Password-protected file sharing

Lock the files you share with a strong password.

Powerful, yet simple file sharing

Jumpshares lies at the intersection of fast and powerful
file sharing. Uploading and sharing files is effortless, while
advanced sharing options like temporary file sharing, and
password protection keep you in control of everything.
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Lock file access with a password

Jumpshare allows you to share any set of files, and protect them
with a custom password. This way you can be sure your files are
not accessed by unauthorized parties.

How to password protect / lock your files

Step 1: Lock a file by right-clicking on it.

Step 2: Choose a strong password.

Step 3: Share the file via email or link.

Step 4: Recipients must enter password to gain access.

Share files temporarily

Jumpshare comes with many other powerful security features! You
should consider using Password Protection with Temporary Links
so once your recipient has viewed or downloaded your file,
sharing gets revoked automatically.

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