Self-destructing files

Delete files automatically after a period of time.

Secure File Sharing

Jumpshare is a fast file-sharing service with advanced options that
keep you in full control of everything you share. Schedule a date and
time to share your files, share temporarily, or set them to delete
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Set your files to Self Destruct

Share sensitive documents like a spy movie hero by making
a file delete itself after a specific period of time.

Select your Time Zone

Choose from set time durations (24hrs, 48hrs, 1 week, etc.),
or specify a custom time with a timezone of your choice.
The selected files will be deleted based on your specified

Files are deleted forever

Self-destructed files are immediately and permanently
deleted at your specified time, and completely
unrecoverable - leaving no trace online!

Protect files with a password

Combine Self Destruct with Password Protection to enjoy increased
security, and peace of mind. Your shared files are hidden behind
a form where the recipient must enter your password.

A file viewer that can preview anything

File formats are annoying to deal with. Jumpshare comes with a powerful file
viewer to show (almost) any file right in the browser. Your friends, clients,
and teammates won't have to worry about installing additional software. View
photos, stream videos, play audios, open large design documents, and more online!
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