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What is Jumpshare?

Jumpshare is an incredibly fast, real-time file sharing app. You can instantly share files with friends, family, clients, and team members via email, or shareable link. They can preview 200+ file formats in the powerful file viewer, so you don’t have to worry about installing separate apps for viewing different files.

Everything works in real-time: you can immediately share files without waiting for uploads to finish, your recipients will view those files the moment they are uploaded from your end, and you in turn can track how many people have viewed or downloaded your files right away.

Jumpshare becomes 10x more powerful when you upgrade to Jumpshare Plus which comes with advanced sharing options, 1TB of space, optional password protection, custom domain & branding, powerful Analytics, Inbox, and more!

How can I view files?

Jumpshare supports previewing of over 200 file formats, more than any other mainstream file sharing app. You can view them by simply tapping on them from your Personal Library page.

Are there any file storage and upload limits?

You get 2GB of free storage space when you sign up, with a 250MB limit on individual file uploads. You can remove this limitation, get a ton of amazing file sharing features, along with 1TB storage when you upgrade to Jumpshare Plus.

How do I upload files?

Once you have logged in, tap on the blue + button in the bottom right corner. You will see four different options:

  1. New Folder
  2. Upload Files
  3. Upload Photos
  4. Bookmark

The New Folder option is self-explanatory. It simply creates a new folder for you to add items to, and organize. You may then share it later!

When you tap on Upload Files, you will see options for selecting files from other apps installed in your phone. Any app that supports iOS’ Document Sharing feature will be shown there, for example iCloud Drive, Google Drive, and Dropbox.

Tapping on Upload Photos will allow you to upload photos and videos from your iPhone.

The Bookmark option allows you to save web pages for reading or sharing later.

How do I share files?

Sharing a file is fast and easy with Jumpshare! When you press and hold on a file or folder, you will see two options for quick sharing: Copy Link, and Share. Copy Link copies the link to your clipboard so you can share it in your favorite chat apps, social networks or anywhere else. Share allows you to send files via email.

Alternatively, you can tap on any item and use the Copy Link or Share buttons in the top-right corner.

What’s Jumpshare Plus?

Jumpshare Plus is a Pro plan to help you take your file sharing to the next level. For $9.99/month or $99/year, you get advanced sharing options like temporary links and disable downloads, 1TB of storage, optional password-protection for individual files or folders, custom branding and domain, powerful Analytics as well Inbox. Learn more about Jumpshare Plus!

Why are files sometimes added to a new folder, but at other times added to an existing folder?

When you upload multiple files together from Personal Library, Jumpshare smartly places them in a new folder. When you are already inside a folder, the files are uploaded as is. We consciously designed it this way to ensure you can share files as quickly as possible so you can get on with your work, and seize the day!

Can I upload files to an existing folder?

Yes, you can. Tap on the existing folder to go inside it. Now tap the + button followed by a tap on Add Files or Add Photos button to upload files to that folder.

How many folders can I make?

You can make as many folders as you like. We place no limits on the number of folders you make, or the number of files you can upload.

Does Jumpshare support nested folders?

Yes, you can create as many subfolders with as many files as you want!

How long will my files stay online without expiring?

Your files will stay online forever as long as your account exists. There is no expiry date!

Do people with whom I share files need to sign up or install the app?

No, they don’t need to sign up or install Jumpshare. People who you share files with can view or download them as long as they have Internet access!

Can I replace a file with a newer version? Will it break my share link?

Not yet, but we will add it soon! In the meantime, check out our web app which can replace a file with the latest version without breaking the share link.

What is the Favorites tab for?

You can mark important items as Favorite to quickly access them later from Favorites tab.

How do I mark an item as a ‘favorite’?

Press and hold on the item of interest, and swipe to the three-dotted More icon to open the information card. From here, you can mark it as a favorite by tapping on the star icon. You can later access it quickly from the Favorites tab, available from the sidebar.

Simply tap on the star icon again to unfavorite an item.

Can I rearrange items inside a folder?

Yes, you can, but not from the iPhone app for now. You can manually rearrange items inside a folder from the web app.

Note that you can still sort items by file type, date uploaded, name, and size.

How do I sort files within a folder?

Once you are inside a folder, tap on the three-dotted More button in the top-right corner. A drop-down will appear, from where you will see a Sort Items option. Use that to sort them by file type, date uploaded, name, and size.

How will I know when someone’s shared files with me?

Whenever a Jumpshare user sends you files via email, you will be able to see them in the Shared tab under ‘Shared with me’. You will also receive a push notification.

Can I rename an item?

Yes, you can. Press and hold on any item, and then swipe to the three-dotted More option. This will open up the information view of that item. You can tap on the Rename option here to change the name of the item.

How do I copy/move items to a different folder?

Tap on the checkmark button in the top-right corner in Personal Library. Select the items you want to copy/move, and then tap on the Copy or Move buttons at the bottom. You will then be asked to specify where you want to copy or move the items to. Select the location, and tap on “Paste here” or “Move here” to complete the action.

How do I merge items to make a new folder?

It’s easy! Tap on the checkmark icon in the top-right corner from Personal Library to go into selection mode. Now select the items you want to merge, and tap on the Merge button at the bottom. You will be asked to name the new folder before the items are merged.

How can I upload files using direct URLs?

You can upload files you find online using direct links with the Bookmark tool. It’s not just for bookmarking websites! Tap on the + button from Personal Library, and select the Bookmark option. You can paste the direct URL of the file here to upload it.

How can I upload links?

Tap on the + button in Personal Library, and select Bookmark. Paste the link in the pop-up to upload it.

How do I delete an item?

Tap and hold on the item you wish to delete, and swipe to the three-dotted More icon. This will open the information card for that item. From here, you can tap on the Delete button to delete the item.

How do I delete multiple items?

If you want to delete multiple items, tap on the checkmark button in the top-right corner on Personal Library. Now select the item(s) of interest, and tap on the red Delete button at the bottom. You will be asked to confirm your action before deletion takes place.

How do I change the profile picture of my Jumpshare account?

Open the sidebar by tapping on the Hamburger menu button in the top-left corner. You will see a photo on top of the sidebar. Tap on that to upload a new profile picture.

Why can’t I see File Stats or Analytics on the iPhone app?

Analytics for iPhone is currently under development. We will be adding it in a future release. Until then, we recommend going to jumpshare.com/analytics to view detailed stats about your shared files!

Why are my share links suddenly not working?

Free users are limited to 5GB bandwidth per month. Once all bandwidth for the month is consumed, the links will stop working until the next month. To get unlimited bandwidth (fair usage policy applies), please upgrade to Jumpshare Plus.

I found a bug, what do I do?

Great! We would like to hear from you. Drop us a line at hello@jumpshare.com

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