire portions of the screenshot with the Crop tool.

Focus on Specific Areas

Draw focus to specific areas within a screenshot without cropping areas out. The Focus Square and Ellipse tools allow you to aesthetically highlight portions of your screenshot, dimming and graying out the rest of the image for more emphasis. You can change the color of the Focus area’s border and choose what line thickness suits your needs.

Draw on Screenshots

Set shared links to expire after a set time. Your intended recipients needn’t have access to shared files or folders indefinitely, even if they are protected with a password. Send them a temporary link that automatically severs access when its time runs out.

Restore a Previous Version

With Jumpshare, you can always go back to the original unedited version of your screenshot if you feel like you’ve made a mistake, or if you want to reveal previously hidden information to your intended recipients. With the Version History feature, every edit made to a screenshot gets saved as a new image, allowing you to go through them all and set one as the current version without breaking the link.

Share Edited Screenshot

You can share edited screenshots with your viewers via link or email, using a wide array of privacy controls. Once you upload a screenshot to your Jumpshare library, a link to it gets copied to your clipboard automatically for instant sharing. You can also copy the screenshot from the Annotate Image window to your clipboard to share it.

How to Hide Personal Info in Screenshots

Hide personal information in screenshots with Jumpshare in a few simple steps:

1.Launch Jumpshare

Download Jumpshare for Mac or Windows and launch the app.

2.Choose an image or take a screenshot

Right-click an image and select the Annotate with Jumpshare option or use the Screenshot tool to capture your screen.

3.Annotate image

Within the Annotate Image window that follows, press B or P to select the Blur or Pixelate tools respectively, then choose the area of your image you want to hide.

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Benefits of Hiding Info in Screenshots

There’s more than one reason why you’d like to hide information in the screenshots you share with others, particularly in professional settings. Apart from simply removing information that you don’t want to share, it can also help you better direct focus toward important areas of an image.

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Redacting Info from Corporate Images

On a strict need-to-know basis. When sharing a scanned corporate document, you may want to quickly blur out any confidential information before you attach the image to your outgoing email.

Protecting your Identity

Stay anonymous. Keep personally identifiable information like your name, IP address, physical address, phone number, or profile photo hidden when sharing screenshots, scanned documents, or receipts.

Focus Areas in Presentations

Draw attention to where it’s needed. Sometimes it’s more about what you want to highlight while sharing images, so you can communicate more effectively through visuals.

More than an App to Edit Screenshots

Jumpshare offers users so much more than screenshot-editing tools - it is a complete virtual communication platform that allows teams to work more efficiently.

Record Video

Record high-quality videos of your screen. Record with your webcam, audio from your microphone as well as your system, and click-tracking. Draw over your screen recording in real-time.

Capture Audio

Record clear, noise-free audio with a choice between the different microphones attached to your system, and play recorded audio at various speeds within Jumpshare’s file viewer.

View 200+ Formats

Jumpshare’s powerful file viewer is capable of displaying over 200 file formats online, including a variety of popular video, audio, image, and document formats.

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