Schedule your file sharing

Set a specific time to send files and documents via email.

Schedule everything

Jumpshare is a powerful file-sharing service that's lets you share
anything on a moment's notice. Advanced file-sharing options allow
you to customize the way your files are shared and previewed by

If you don't want to send your files right away, you can schedule
instantly to share via email at a specific date and time.

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Choose your Timezone

Select your timezone (choose your city) and we will schedule, and
send your files accordingly. When your specified time comes, our
scheduler automatically shares your files with your recipient via email.

Track your scheduled shares

You can get a detailed overview of all your scheduled
shares from the Shared tab. Adjust previously set
schedules, edit descriptions, cancel shares anytime,
and more!

With Jumpshare - you are in control.

Get notified immediately

We will notify you once your files have been shared successfully,
so you can continue doing your creative work without checking
your file's status every few minutes.

Know when files are viewed

Does your boss actually check your submitted work? Stay
on top with instant notifications for whenever your files
are viewed, or downloaded.

A file viewer that can preview anything

Jumpshare comes with a powerful file viewer which can show all your files online.
Everything you work with daily - documents, spreadsheets, presentations,
audio / video files, images, code, eBooks, fonts, Photoshop (PSD), Illustrator (AI)
along with AutoCAD files can be previewed online. Easy for file sharers and receivers!
See the full list of supported file formats

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