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Video is the most powerful tool in a content creator's arsenal. While a picture can say a thousand words, a video can depict an armada of emotions in a few meaningful clips. While anyone can record a video, editing is where the real magic happens. However, an editing job is easier said than done. A seamlessly edited video requires multiple softwares, tools, and endless tutorials. Thankfully, Jumpshare makes editing so much easier by handing you everything you need to edit your video smoothly.

Jumpshare is a one-stop video editing solution that takes care of all your video editing needs. There are several editing tools available within Jumpshare, which means that you do not have to keep switching apps to edit your video. You can trim your video, incorporate a CTA button, and add an engaging thumbnail to make sure that your video is a hit with your audience.

Video Trim

Trim video footage

You can trim your videos to create a more coherent stream of thought and provide some clarity to your videos. You can leave out unnecessary footage and create the perfect video that relays your message perfectly to your audience, keeping them informed and engaged.

Trim videos of all formats

An online file viewer is one of the most useful but underrated features of an app. You can upload a video in any popular video format and it is sure to be compatible with Jumpshare. You can view, edit and trim up to 20 formats with Jumpshare, which enables you to focus on your work without having to worry about downloading different software for different video formats.

Add customizable thumbnail

A striking thumbnail is the best way to pique interest in your video and get more clicks than your average video. Jumpshare enables you to add eye-catching thumbnails to your video, helping you to stand out from the crowd. You can choose between a static or a GIF thumbnail, based on your preferences.

Install a call-to-action button

A call to action button is an invaluable tool that allows you to capitalize on your active audience and divert them to other resources. You can add a fully customizable CTA button to your video and use it to redirect your audience to other related resources, like your website, your blog, or a shop. Jumpshare lets you edit the size shape and text of the CTA button to ensure that it aligns with your content.

Join videos seamlessly

Trim and join videos together in just a few clicks. Jumpshare's editing tools are incredibly easy to use and can seamlessly trim and join videos without the hassle of downloading extra apps. Using the Trim feature, you can cut and join videos easily, while making sure that the audio and video remain in sync.

View version history

Track all the changes you have made in your content via the version history. You can not only track changes, but you can also restore your video to an older version with just a few clicks. This tool comes especially in handy when editing videos as you can undo any mistake without having to say goodbye to your invaluable data.

View advanced analytics

Get an educated insight into your audience by making use of advanced analytics. With the analytics tool, you can find out who viewed your video, their geographic location, and the time they accessed your video. All of these indicators can help you create a customer profile, helping you to reach your target demographic in a more effective manner.

Personalized sharing controls

The second you are done recording, your video is uploaded to your Jumpshare library and a shareable link is copied onto your clipboard to facilitate sharing. You can share by copying the link, or via email by selecting a recipient and typing out a message. But that's not all. Jumpshare allows you complete control over all your data. You can password protect your files, set up a self-destruct timer, or disable downloads based on your personal preferences.

Embed across platforms

Instead of having to create multiple videos for different platforms, you can use the embed feature in Jumpshare and repurpose your video across different channels. Your edited video can be embedded across several platforms via Jumpshare. You can embed your recording to your blog, your website, or across social media platforms.

How to Edit Videos Online

With Jumpshare you can edit your videos online in no time. All you have to do is follow these three simple steps:

1.Create an account

Sign up for free for an account with Jumpshare.

2.Upload Video

Upload a video directly to your Jumpshare library and then view it.

3.Edit Video

Make your way to the Video Editing toolbox in the sidebar and edit your video.

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Benefits of Editing Videos

Regardless of your profession, video is a powerful tool to communicate your thoughts. From marketers to teachers, everyone can benefit from a user-friendly video editor like Jumpshare.

File Sharing

Record meeting minutes

Keep track of progress by recording team meetings. Recording meetings can be especially beneficial if you ever want to refer back to a certain topic. They can also be used to update people who were absent, ensuring that everyone remains in the loop. You can trim out unnecessary banter to keep your recording directed and focused.

Create gripping promotional content

You can create striking promotional content using video recording and editing tools. Add an eye-catching thumbnail to make sure that your video catches the attention of your audience.

Edit wedding videos

Capture your favorite memories in a seamless video that is sure to stay with you forever. You can trim your raw footage to get rid of bloopers and create the perfect video you are sure to cherish for all your life.

More than a Video Editor

Jumpshare does more than just edit your videos. It is a multi-faceted communication platform that provides you with tools to make remote collaboration a reality.

Record Screen

You can record your screen without compromising on quality. You can capture your screen, blur, add text, and so much more in just a few clicks.

Take Screenshots

Take screenshots of all or a selected portion of your screen in pixel-perfect quality. You can edit your screenshots by using multiple annotation tools like crop, add text, etc.

Share Files

Share multiple large files in just a few seconds. The powerful file viewer supports over 200 formats, allowing you to view all your files without having to download them.

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