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How do I upload files?

There are two ways to upload files to Jumpshare; select the files you want to upload and drag & drop them on to the Jumpshare icon in the menu bar. Alternatively, you can right-click a file or folder and select 'Share with Jumpshare' option from the context menu.

When you upload a single file, you will be able to preview from the Jumpshare menu bar popover window. When you upload multiple files, a folder is created automatically which is named based on the number and type of files uploaded.

How do I share files?

There are two ways to share files - link or email. By default, when you drop files to the Jumpshare menu bar icon, a link is copied to the clipboard. If you hold down ‘Alt’ key and drop files to the menu bar icon, a Share box will open which you can use to send files to the recipients directly. Alternatively, you can also select the files that you want to share and use default shortcut keys, Ctrl+Option+C or Ctrl+Option+S, which will upload files and then copy link to clipboard or share via email, respectively.

Can I upload an entire folder to Jumpshare?

Yes you can. Just drag & drop a folder on to the Jumpshare icon in the menu bar and it will be uploaded. The folder created on Jumpshare will have the same name as the folder on your local drive. If your folder contains any sub-folder, the files in it will be uploaded as well however no sub-folders will be created on Jumpshare.

Can I upload files to an existing folder?

No, you cannot upload files in an existing folder from the Mac application. Every new set of files is automatically added to a new folder. However, you can upload files, copy, or move them to existing folder from the web app.

How can I upload files using direct URLs?

The bookmark tool doubles as a powerful tool for uploading files stored online. Just copy and paste the direct link to the file after clicking on the Bookmark button in the app to upload it.

How can I upload links?

Click on the Bookmark icon, paste the link and click on Upload to upload the link.

Can I change the default share method so that the Share box opens instead of a link being copied?

Yes. Right-click the Jumpshare icon in system tray and select Preferences. Once inside Preferences, you will find the option to change the Primary action under General tab. The Primary action is the default share method. You can choose to set 'Copy link to clipboard' or 'Share via email' as the Primary action. Changing the Primary action will also change the Secondary action. The Secondary action is the action the Jumpshare app performs when you hold down the ‘Option’ key when you drop files to it.

How do I change where files are uploaded in My Uploads?

By default, all screenshots, screencasts, voice clips, notes and links shared from the Mac app go to the ‘Desktop Uploads’ folder, while files and folders go straight to My Uploads. This ensures your web dashboard remains clean and organized.

You can change this option from the the More tab in Preferences, so that everything goes to My Uploads. You can access it by clicking on the cogwheel icon in the app.

What are Favorites for?

When you open the Jumpshare app, you’ll see a little star icon in the top-right corner. Clicking it opens the Favorites tab where you can store all your most important items for faster access.

How do I mark an item as a ‘favorite’?

To add files to Favorites, right-click on a item and use the ‘favorite’ option. You can use the same process to ‘unfavorite’ an item.

How can I change the shortcut keys?

Click the Jumpshare icon in the menu bar; in the window that opens click the cogwheel button to access the app’s Preferences. Under the Shortcuts tab, click shortcut key you want to change and enter a new shortcut key combination.

I locked a file or folder, and then opened the shareable link to it in my web browser. Why didn’t ask for the password?

It is because you are automatically logged in to when you open a file or folder from the Mac app. If you are logged in, you will be able to view your own files without unlocking them. When you share the file or folder with someone else, they will need to enter your chosen password to view your files.

Can I share the files I last uploaded again?

Yes, click the Jumpshare menu bar icon to open the app’s popover window which shows the last 5 uploads. Hover the mouse cursor over any item and you will see two buttons; Copy Link and Share. Click the Copy Link button to copy a link to your clipboard or click the Share button to open the share box.

Can files be shared directly to social network sites?

Yes, once your files have uploaded. Click the Jumpshare menu bar app to open the app’s popover window. Right-click any file or folder and select Facebook or Twitter from the menu that appears.

How can I share screenshots?

The app integrates with the system’s default screenshot actions. When you use Mac’s default screenshot capture hotkeys, Command+Shift+3 and Command+Shift+4, it’s automatically uploaded to Jumpshare with the link copied to clipboard, ready to be shared instantly. The screenshot feature works seamlessly and requires no setup from the user.

How do I disable the screenshot sharing feature?

Head over to the app’s Preferences. Under the General tab, disable the checkbox next to the Screenshot option that says Auto Upload. You can also quickly toggle this option by holding the 'Option' key and clicking the Jumpshare kangaroo icon in the menu bar.

How do I annotate images that aren’t new screenshots?

Right-click on any image, and click on ‘Annotate with Jumpshare’ from under the Services option.

How do I record my screen?

You can record your screen by clicking on the video camera icon in the Jumpshare app, near the row of tools at the top. You can begin recording even faster by using Cmd + Shift + 6 keyboard shortcut.

Why am I unable to record my screen?

If you’re on macOS Catalina or later, you need to give additional permissions from Security & Privacy settings in your System Preferences. The permissions required are Screen Recording, Camera, and Microphone. Once the permissions have been granted, please quit and relaunch the Jumpshare app and you should be able to record your screen.

How do I record a voice clip?

It’s easy! You can use the Alt + Shift + 4 keyboard shortcut to being recording a voice clip immediately, or you can click on the microphone icon in the Jumpshare app near the top.

How can I share notes?

The Mac app lets you quickly share notes in plain text, Markdown, or code.

To share notes, open the app, and click on the Note button - placed in the row of tools near the top - to begin composing a note. You can select the note type from the drop-down menu in the bottom-left corner. Click ‘Upload’ to share it.

You can do this faster by using the Compose note shortcut i.e. Cmd + Shift + 7.

How can I view uploaded files?

To view uploaded files, click the Jumpshare icon to open the app’s popover window which will show the last 5 recent uploads. Click any one of the items that you want to view and it will open instantly in your default browser.

Can I rename the file or folder name?

Yes. Right-click any file or folder and select rename. Enter a new name and hit 'Enter' to save the name.

Do people with whom I share files need to sign up or install the app?

You can share files with anyone as long as they have internet access. Recipients do not need to sign up for an account or install the app to view or download your files.

What is the time zone for and how do I change it?

When you schedule a share, it’s scheduled according to your time zone. Similarly, when you set your file to self-destruct, it is deleted according to your local time, hence the need to set the correct time zone. The time zone is automatically detected when you first install the app, however it can be changed from the Settings page in the web app.

What is the minimum macOS requirement to use the app?

Jumpshare for Mac supports macOS 10.13 (High Sierra) or later. If you’re using an older version of macOS, you’ll need to update it to the supported version in order to use our app.

How do I completely remove Jumpshare for Mac?

You can uninstall Jumpshare for Mac just like any other Mac app. Open Finder, go to the Applications tab under Favorites. Drag & drop the Jumpshare application to Trash. That’s it!

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