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Free Video Capture Software for Windows 10 & Mac

If you are someone who is well acquainted with current marketing trends, you are sure to be aware of the fact that video content is considered to be one of the most effective marketing techniques to capture your audience. Visual content, like images and videos, are proven to be not only eye-catching but are also known for keeping audiences engaged for longer. Jumpshare provides you with a holistic video capture solution that takes care of all your content creation and management needs. You can capture video from multiple sources and share it with your teammates or audience with the click of a button.

File Sharing

Capture Videos

Recording videos has never been easier. With Jumpshare, you can record any portion of your screen with the help of a quick hotkey or by launching the application. Once you finish recording, it is automatically uploaded to your dashboard and a shareable link is copied onto your clipboard.

Capture From Any Source

The recorded video can be captured from a wide variety of sources. You can choose to demonstrate something via screen recording or you can incorporate webcam video within the recording. This feature enables Jumpshare to rise above being just a screen recording software. With Jumpshare's video capture technology, you can record tutorials, demonstrations, reaction videos and so much more.


The ability to add a call-to-action (CTA) button, directly on top of a video, is nothing short of a dream come true for marketers and salespeople. Jumpshare allows you to incorporate a CTA button on your video, allowing you to redirect your customers to your website, calendar, portfolio, or anywhere else. A video helps capture the attention of your audience while a CTA button enables them to interact with your product, leading to a greater chance of making sales.

Video Analytics

Knowing the public perspective regarding your content is essential if you are geared towards self-improvement. Jumpshare allows you an insight into a viewer's mind by offering detailed video analytics. You can keep track of who has accessed your videos by keeping an eye on the views and downloads.

Timestamped Comments

With timestamped comments, Jumpshare enables you to connect with your audience in real-time. As soon as a viewer comments on your video, you receive a notification via email and notification in your dashboard. Moreover, the timestamp in the comment also enables you to visualize what your audience was seeing when they wrote the comment, enabling you to resolve queries and answer questions in a more effective manner.

Playback Options

Jumpshare allows you to playback your videos at a slower or faster pace, depending on your pace. For instance, you can view a tutorial video at a slower speed to make following through easier, while you might benefit from a faster pace if you're rewatching a video to remind yourself of the gist of it. The speeds range from 0.5x to 2x and can be changed at the mere click of a button.

Annotate Video Recordings

With the help of the drawing tool, you can draw on your screen with different colors to help make your point. Drawing on the screen can help make your point of reference clearer and help your audience engage with you better.

Advanced Sharing Controls

Jumpshare offers several secure and easy methods for sharing your videos. You can share a quick link or just enter the email address of your intended recipient. The links you send can be permanent or temporary links which expire on the basis of a timer you set. Additionally, you can disable downloads for more control. There is also the option to password protect your content for an added layer of security.

How to Capture Video on Windows PC and Mac

Jumpshare offers you an easy and convenient way to not only capture video but also view and track them.

1.Launch Jumpshare

Download Jumpshare for free and launch it on your computer.

2.Capture Video

Click the Record Video option on the top of the Jumpshare window or use hotkeys to capture video in partial or fullscreen.

3.Finish Recording

Hit Finish and the video is automatically uploaded to your library and a shareable link will be copied to your clipboard.

Start Recording - It’s Free!

Benefits of Capturing Videos

The option to share videos digitally is an indispensable asset for a wide array of professions, ranging from marketers to gamers and artists. The option to share your videos allows you to share your content with not only your team, but also your followers, clients, and potential customers.

File Sharing

Effective Marketing Tool

With a CTA button embedded within the video, the screen capture tool in Jumpshare is every marketers dream come true. By using the dynamic drawing tools available within the screen recorder, an effective sales video can be recorded and shared seamlessly via email or a shareable link.

Collaborative Space for Designers

Instead of going back and forth on designs and trying to put your art in words, Jumpshare allows you to show your customers what your vision entails. You can capture a video, that highlights that process with the help of annotations, and your client can leave feedback based on the video, making sure that the end product is a collaborative effort that satisfies both parties.

Learning Platform for Students

Jumpshare's video capture tool allows you an easy way of immortalising your lessons by providing a platform that helps not only record videos but also enables you to annotate your lectures for added clarity. The CTA button can be linked to learning resources that a student can be redirected towards whenever in need of some extra coaching.

More than a Video Capture Software

Jumpshare is more than just a tool to capture and share videos. It is a holistic communication platform that allows you to record, share, manage and analyse all your files to make it easy to work in a team and share your content with your customers.

Capture Screenshot

Jumpshare allows you to capture all or part of your screen with the click of a button. Moreover, you can annotate and edit your screenshots before sharing them.

Share Large Files

Jumpshare allows you to minimise the hassle associated with sharing large files. You can share files quickly and view them in upto 200 formats on the Jumpshare file viewer.

Take Notes

Using Jumpshare's Compose Note option, you can make notes in a variety of formats, ranging from text to code and markdown.

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