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What is the difference between Plus and Business plan?

Jumpshare Plus is for individuals who want to get the most out of Jumpshare. It has all the features you need to share better. The Business plan is for teams who want a shared library for internal collaboration, all team features, user management, consolidated billing, and team controls. You can learn more here.

What is the team dashboard and how does it work?

The team dashboard is a shared library where all your team members come together to share and collaborate. Just switch to the team dashboard and upload files that you want to share with your team. All team members in your organisation will get a notification instantly allowing them to access the file.

Are team members notified when I upload a file to team dashboard?

Yes, when you upload a file to a team dashboard or leave a comment on any file over there, all your team members are notified instantly. This allows everyone to collaborate and stay in sync.

Can I disable notifications for team dashboard activity?

Yes, if you do not want to receive notifications about either uploads or comments left by team members in the team dashboard, you can disable the desktop notifications from your app. Open the Jumpshare app click the Cog wheel icon. From the drop down menu choose Preferences. This will open the Preferences window. Now visit the More tab and uncheck notifications you do not want to receive.

Can I upload files privately without sharing with the whole team?

Yes, just switch back to your personal My Uploads dashboard in one click. All files uploaded in your My Uploads dashboard are private and not shared with the team.

Note that Administrators of your team have complete control over all accounts, which also includes complete access to team members’ files in both personal and team dashboard.

A team member has deleted a file from team dashboard, can it be recovered?

Yes, the team member who deleted the file and the administrator of the team, both will find the deleted file in Trash. Both of them can restore the trashed file back to the team dashboard.

Can I add, remove, or change permissions of a user in my team?

Yes, to add, remove or change permissions of any team member, please visit the Admin Console and then visit the Members tab. Please note that only Administrators of the team can perform this action.

What happens when I remove a team member?

When you remove a team member from your organisation, you have an option to transfer the team member’s files to your account and make yourself the new owner of those files. The team member’s account is then automatically closed and logged out of the account.

Are settings in Admin Console applied to the whole team?

Yes, when you choose the viewer theme, upload a custom logo, set a custom domain, choose who can leave a comment, set sharing and other options, they’re applied to all team members.

How much space does my team get?

The Business plan starts from 2 TB space which is shared with all team members. Teams who want more space can contact us to increase this limit.

How much bandwidth does my team get?

The Business plan offers as much bandwidth as your team needs. The plan starts with 600GB public download bandwidth per month. With every new user you add to your team, we add 200GB public download bandwidth per month to the total pool. As your team grows, so does the bandwidth. There is no limit on how much bandwidth your team can have.

Can I have fewer than 3 users in my team?

Yes! You can upgrade to Jumpshare Business even when your team has less than 3 users. The extra seats can be reserved for contractors or clients with whom you want to collaborate on projects.

Can I change/cancel my plan anytime?

Absolutely! You can move between plans or cancel the plan anytime during your subscription period. Your files will remain unaffected.

What happens when I cancel my Business plan?

When you cancel your Business plan, you’re giving a choice to downgrade to the Jumpshare Plus or Jumpshare Basic plan. All team members are downgraded to the Basic plan automatically.

Can I try Jumpshare Business for free?

Yes, we offer a 14 day free trial so you can take the Jumpshare Business plan for a spin. You're not charged during this period.

What happens at the end of my trial?

When your 14 day trial ends, you'll automatically be charged for the subscription based on the number of users in your Business plan. If you cancel before your trial ends, you will not be charged.

Where can I view or download payment receipts / invoices?

You can view and download all your invoices in Billing page in Admin Console.

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