Receive files from others - no sign-up required

Allow clients and friends to upload large files directly to your account.

Easy file-sharing for everyone

Jumpshare offers a unique, end-to-end file-sharing experience
for both senders and receivers. Advanced sharing options allow
you to maintain full control over your files, while the ability to
preview 200+ file formats in the browser eliminates the need
to install additional software for file recipients.
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Get files directly from others

Give team-mates, clients and everyone else a custom Jumpshare
link where they can share files with you directly, without
requiring them to sign up for an account. It is the easiest way to
receive files from stakeholders.

How to receive files from others

Once you're on Jumpshare, it takes just a few steps to start getting files in your account.

Step 1: Choose a custom Inbox link from Settings

Step 2: Share your link with friends.

Step 3: Your friend uploads files using a simple form.

Step 4: You receive the file in your dashboard.

Ready to get started?

Jumpshare has everything you need to share files better - and it's free!