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What is Jumpshare?

Jumpshare is a video messaging, screenshot capture, and visual communication platform that lets you capture and share screen recordings, screenshots, and other visual assets and share them instantly using a link. It is designed to improve visual communication and collaboration for professionals in the workplace so they can be more productive.

How is Jumpshare different from other softwares?

Most softwares are build using Electron which is very CPU and RAM resource intensive and can slow down your system. In contrast, Jumpshare has been designed and build using completely native technology, making it lightweight, fast, and seamless. On top of that, Jumpshare offers you a complete visual communication platform so you don’t have to switch between multiple apps to get your work done.

What can I do with Jumpshare?

You can share files with anyone and view those files online. Files shared using Jumpshare come with the added advantage of being viewable in any modern web browser by the recipient, regardless if they have a Jumpshare account or not. This means you aren’t just sending a download link to a friend or colleague; you’re sending them a link where they can actually view your file. After that, it’s up to you how you use the service and its features.

Many Jumpshare users say they use the service to get quick feedback on a document or an image. For others, it’s a great way to share photos and videos that haven’t been compressed to the point that their quality is compromised. Designers love our output PSDs, AIs, and PDFs and say it makes sharing work with clients easier and less of a hassle.

Do I have to sign up for an account to use Jumpshare?

An account is needed if you want to share files with Jumpshare, but you don’t need one to see files shared by others. Signing up is free, and offers many advantages. You can keep track of the files you’ve shared and find them again easily. Once you’ve created a folder, you can update it any time with more files and sub-folders; the link you’ve shared will still work. You also get 2GB storage and if you want more storage space, Jumpshare Plus gives you 1TB space and a host of powerful sharing features.

Where do I sign up?

You can sign up here on our homepage. Just enter your full name, email, a password, and click the big blue ‘Start sharing - it’s free!’ button. It’s that easy!

I’m in! Now what?

Click the ‘Upload’ button in left sidebar to begin sharing your files. If you upload a single file, it is shown directly in your My Uploads dashboard. When you upload multiple files in one go, they are placed inside a new folder. Any file you upload can be viewed online and you can share a direct link to a file or a specific sub-folder if you don’t feel like sharing an entire folder.

With Jumpshare you don’t have to wait for the files to finish uploading either; you can share the link, and your recipient will be able to view the files as soon as they’ve uploaded on your side.

How does the 'Copy Link' button work?

When you click the 'Copy Link' button, we automatically copy the link to the currently shown file or folder to your clipboard. You can then paste it anywhere for sharing. The button works even if your files are still uploading!

How do I view files online?

Click any file and it will open inside your browser. You can view over 200 formats online with Jumpshare. We also have a special file viewer for eBooks and documents that makes for a better reading experience. When you view a file, other files in the same folder appear below it in a filmstrip.

What are Favorites for?

Favorites are your most important files, which you wish to access quickly at all times.

Right click on any file or folder, and use the ‘Favorite’ option. The item will have a nice, pretty gold star added next to its name. You can later access it from the Favorites tab.

How can I print a document?

It’s easy! Open the document on Jumpshare; you will see a blue document controls bar near the bottom of the file viewer. Click on the printer icon and follow on-screen instructions to print your document.

How do I view a file in full-screen?

You can view documents in full-screen mode by clicking on the full screen icon on the document controls bar at the bottom of the file viewer. This will open images in their native resolution, without any compression.

How do I merge items?

You can merge two or more items into a new folder. Hover over a file to see a selection box. Click on it to select the items you want to merge, and a Merge button will appear in the header. Click it and enter a name for the new folder. Items that you merged will be moved to this new folder.

How do I rename a folder?

You can rename a folder from the My Uploads page or from inside the folder itself. To rename a folder from the My Uploads page, click on the cog wheel icon when hovering over a folder, and select ‘Rename’. You can also click on the pencil icon on a folder to rename it. Lastly, when you are inside a folder, you can click on its name in the header to rename it.

How do I rename an item inside a folder?

To rename an item, click on the cog wheel icon when you hover over it, and select ‘Rename’. You can also click on the pencil icon near the item’s name to rename it directly. Lastly, you can also rename a file from within the file viewer by clicking on its name in the header.

How do I copy/move files to a different folder?

Select the items you want to copy/move (a selection box appears over each item when you hover the cursor over it). With the items selected, the Copy/Move button appears in the header. You can copy/move the selected items to any folder. If you’ve shared a link to the files you moved, that link will continue to work.

How do I delete multiple items inside a folder?

Go inside a folder and select the items you want to delete. A selection box appears over each item when you hover the cursor over it. Once the items are selected, a Delete button will appear in the header. Click it to delete the selected items. If you delete an item, it is gone forever and anyone you shared it with will lose access to it.

Is there a way to sort files inside a folder?

Yes! Once you are inside a folder, you can click on the sorting icon near the top-right corner to select a sorting method. You can sort items by type, date uploaded, name, and size. You will also see the rearrange option here, which allows you to sort files manually.

How do I share a single file?

Click the cog wheel icon on a file’s thumbnail and select either one of the ‘Copy Link’ or ‘Share’ options. Alternatively, you can open a file in the file viewer and click either the ‘Copy Link’ or ‘Share’ button. If you click the Share button, the share box will open giving you options to email the file. If you want to share the file via a link, click ‘Copy Link’ to get the link to the specific file.

How can I replace a file without breaking the share link?

Jumpshare allows you to replace your file with a new one without breaking the share link. To replace a file, upload the same file with the same name and file extension and a popup will appear asking what action you would like to perform. It will give you three choices - Replace, Duplicate, and Cancel. Click Replace and it will upload the file and replace the existing version with the new version.

How do I share the direct link to my files?

You can share the direct link to images and PDF files by adding a ‘+’ at the end of the shareable link.

How will I know when someone’s shared files with me?

You will receive an email from Jumpshare. If you have disabled emails from Settings, the Activity tab in the left sidebar will tell you when a new files has been shared with you via Jumpshare. You can visit your Activity page to view all your notifications.

How do I share files with someone who does not have a Jumpshare account?

You can share files with anyone regardless if they have a Jumpshare account or not. Files can be shared via email or you can use the Copy Link option to share files, and folders using a link. Your recipient will be able to view the files online and download them without needing to sign up for a Jumpshare account.

How long will my files stay online if I am inactive?

If you’re on the Plus or Business plan, your files stay online forever, no matter how long you’ve been inactive. However, if you’re on the Basic Free plan, your files will be deleted after 12 months of inactivity. We will send you an email after 11 months of inactivity and give you an opportunity to log into your account to keep it active.

How many folders can I make?

You can make as many folders as you like. Just remember you have 2GB storage space. To get 1TB (1,000GB storage), upgrade to Jumpshare Plus.

To create a new empty folder, head back to My Uploads page and click the drop down near the 'Upload' button. Click on ‘New Folder’ to create it. You can then click to go inside it to add files to it.

When you upload multiple files in one go, a new folder is created automatically to make it easier for you to share it.

You can also make a folder within a folder. When inside a folder, click on the dropdown near ‘Add Files’, and select ‘New Folder’.

How secure is it?

We take security very seriously at Jumpshare; in addition to encrypting your files using AES-256, we ensure communication with the service is always secure over an HTTPS connection. The randomly generated shareable URLs are 20 characters long, making them near impossible to guess. The shareable URLs are not crawlable by the search engines unless they are shared in public spaces, such as, forums, blog posts, social media sites, etc.

Why are files sometimes added to a new folder, but at other times added to an existing folder?

If you upload multiple files from the ‘My Uploads’ page, they are added to a new folder. If you are already inside a folder, and you add files to it, it will add them to that folder. No new folder is created in the second case, as you are already inside a folder.

Does Jumpshare support nested folders?

Yes. Jumpshare supports unlimited number of nested folders. To create a new sub-folder, go inside any folder, click the dropdown next to the ‘Add Files’ button in left sidebar and choose 'New Folder' option. From the pop-up box that appears, type the name of the new folder and click Create. You can go inside this newly created folder to add files or create more sub-folders.

Can I rearrange items inside a folder?

Yes, all items inside a folder can be rearranged. Click on the Sorting icon in the top-right corner when inside a folder to sort by Date, Type, Name, or manually rearrange the contents of a folder. Once in Rearrange mode, drag the items one over the other to rearrange them. Click 'Done' to save the new arrangement!

How can I change the light file viewer to the dark file viewer?

You can switch to the dark viewer from the Settings page. Please note people who you share files with will see the same viewer theme that you’ve set for yourself.

Can I change how I view files in My Uploads?

Yes, you can. By default, files view follows a Grid pattern, but you can easily switch to List view from Settings. Keep in mind that this will also change how your recipients see your files when you send them a set of files, or folders.

Can I replace a file with a newer version? Will it break my share link?

You can easily replace a file without breaking the link. Just upload the newer version of your file and a pop-up will show up with a ‘Replace’ option. Selecting it will replace the existing file with the newer version. The share link remains the same. This means you can share the link and later replace a file with a newer version as many times as you want.

How can I upload links?

You can upload links using both the web app and the desktop apps. To upload a link from Jumpshare web, copy a URL, go inside a folder and click the ‘Add Files’ drop down in the sidebar. Select ‘Add Link’ from the menu and in the pop-up box paste the URL. Click ‘Upload’ and the link will be uploaded to Jumpshare.

To upload a link from the desktop apps, first copy the link to your clipboard, then press Control+Option+U (in Mac) or Control+Alt+U (in Windows) hotkey to use ‘Upload from Clipboard’ option.

Why are my share links suddenly not working?

Free users are limited to 5GB public download bandwidth per month. Once all bandwidth for the month is consumed, the links will stop working until the next month. The Jumpshare Plus plan offers 200 GB public download bandwidth per month which is 40x more than the Free plan. For heavy sharing, we recommend the Jumpshare Business plan which offers unlimited public download bandwidth per month (fair usage policy applies).

​Why isn't my email being sent immediately?

In rare cases when our servers are under exceptionally high loads, sending emails for shared files can take some time. We request you to be patient if this happens. If your emails aren't being sent after extended periods of time, please email us

Can multiple users sign in to the same account?

Yes, we support multiple users with our Jumpshare Business plan. With Jumpshare Business, your team gets a shared library called the Team Dashboard to share files, discuss, and collaborate together. All team members get an an individual account with their very own personal dashboard for private uploads when they don’t want to share with the whole team. The administrator of the team has control over the whole team and full access to team management.

How are file views counted?

For files, view count is incremented every time someone opens your file in the file viewer.
For a folder with multiple files, view counts for all files are added up and shown as view count for that folder.

How big files can be previewed online?

Jumpshare helps you preview over 200+ file formats online. You can upload files as big as you want, however, different file types have different size limits for online preview. See the full list below:

Video (MP4) = 4 GB
Video (Others) = 2GB
Audio = 1 GB
Document/Presentation/eBook = 100 MB
Spreadsheet = 20 MB
CAD = 50 MB
Text/Code/Markdown/Font = 10 MB
Image = No Limit
Archive/Unknown file type = No limit

File sizes that exceed the above limits cannot be previewed online in our file viewer, however, recipients will still be able to download them.

What is Fair Usage Policy?

Jumpshare is subject to Fair Usage policy which describes what is allowed and disallowed. If you are found violating our Fair Usage policy, Jumpshare reserves the right to preemptively block access to your account anytime.

I found a bug, what do I do?

Great! We would like to hear from you. Drop us a line at

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