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Facecam recorder

Content creators these days are often trying to find the best ways to get their opinions out there to the public in more innovative ways. A facecam makes it easy for your audience to relate to you while you're sharing these opinions. With Jumpshare, you can record your facecam in 4K Ultra High Definition along with a multitude of other features.

Jumpshare is a visual communication software that helps you record your facecam in great quality and also share it with immense ease. With features like a smart CTA button, in-video drawing, and video embedding, it has everything you need to record your facecam effectively.

File Sharing

Record facecam in high quality

Record your facecam in Ultra HD/4K quality with the Jumpshare Screen Recorder. You can record your screen and your webcam together, with varying overlay sizes and shapes. You can record your facecam full-screen with the click of a button, and choose between different webcam and video sources. Customize your recording window and hit Record.

Record facecam with audio

Record your facecam with high-quality audio and with a choice between all available audio sources and microphones. Record yourself onscreen in crisp voice quality and make sure your viewers hang on to every single word you speak. With Jumpshare, you can enable or disable audio with your facecam recording as you see fit.

Click-tracking and drawing

With Jumpshare you can use click-tracking to make sure your users follow your mouse pointer or disable the option entirely for your recording. With in-video drawing tools, you can draw on your screen during recording to highlight points and explain yourself better, or simply to add more flair to your video.

Share recording via the link

Jumpshare prides itself on its quick upload and sharing via the cloud. The second you hit Finish on your facecam recording, it gets uploaded to your Jumpshare Library immediately. A link to the video is copied to your clipboard automatically, ready to be shared directly or via email. You can set sharing permissions on links to limit downloads or views if you prefer.

Add CTA on recording

Add a fully customizable Call-to-Action, or CTA, button to your recorded facecam video to direct viewers and customer traffic to your blog, your website, or your online shop - it's all up to you. Change your CTA button's form, color, and text to align with your brand or personal preferences and aesthetics.

Embed facecam recording

With Jumpshare's video embed feature that's available to users in the Share box, you can embed your facecam anywhere on the internet. You can put it on your blog, you can add it to your website, or a presentation - anywhere online. Copy the embed code with a click and paste it where you want it and catch the attention of people visiting your website.

Comment on recorded face cams

Jumpshare lets users and guests leave video-timed comments on shared recordings and communicate better through mentions and real-time notifications. Time-stamps ensure that you both give and receive pinpoint and direct feedback on your facecam videos. Allowing guests to leave comments without signing up allows you a wider audience range. Users can also disable comments entirely if they prefer.

Advanced Analytics

It's always pretty cool to be able to find out who has viewed your video and when and from where and with Jumpshare's Advanced Analytics feature, you can do just that. You have complete control and access of who has been viewing your facecam videos, allowing a map that shows you geographically where most of the views were from.

View any format online

Jumpshare's powerful file viewer can view up to 200 and more different file formats online, including almost all video formats. This means that you can rest assured that your video will be viewed online no matter what its extension says without any compatibility issues on the other end. Jumpshare plays your recorded videos online in excellent quality with a clear, defined output.

How to Record Facecam

Recording your facecam with Jumpshare is really simple - you just need to follow three simple steps:

1.Launch Jumpshare

Simply download Jumpshare for free for either Mac or Windows 10 desktop.

2.Record Facecam

Click on the Record Screen in Video button and switch to fullscreen facecam, then customize the size of your recording window and click Record.

3.Hit Finish

Hit Finish to stop recording and your video will get uploaded to your Jumpshare library within seconds. A shareable link is copied to your clipboard automatically.

Start Recording - It’s Free!

Benefits of Recording your Facecam

Studies show that people react to videos a lot better if there is a human element evident in them - this is why so many influencers who blog about their lives or share their opinions have large followings. They're relatable and easy to connect with.

File Sharing

Sales Videos

Hook 'em quickly. Get more engagement and retain customers better by using your own voice to explain what your brand or service can offer them.

Online Lectures

Teach and present with style. Remove the stigma behind online learning by creating dynamic video lectures and using your facecam to connect better with your students.

Reaction Videos

Your face says it all. Reaction videos are some of the most-watched videos on the internet because of how entertaining they are. Plus it's pretty fun to see if people reacted to scenes or trends the way you did.

More than a Facecam Recorder

Jumpshare is so much more than a facecam recorder or video recording software. It is a complete, holistic, and innovative visual communication platform that allows teams to communicate professionally and effectively remotely.

Capture Screenshots

Capture screenshots in pixel-perfect quality. Crop out areas of your screen before you capture it or go full screen with the click of a button. Annotate and edit captured screenshots.

Record Audio

Record audio in crisp sound quality with the Audio Recorder. Choose between audio sources and customize your microphone settings before recording.

Compose Notes

Make notes to create lists or reminders for yourself with the Compose Note feature. Share markdown and coding snippets with your team.

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