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Our online code-sharing tool is the easiest way to share your scripts with anyone, anywhere, anytime. With no registration or software installation required, you can upload and share C/C++ Source Code, Bash Shell Script, Python Script, JavaScript, Ruby Source Code, XML, PHP, and other code files hassle-free on any modern web browser.

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Our sharing tool is safe and secure! Your code file passes through an HTTPS connection, is protected with AES-256 military-grade encryption, and is deleted from our servers automatically after 24 hours.

Share Anywhere

Share your code file seamlessly and securely with our secure link or email-sharing feature. Your recipients can view the file online on any device without having to install any app or register for a Jumpshare account.

Collaborate With Ease

Add comments, receive feedback, and collaborate effectively at work with our commenting feature. Respond to individual comments under your code file and keep your recipients in the loop.

Lock Your File

Secure your code file using a password with Jumpshare Plus. With password protection, you can ensure that only trusted recipients are able to access your code file.

Disable Downloads

Don't take chances with your code file's security. Jumpshare Plus lets you disable downloads, preventing recipients from sharing the file outside of our online viewer, ensuring that it stays protected.

Advanced Analytics

Gain a competitive edge with Jumpshare Plus. With our advanced analytics, you can track who views or downloads your code file, when and from where, and use that data to make informed decisions about your business.

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Jumpshare supports over 200 file formats that you can share online, 100% free! To share other supported file formats, head on over to our Upload page.

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