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Getting better sales these days is all about catching your audience's attention quickly, and then holding it. Video marketing has been in vogue recently because of how dynamic it is as a sales and marketing strategy. Jumpshare serves as a clean and effective sales video maker for better video pitches.

With Jumpshare you can record high-quality sales videos with your webcam and add a customizable CTA button to get more clicks and viewership. Jumpshare offers you a wide range of sharing controls and many other video features.

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Record high-quality video

Jumpshare lets you record clear video in 4K/Ultra HD quality with a pristine output. Users have the choice to customize their recording window to frame the parts of their screen that seem the most important and keep their videos clear and precise. Record your pitch in excellent quality and make sure that you keep your viewers hooked.

Record video with audio

You can record your screen and create a sales video with excellent audio, along with a choice between all available audio and microphone sources. Simply scroll through the options and find the option you most prefer. Use your voice to make your video more interesting and create rapport with your viewers.

Record sales video with webcam

Record yourself through your webcam with Jumpshare in order to add a more personal touch to your sales video. It's a fact that sales videos that feature a person explaining the product or service are watched with more interest and have higher viewership than those that don't. With Jumpshare you can pick between your preferred webcam, and select its size and placement relative to your screen.

Drawing and click-tracking

Jumpshare ensures that your viewers can always follow your mouse pointer for legibility through click-tracking. When you're recording your screen, the mouse pointer acts like your train of thought so highlighting it allows your viewers to follow you with ease. Jumpshare allows users to draw on screen during video recording in order to emphasize important points and make the video more visually attractive.

Generate sales leads

Something that can really secure a great lead in a sales video is a smart and attractive CTA (Call-to-Action) button. Jumpshare allows you to add a fully customizable CTA button to your video that is in line with the aesthetic of your sales video and also your brand image. You can customize the shape, color, and text of your CTA and direct viewers to your website immediately.

Embed sales video anywhere

Embed your video virtually anywhere with Jumpshare and retain more customers through interactive video marketing. Jumpshare's embedded links can be used anywhere - on online documents, presentations, or on your website. Use video embedding to create more interest in your website or online article.

Share sales video via email & link

Sharing is a particular Jumpshare specialty. The second you hit Finish on your sales video recording, it gets uploaded within seconds regardless of size, thanks to cloud sharing. A share-ready link is copied to your clipboard immediately so that you start sharing it instantly. You can share the video via the link or through email along with a curated note for recipients.

Reply to guest comments

Jumpshare gives users the ability to leave time-stamped comments on videos and get pinpoint feedback on their sales video, or ask for more details. The best part is that guests can leave comments on videos without the need to sign up for Jumpshare, which means you get a wider range of interactions. Get notified of comments in-app and through email so that you can respond to them as quickly as possible.

Advanced analytics

Jumpshare offers users advanced video analytics to aid them in understanding how their sales video is faring in terms of viewership. You will always know who has accessed your video and from where and when so that you can understand where your viewers are mostly located and create content for your sales video accordingly. You always have complete control of your sales video recording.

How to Make Sales Videos

Making a sales video with Jumpshare is incredibly simple but effective. It just takes three steps:

1.Launch Jumpshare

Download Jumpshare for Mac or Windows for free and launch it.

2.Record sales video

Click on the Record Screen in Video button, customize your recording window and other controls. Hit Finish when you're done.

3.Add CTA & share sales video

The video will be uploaded within seconds of you hitting Finish. Then add a CTA to your video and share it via link or email.

Record Sales Video - It’s Free!

Benefits of Making Sales Videos

These days it's all about getting people's attention quickly, which is where video comes in. Video helps sales and marketing in many ways in the modern age.

Benefits of Hosting Videos Online

Branding Videos

Make your brand memorable. Videos connect a lot better with your target audience, so make your brand known through a small but catchy video.

Customer Engagement

Hook, line, and sinker. Engage your viewers with a clever sales pitch, and use a CTA to make sure you retain their interest in your product or service.

Sales & Marketing Managers

Get your brand out there. Sales videos and their viewership and analytics can help sales and marketing managers figure out what about their pitch needs more flair and make it better.

More than a Sales Video Maker

Jumpshare is more than a sales video maker. It is a holistic all-in-one communication platform that was designed for remote professionals.

Capture Screenshots

Capture screenshots of a part of your screen or your full-screen in excellent quality with Jumpshare. Draw, edit and annotate your screenshots before sharing.

Record Podcasts

Jumpshare has a great audio and voice recorder, perfect for recording high-quality podcasts to share online. You can start recording within seconds with a choice between audio sources.

Share large files

Share large files within seconds, regardless of size or file format. Jumpshare shares large files quickly via cloud and its powerful file-viewer can view more than 200 formats online.

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Record Sales Video - It’s Free!