Free Screen Recorder Without Watermark

Jumpshare is an easy-to-use free screen recorder software to record your screen, webcam, or both. You can record your screen with audio from your microphone and video from your webcam without any watermark.

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Screen Recorder with No Watermark

It's so difficult these days to get free software that allows you to record your screen without adding a watermark to it. There always seems to be a catch to those that do - either you can just record your screen without any audio, or the quality of the video seems to suffer. We're pleased to tell you that Jumpshare allows you to capture your screen in excellent quality, along with your webcam and audio and a lot of other features.

With Jumpshare you can record your screen with crisp output quality, along with the ability to draw on your video, enable click-tracking, add a CTA to your video, and a whole lot of secure sharing options.

Screenshot Annotation

Record screen without watermark

Record your screen in high quality with Jumpshare's Screen Recorder. You can customize your recording window to crop out unwanted areas and focus on a particular part of your screen or record your full screen with the click of a button. You can also use a shortcut key to record, and the result will be a clear, high-quality recording without a watermark.

Record with audio

Most other screen recorders that let you record without a watermark often let you only record your screen. With Jumpshare you can record your screen with audio, with a choice between audio sources and microphones. Jumpshare also lets you disable audio entirely before recording if you'd prefer to just record your screen.

Record with webcam

Record your webcam in excellent quality with Jumpshare, along with your screen. You can customize your webcam to screen ratio in a variety of sizes or just choose to record your webcam full-screen. Jumpshare lets you record your webcam with ease so that it comes out clean and watermark-free.

Click-tracking and drawing

Create clarity in your recordings by enabling Jumpshare's click-tracking feature before you start recording your video. Click-tracking ensures that your viewers will always be able to follow your pointer on the screen. Highlight important bits of your screen with Jumpshare's in-video drawing tools and make your recording more dynamic to viewers.

Share video via link or email

One of Jumpshare's trademark features is the quick and secure sharing of large (and watermark-free) videos. As soon as you hit Finish on your recording, the video gets uploaded to your Jumpshare library within seconds through cloud sharing, and a link to the file gets copied to your clipboard automatically - ready to be shared immediately. You can also share the recording via email along with a message.

Add CTA button to video

With Jumpshare's effective and fully customizable CTA (Call-to-Action) button, you can create dynamic videos that hook and retain viewers. You can customize the text, shape, and color of your CTA button in order to match your brand identity and make it more appealing.

Embed video recording

Embed your video recording virtually anywhere with Jumpshare, without having a watermark appear on the video. You can embed your video recording anywhere on the web, be it your website, a blog, a presentation, or an online document, and create more interest in your brand or service.

Video-timed comments

Jumpshare ensures fast and efficient feedback through time-stamped comments and mentions on videos so that you are always on the same page as a team, even when collaborating remotely. Jumpshare also allows guests to leave comments without signing up for ease, and all parties involved are notified of comments in real-time both in-app and via email.

View advanced analytics

Jumpshare allows users complete control of their video files via secure sharing features and advanced video analytics. With Jumpshare's advanced analytics feature, you will always know who has accessed your video and from where and when. Users can figure out viewer hotspots of shared video recordings with advanced analytics and manage both time and content accordingly.

How to Record Screen with No Watermark

Creating a video recording with Jumpshare is pretty simple, and rest assured that there won't be any watermark anywhere.

1.Launch Jumpshare

Download Jumpshare for free for Mac or Windows and launch it on your system.

2.Record Video

Click on the Record Screen in Video button, customize your recording window, and other settings before you start recording.

3.Hit Finish

Hit Finish to end your recording and it will get uploaded to your Jumpshare library automatically. A shareable link is copied to your clipboard to be shared directly or via email.

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Benefits of Recording Screen without Watermark

A watermark often gets distracting during a video or ends up taking a little space. Worst case scenario, it may make your video look a little unprofessional. Getting a watermark-free video recording can be used in so many ways.

Screen Recorder with Audio

Sales Videos

Get those customers with style. Create effective sales videos that would help you get better customers and retain their interest in your service (and only your service).

Design Details

The process is key. Sending a design process video to a client needs to be as professional as the final product. Jumpshare lets you record without a watermark in great quality.

Feedback & Review

Show them what needs work. Send watermark-free videos of recorded bugs and essential feedback in detail and make effective changes.

More than a Screen Recorder

Jumpshare is so much more than a screen recording software. It is a complete multi-tiered platform for remote visual communication and collaboration, with a lot of features.

Capture Screenshots

Capture screenshots in excellent quality with a clear output with Jumpshare, and edit them with a large variety of drawing and annotation tools.

Record Audio

Record high-quality audio with Jumpshare with a selection between available audio sources, and playback speeds.

Compose Notes

Use Jumpshare's Compose Note feature in order to create text reminders for yourself, or create and share markdown and coding snippets.

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