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Best Free Cloud Storage for Photos

Since the entire world has gone digital in such a short span of time, our biggest issues these days come with storage. Gone are the days of the humble DVDs - almost everything goes to the cloud now, including our photos and digital images. Saving photos to the cloud, be they precious memories or important work images, makes them convenient to access from any device. Jumpshare gives users an excellent platform to store and share photos via the cloud.

Jumpshare gives users complete control of their files, with added security and sharing features. Users have the ability to organize their photos online and edit them if they wish, along with a multitude of other options.

Magical Integration

Secure cloud storage

Jumpshare allows users the ability to save photos to the cloud with additional security. You can lock files with a password and even schedule them to self-destruct at a later time. You can make sure your photos remain secure and available to you on whichever device you intend on using.

Drag & drop upload

Adding your photos to your Jumpshare library is immensely simple. All you have to do is drag your files to the library window and drop them there. They will upload within seconds regardless of size, thanks to cloud sharing. You can also upload folders of photos consecutively, without causing any confusion in your library owing to Jumpshare's user-friendly interface.

Vast storage space

Jumpshare gives users free storage space of 2 GB which they can freely utilize for saving any kind of images and photos up to a 250 MB upload limit. Upon upgrade, you get a storage space of 2 TB with unlimited file uploads.

View all image formats

Jumpshare has an infinitely powerful file-viewer that can view up to 200 file formats online, including almost all image formats. This means that you can always view your stored photos on the go, no matter where you are. Once shared, you can rest assured that your recipients will also be able to view them online without any compatibility issues.

Organize photos in the cloud

With Jumpshare's seamless user interface you can organize your photos clearly in your library without losing or misplacing any. You can rename them for ease, and move them from folder to folder without any trouble. Search for your photos by name or file extension if you want to find something quickly, or delete/restore them if required.

Photo analytics

Jumpshare offers users a really cool advanced analytics tool that you can use to ensure your photos' security or viewership. With the advanced analytics tool, you will always be aware of who has accessed your photos, along with the time, date, and location of access. You have complete autonomy of your shared photos and who gets to view them with Jumpshare.

Annotate photos

With Jumpshare you can annotate your local images and screenshots before storing them in the cloud. The annotation window gives you a multitude of drawing and editing tools that you can use to highlight parts of your image for clarity or add text and arrows to a particular part of the image to add emphasis. Highlight, blur, draw and crop with complete ease.

Version history

Jumpshare's version history feature gives you an overview of all the changes made to your stored photos. You can go back to a previous iteration and restore it to the original with the mere click of a button. Since the changes are made in real-time on the cloud, the version will be updated everywhere the link has been shared.

Share and comment on photos

Share your photos saved to the cloud with Jumpshare via link or email, according to your preference. You can schedule sharing and set an advanced link expiration on your shared photos. Jumpshare allows guest comments, which means that your recipients can view your photos without signing up. Comment on shared photos with mentions and all parties will get notified both in-app and through email.

How to Store Photos to Cloud

Storing photos to the cloud with Jumpshare is pretty easy - there are just three major steps to take:

1.Head to Jumpshare

Download Jumpshare for free for Mac or Windows and launch it on your system.

2.Drag & drop to upload

Click on the Upload button or drag and drop your photos/photo folder onto your Jumpshare library.

3.Organize photos

Rename, move and copy photos, or create folders to organize them.

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Benefits of Storing Photos in the Cloud

Storing photos on the cloud helps you keep them safe at all times. The best part is that you can't lose them and they'll always be available to you on any device you use.

File Sharing

Inventory Images

A visual inventory of events. Project managers can save screenshots and work images for an efficient overview of how a project has been progressing across a span of time.

Wedding photos

Keep these memories forever. Wedding photos can be saved to the cloud so that they are immortalized and can be viewed at any later time.

Photo Backups

Save them all for later. Save all miscellaneous but important images to the cloud for safe-keeping so that they don't take up space on your device, but are always there when you need them.

More than Cloud Storage for Photos

Jumpshare is so much more than a cloud storage service for photos. It is an intricate visual communication platform tailored to remote work life.

Record Video

Capture screenshots in excellent quality with a clear output with Jumpshare, and edit them with a large variety of drawing and annotation tools.

Capture Screenshots

Record high-quality audio with Jumpshare with a selection between available audio sources, and playback speeds.

Record Audio

Use Jumpshare's Compose Note feature to create text reminders for yourself, or create and share markdown and coding snippets.

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