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Screen Capture Software

A Throughout our days, we encounter multiple modes of communication. From replying to emails to a quick meeting with your supervisor, we communicate to survive. While verbal communication is important, visual communication takes it one step further by putting your words into action. By capturing your screen, you can create recordings, which are proven to be more efficient in conveying the meaning behind your message.

Jumpshare is a holistic communication platform that takes care of all your content creation needs. Jumpshare provides you with the unique opportunity to not only create 4K recordings of your screen but also edit them to your liking before you share them with your chosen audience.

File Sharing

Capture screen in video or GIF

Jumpshare makes capturing your screen a hassle-free experience. You can capture all or part of your screen in just a few clicks. Your high-quality recording is automatically uploaded to the Jumpshare library and a shareable link is copied onto your clipboard to facilitate sharing.

Capture screen with sound

You can record both your screen and audio simultaneously. You can choose between multiple audio sources, which enable you to record external or system audio, to make your recording more interactive and comprehensible. You can also choose to disable audio if you want to capture your screen without any sound.

Add webcam recording

You can add a webcam recording of yourself within your screen recording, to add a more personal touch to your video. You can customize the size, shape, and placement of the webcam window or even record your webcam full-screen depending on your preferences.

Embed screen capture anywhere

Your screen capture videos are not just limited to being shared and viewed on Jumpshare. You can embed your videos in ad campaigns, emails, and social channels, a blog and so much more. This saves you the time and hassle of recording the same thing over and over again and allows you to communicate with your audience across the internet.

Add CTA to your recordings

You can add a call-to-action (CTA) button in your recordings to redirect your audience to your website or blog. The presence of the CTA button gives your audience somewhere to turn to after they are done viewing your video, allowing you to capitalize on your audience from the video by directing them towards other resources. You can customize the shape, color, and text for the CTA button based on the theme of your brand.

Use click tracking

You can enable click-tracking in your recordings to boost engagement and interaction with your audience. Click-tracking allows your viewers to follow your mouse pointer, making it easier for them to follow your train of thought. This feature is especially useful for someone who is making educational content, like tutorials or lectures, because it makes it easier for your audience to grasp and remember concepts.

Edit screen recordings

Jumpshare allows you to edit your screen recordings with the help of the annotation tool. You can add text, draw, crop, or blur out portions of the screen without having to go to separate editing software. The annotation tool can help you drive more focus towards your message, making it easier for people to absorb your content without getting bored.

Security controls

Get complete control of your recording. You can choose to password-protect your files, disable downloads, or even set up a self-destruct timer. Moreover, you can keep track of everyone who has accessed your recordings and the date and time of access so you can keep track of your audience.

Adjust playback speed

While playing the recording in the file viewer, you can adjust the speed of your video across a multitude of options ranging from 0.5x to 2.0x. This feature comes especially in handy when you are trying to follow tutorials and want to slow down a video to make sure you do not miss any steps. You can also speed up the video when you need, for instance when you want to skim a video before a meeting.

How to Capture Screen

Jumpshare offers you a quick and convenient way to capture your screen in just a few simple steps.

1.Run Jumpshare

Download Jumpshare for free for Mac and Windows and launch it on your computer.

2.Start Recording

Select the Record Video option, choose a customizable area of the screen, and hit record.

3.Hit Finish

Click Finish and your recording is automatically uploaded to your library, ready to be shared.

Start Recording - It’s Free!

Benefits of Capturing Screen

Being able to capture your screen in just a few clicks makes it easier for you to share your perspective with others. Instead of reading paragraphs upon paragraphs, your audience can just see through your eyes, making communication an effortless experience.

File Sharing

Create team synergy

Instead of keeping track of countless email loops, Jumsphare allows you to walk your team through creative briefs via video. You can discuss launch plans and sync up timelines to get on the same page without having to bear through endless appointments and meetings.

Reduce disruptions

Record presentations, updates, and insights and share them with an audience of your choice. Your message gets all the clarity of in-person meetings, without any of the hassles that erode productivity. Moreover, your screen recording is saved to the Jumpshare library, available to be referenced back to whenever needed.

Meaningful feedback

You do not have to wait for performance review meetings to give valuable feedback. Record videos to give direct and clear feedback to maintain a more efficient feedback loop. You can use the annotation tool to draw on the screen for more clarity or incorporate webcam videos to give your feedback a more personal touch.

More than a Screen Capture Software

Jumpshare is so much more than screen capture software. It is a collaborative platform that caters to all your communication needs, ranging from recording to sharing files.

Take Screenshots

Capture high-quality screenshots with Jumpshare and edit them in-app using the drawing and annotation tools.

Arrange Files

Jumpshare enables you to upload large files quickly and easily so you can sort them into folders and share them without any hassle.

Compose Audio Notes

Choose between multiple audio sources to record crisp and clear audio with Jumpshare.

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