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What features does Jumpshare Plus offer?

You can view a list of Jumpshare Plus features here.

How do I change my credit card?

Head over to the Jumpshare Plus page and click the ‘Change Details’ button under your current credit card number. After updating your credit card details, click Save. The new card will be added in our system and the old card will be discarded. You will then be charged on the new card.

How do I cancel Jumpshare Plus?

Just head over to the Jumpshare Plus page and click ‘Cancel Plus’. Your account will be downgraded to a regular account and you will not be charged for the next billing cycle. Make sure you backup your files offline before performing this action, as only 2GB of the earliest files you uploaded are retained in your free, regular account.

What happens to my files when I cancel my Jumpshare Plus account?

When you downgrade your account, we retain only 2GB of your files. The rest are removed from our servers and cannot be recovered. Make sure you back them up before you downgrade or you will not be able to recover them. The 2GB of the earliest files you ever uploaded to your Jumpshare account are retained. Plus features will no longer be available so all data regarding file analytics, all timers for self destructing files, passwords on locked files, and scheduled shares will be removed.

I uploaded my custom logos but they’re not showing up?

Your logos will show when you share your link publicly. The best way to see your logo is to open a shared link in a different browser from the one where you are logged in or in Private window (Incognito mode) of your browser.

I locked a file or folder, and then opened the shareable link to it in my web browser. Why didn’t Jumpshare.com ask for the password?

It is because you are automatically logged in to Jumpshare.com when you open a file or folder from the desktop apps. If you are logged in, you will be able to view your own files without unlocking them. When you share the file or folder with someone else, they will need to enter your chosen password to view your files.

You can test this for yourself by opening the link to the locked files in a Private or Incognito Window in your web browser.

How does Custom Domain work?

Custom Domain allows you to add your own domain name in our system. The links that are generated when you share files are generated for your personal domain. This way when sharing files, instead of jumpshare.com/<YourFileLink>, the URL will be yourdomain.com/<YourFileLink>. With both Custom Branding and Custom Domain, you get to completely personalize your sharing and to further develop your company brand.

Is there any hidden file size limit?

There is absolutely no file size limit. You can upload a file, no matter how large, as long as your web browser supports it, to your account.

How does Analytics work?

Analytics lets you see how files and folders you’ve shared are performing. The feature can be accessed from the Analytics page in the left side-bar or by clicking a file or folder and selecting the ‘View Stats’ option.

The Analytics page will show which of your files and folders are getting the highest views, and the which are the most downloaded. You can also see where the most traffic is coming from. The View Stats pop-up gives you those same stats but only for the selected file or folder.

When you visit Analytics tab, you’re shown data for the past 30 days. The date range can be changed from the date selector on the top-right corner of the graph. Once done, the change will be reflected in the stats automatically. There are two ways to filter the data to further narrow down and get deeper insights. You can filter by a referrer or file, or both. Please note that all times shown are in UTC.

What is Jumpshare Inbox and how does it work?

Jumpshare Inbox allows you to receive files from anyone without them having to sign up for a Jumpshare account. It’s a quick way for your clients, contractors, students, customers, etc, to send you files, no matter how large they are.

To create an Inbox, visit the Inbox page from the left sidebar and click the ‘Create new inbox’ button. Select your Inbox name, choose destination where the files should be saved, and click ‘Create Inbox’ button. You will be given a unique Inbox URL based on the Inbox name you kept. Share this URL with whom you want to receive files from. You can also share the Inbox via email or embed Inbox to your website.

​When anyone uses Inbox to send you files, they will be added to the folder you selected for that Inbox. You will also receive a notification in your Activity page.

How do I password protect my files?

Password protection is available for both folders and individual files. To lock a folder before sharing, click the cog wheel button at the top right of the folder's thumbnail and select the Lock option. If you’re inside a folder, click the ‘More’ button in header and from the drop down select Lock option. To lock a file or folder, click the cog wheel button at the top right corner of its thumbnail and select the Lock option.

How do I self-destruct files?

You can self-destruct folders or individual items inside a folder. To self-destruct a folder, click the cog wheel button at the top right of the folder's thumbnail and select the Self-Destruct option. To self-destruct a file or folder, click the cog wheel button at the top right corner of its thumbnail and select the Self-Destruct option. Once self-destruct has been set, all items will automatically be deleted at the date and time you selected.

How do I schedule a share?

To schedule a share, select the file, or folder that you want to share. Click the ‘Share’ button and when the Share box opens, click the Schedule drop-down. Here you can select the date and time to share the file. Once you’ve set both date and time, click ‘Set’. The ‘Send’ button will change to ‘Schedule’. Click Schedule and Jumpshare takes care of the rest.

How do I share files temporarily?

You can share files temporarily using the ‘Send temporary link’ setting under ‘Advanced Options’ when you are sharing a file. You may set the link to expire based on views, downloads, or days.

How do I disable downloads of a file?

To disable downloads of a file, click on the file or folder you want to share. Click on the ‘Share’ button. Under ‘Advanced Options’, you will see a ‘Disable download’ option. Click on the empty box to the left of ‘Disable download’, and then share the file as you normally would. The recipient will be able to view your file or folder on Jumpshare, but will not be able to download the file.

What time zone are the schedules set and shared in?

All shares that you schedule are set in your own time zone. You can change the time zone by going to Settings page and selecting the ‘Time Zone’ option from the left sidebar. Jumpshare normally sets the time zone based on your current location but you can set it manually as well.

My bandwidth is full, why are my share links not working?

Plus users are limited to 200GB public download bandwidth per month. Once all bandwidth for the month is consumed, the links will stop working until the next month. If you’ve reached the bandwidth limit, we recommend upgrading to the Jumpshare Business plan which offers unlimited public download bandwidth per month.

Where can I view or download payment receipts / invoices?

You can view and download all your invoices in Settings.

What is Fair Usage Policy?

Jumpshare is subject to Fair Usage policy. If you are found violating our Fair Usage Policy, Jumpshare reserves the right to preemptively block access to your account anytime.

I found a bug, what do I do?

Great! We would like to hear from you. Drop us a line at hello@jumpshare.com

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