Disable file downloads

Disallow others from downloading or copying your shared files.

Maintain a tight grip on your files

Powerful file-sharing that is easy for everyone! Jumpshare offers
granular security options like expiring links, self destructing files
and password protection to ensure you control your files, and
not the other way around!
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Disable downloads

When sharing a file with Jumpshare, you can select
'disable download' to ensure recipients cannot
download or copy your shared file. They may
only preview it online.

By default, shared files can be downloaded.

With disable download enabled, files cannot be downloaded.

Disabled copy-pasting

When downloads are disabled, we also make sure your recipient
cannot highlight or copy content from your documents.

A file viewer that can preview anything

File formats are annoying to deal with. Jumpshare comes with a powerful file
viewer to show (almost) any file right in the browser. Your friends, clients,
and teammates won't have to worry about installing additional software. View
photos, stream videos, play audios, open large design documents, and more online!
See the full list of supported file formats

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