Share files temporarily

Select expiry period based on time, views, or downloads.

File sharing designed around you!

We designed Jumpshare to fit perfectly with how you work and
play everyday. Share your work effortlessly, preview 200+ file
formats online and keep files under your control with advanced
sharing options.
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Conditional file access

With temporary links, you can disable file sharing
after certain number of days, file views, or downloads.
It is designed for people who work with sensitive
documents on a regular basis.

How to share files with temporary links

Sending out files with an expiring link takes just a single step; we handle the rest!

Step 1: Share a file with a temporary link.

Step 2: Receipient previews yours file online.

Step 3: Link is expired on meeting your specified condition. Recipients won't be able to access it anymore.

Set files to self-destruct

Jumpshare comes with a strong suite of security features
to ensure your files stay under your control. Use temporary
links with self-destruct to permanently delete sensitive
files after a specific period of time.

A file viewer that can preview anything

Besides being an incredibly fast way to share your files, Jumpshare can show preview of
all your files online - in the browser, no additional software required! We can show
documents, spreadsheets, presentations, images, videos, audios, code, eBooks,
PSDs, AIs, fonts, DWGs, DXFs and more! You won’t get this anywhere else.
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