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Jumpshare is a Bombbomb alternative with more video tools and better recording and streaming.

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Looking for a Bombbomb alternative? You’re definitely in the right place. If you’re thinking of switching from Bombbomb to Jumpshare, you’re probably looking for something that provides you with more tools and clearer recording. Read ahead to find out more about why Jumpshare is a better alternative to Bombbomb. We’ve also added a table to compare their features to make it easier for you.

Features Jumpshare
Capture Screenshot
Annotate screenshots
Annotate local images
Upload history
Record videos
Record GIFs
Record audio
Record with click-tracking
Add call-to-action button on video
Embed video
Upload files
Upload folder
200+ file type previews
Drag & drop upload
Compose notes
Advanced shareable links
Advanced link expiration
Schedule sharing
Bookmark websites
Version history
Advanced analytics
Receive files from others

Jumpshare records with clarity

Let’s talk about similarities first. Both Bombbomb and Jumpshare allow users to record their screens or their webcams and share videos along with a Call-to-Action (CTA) button, via either link or email. That’s all of the similarities, seeing as Jumpshare offers users much more than video recording. However, if you consider recording tools and quality, Jumpshare provides you with a far richer experience.

File Sharing

Jumpshare records in pristine 4K/UltraHD quality and offers a more flexible and multifaceted recording experience. Unlike Bombbomb, which only allows users to either capture their screen or their webcam, with Jumpshare you can record both your screen and your webcam simultaneously. Jumpshare also lets you shift between webcam modes and choose between camera and audio sources. Furthermore, Jumpshare users can annotate their recordings in order to highlight important points. With the click-tracking feature, you can make sure your viewers follow your pointer and every click you make.

Bombbomb offers an in-video CTA button but it’s not customizable. Jumpshare lets users customize their CTA button by changing their shape, color and text. The button also appears in the middle of the screen for better impact unlike the blue bottom banner in Bombbomb.

Secure & faster sharing with Jumpshare

Bombbomb is majorly for sales and marketing, allowing you to record videos for emails or share them via link. It integrates with CRM-based software and Gmail, letting you record and send videos through your Gmail. However sharing options are limited to those of its integrations. Basically you can schedule sharing because you can schedule emails or send in bulk.

File Sharing

With Jumpshare you get a lot more advanced and secure sharing tools. You can schedule files and set links to expire after a set number of views or days. You can password-protect your files and limit access and number of downloads. Jumpshare requires no integrations for sharing via email, and shares faster than Bombbomb. When recording with Jumpshare, the video uploads to your Jumpshare library instantly regardless of its size and the link is copied to your clipboard automatically, ready to be shared. The recording can be shared via link or through email, along with a personalized note for its recipients. Jumpshare also lets users embed their recordings onto their websites, blogs and online documents in order to create interest and generate traffic. Along with the impactful CTA button, you can direct user traffic with ease.

A more user-friendly interface

Jumpshare users deal with an adaptive and aesthetic interface which provides a rich and clear user experience. Jumpshare’s desktop and web apps, along with their mobile app, work in tandem to offer users a holistic sharing platform. One of the biggest pros of using Jumpshare is its desktop app - available for both Mac and Windows users - as it can run independent of any browsers and can integrate with your system’s shortcuts to make sharing even quicker.

Bombbomb’s desktop app only serves as a screen recorder, and its major workings are done through its browser app. On the other hand, Bombbomb’s Gmail integration might get confusing and intrusive for users, especially if they use it with their main account. Their web dashboard is specific to their integrations, Gmail and created videos, and they mainly offer a Google Chrome extension for recording.

Folder Viewer

Jumpshare has a cleaner dashboard and seamless organization, allowing users to share files back to back without losing track of them. Jumpshare gives users complete control of their shared files, letting them rename, delete and schedule a self-destruct if they choose to. They have a better file viewer and advanced sharing controls, made accessible and visually appealing.

Jumpshare makes your team better

Jumpshare was designed for faster and more productive remote work and online collaborations. With advanced analytics, team managers can schedule tasks to team members based on when the shared files were accessed and from where. Users can also access past versions of shared files in order to compare notes and feedback.

Jumpshare also allows users - and even guests - to leave comments on shared videos. Team members can mention each other and leave time-stamped comments to provide specific and pin-point feedback. With Bombbomb, guests can like shared videos, and share them forward on social media, but they cannot leave comments.

Business Dashboard

We’ve also done the math on team productivity with Jumpshare. By our calculations, you can save up to 16.6 hours every month simply by using Jumpshare for remote work communications. That’s 50 minutes of saved time and effort per day.

More than video & screen recording

The best thing about Jumpshare is how adaptive and self-sufficient it is as a sharing platform, providing users with so much more than a video recorder. Bombbomb offers a straight-forward sales platform through video email, while Jumpshare is an entire communication platform that lets users take screenshots in the highest quality with a large collection of annotation options and editing tools, along with many other features. As a video recorder, Jumpshare is clearer, allows annotation during the recording and comes with a click-tracking feature.

Jumpshare file viewer

Jumpshare users can take timed screenshots, record succinct audio and voice notes, and compose notes - all on a single platform. You can also upload files of any kind, and view more than 200 file formats online.

Jumpshare is more value for money

Here’s another small similarity between Jumpshare and Bombbomb - they both offer 14-day trial versions for their paid plans. Here’s a big difference: Jumpshare has a free plan. Jumpshare’s Basic plan is completely free, allowing users video recording with a 30-sec limit, high-quality screen capture and annotation tools, and 2 GB of storage space.

Bombbomb has three plans - Essentials, Plus and Enterprise - of which the former two are most accessible to the public. Bombbomb Essentials and Plus plans cost $29/month and $49/month respectively, and the Enterprise plan offers custom solutions for teams with more than five members.

Instant Sharing

Alternatively, Jumpshare’s paid plans - Plus and Business - when billed annually, cost $9.99/month and $12.50/user/month respectively, which is a lot more affordable when compared to Bombbomb, especially with all the other tools that Jumpshare offers along with unlimited recording and increased storage and bandwidth.

In conclusion:

Unlike Bombbomb’s video tools, which are designed specifically for video sharing from a sales and marketing standpoint, Jumpshare is a better and complete visual sharing platform, tailor-made to reduce the confusion and perceived difficulties in remote collaboration, and allowing your company to be far more accessible to clients and the general public. Even better - it’s free. Jumpshare records clearer and quicker, and is more adaptive and accessible than Bombbomb where value for money is concerned.

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