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Video capture from website

You know when you're browsing through a website and you really need to get people to see exactly what's happening on your screen so that they understand your point of view? These are times when you want to capture a video of your screen so that you can show them presicely what you're seeing - and Jumpshare lets you do just that.

With Jumpshare, you not only get to capture your screen, but you can make yourself clearer by recording with both your audio and webcam. Other than that, Jumpshare offers you many other features based around video capture and sharing that help you communicate better remotely.

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Capture video

Capture videos with the Jumpshare Screen Recorder in Ultra high definition and 4K video quality with a variety of options. One of Jumpshare's coolest features is that it integrates with your system's shortcuts, letting you capture your screen even faster. Then simply customize your recording window by cropping out parts of the screen you don't want in the video, and start video capture.

Capture video via webcam

Capturing your webcam along with your screen lets you explain your train of thought to your viewers so that they don't miss what's important. Jumpshare lets you capture your webcam, allowing you to customize the screen to webcam ratio of your recording window, as you see fit. You can capture your webcam in fullscreen as well.

Capture video with audio

Jumpshare allows you to capture both video and audio simultaneously in excellent quality. You can have a crisp voice-over behind your video to better explain what's going on-screen to your viewers. Choose between all available microphones and select one that best suits your preferences.

Click-tracking and drawing

With Jumpshare's video capture tool, you get a lot of in-video annotation features, such as the ability to draw on-screen and enable the click-tracking feature. With the click-tracking tool, you can ensure that your viewers always follow your train of thought and hang on to every click you make. You can use the drawing tools to highlight parts of your screen to add emphasis to them.


Adding a CTA, or a Call-to-Action button gives you the added benefit of directing traffic directly to your webpage or specific blog post. Once you've captured a video from a particular website, you can use the Jumpshare CTA button to direct their attention to other websites of your choice. The Jumpshare CTA button is fully customizable, allowing you to change its shape, color, and text as you prefer.

Share video via link

The second you hit Finish on your recording, your captured video will upload to your Jumpshare library within seconds, regardless of size or quality, thanks to cloud sharing. Additionally, a link will be automatically copied to your clipboard, ready to be shared. You can share your captured video via the link or through email, along with a note for your recipients.

Embed video

Jumpshare lets you embed your video virtually anywhere - on online documents, to your blog, to your website, on to online presentations, you name it. Just copy the embed code and paste it where you want your video to appear and generate better viewership and traffic.

Comment on video

Get pin-point feedback on your shared video captures through Jumpshare's video-timed comments feature. A cool thing about Jumpshare is that it allows guests to leave comments without needing them to sign up. This means that you can receive more open feedback from a wider, more inclusive audience.

Video Controls

Jumpshare gives users complete control of their captured videos, allowing them to move, copy or rename the videos as necessary. Users can also set a scheduled self-destruct on the videos or limit views and downloads. With Video Analytics, users will always know who has accessed their videos and from where and when.

How to Capture Video from Website

Jumpshare is exceptionally simple to use, letting users capture videos from websites in a few simple steps.

1.Launch Jumpshare

Download Jumpshare for free for Mac or Windows 10, and launch it from its kangaroo icon.

2.Capture Video

Click on the "Record Screen in Video" button and customize your recording window, along with microphone and webcam settings, and then hit Record.

3.Hit Finish

Click on the Finish button to stop recording. The video will upload to your Jumpshare library automatically and a link with be copied to your clipboard for sharing.

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Benefits of Capturing Video from Website

Being able to capture a video quickly from a particular website you're browsing through means getting your intended viewers to see exactly what you're seeing. Using a visual tool helps you communicate your thoughts more clearly to your viewers.

File Sharing

Bug reviews

Make the issue visible. Use the click-tracking tool during video capture so that your viewers can understand what the issue exactly is and act accordingly.

Feedback videos

Tell them what works. Capture video with webcam and draw on them to explain what works in your own voice, along with annotations for both emphasis and clarity.

Video tutorials

Show them how it's done. Sometimes it's just easier to capture a video of you showing your viewers how to do things step-by-step. Click-tracking ensures that they always follow your pointer across the screen.

More than an app to capture videos

Jumpshare is a lot more than your run-of-the-mill video capture software - it is an all-in-one visual communication platform designed for the efficacy of remote collaborations.

Capture screenshots

Take pixel-perfect screenshots of your screen with Jumpshare. Edit and annotate them as required with a wide range of drawing tools.

Record audio

Jumpshare lets you record clear and noiseless audio, with excellent output. You can choose between available microphones and other audio sources.

Compose notes

Create notes to make reminders and to-do lists for better organization with this handy Jumpshare feature. You can also create and share coding and markdown snippets.

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